12 Christmas Toasts to Say 'Cheers!' to the Holidays

From heartfelt to funny, give one of these original toasts at your next Christmas gathering.

Published December 13, 2022
Family clinking glasses during a Christmas toast

Toasting to friends and family over the holidays is one of life's little pleasures, but you don't want to wait until you're a few smart eggnogs into the festivities before thinking about what you want to say. Whether you're going for sincere, heartfelt, or funny, take your inspiration from the Christmas toasts below.

You can use these toasts as they are, or put your own twist on them to make them yours. Grab your holiday cocktail (or mocktail) and say cheers to the season!

Holiday Toasts Perfect for All Your Gatherings and Events

Whether you need a quick toast or something a little longer, one of these speeches should work no matter who's at your Christmas gathering.

Christmas Cheer

Let's make a toast filled with Christmas cheer,
And be thankful for everyone gathered here.
Merry Christmas!

Season of Giving

Christmas comes but once a year. I've been thinking a lot about that old saying, and I'd like to make a toast.

We're here today to celebrate this holiday and everything that goes with it. We know Christmas as the season of giving. We give each other gifts; we donate our time and money to charities, and we're just more generous all around, but our generosity doesn't have to end with this day. I challenge each of us to keep this feeling going all year round by being generous with our time, our support, our respect, and our hearts; not just with each other, but with people we meet every day. Let's keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long.

And so, let's raise our glasses in a toast to Christmas!

Toasts to Your Holiday Hosts

Raise Your Glasses Toast to the Host

Raising a toast to your hosts shows them how much you appreciate everything they've done to create a wonderful celebration.

Raise Your Glasses

To our adorable hosts,
Who've put together the most
Wonderful party, decorated so smartly,
Raise your glasses and let's give them a toast!

A Holiday Dinner Toast

It's time to raise a toast to our wonderful hosts and thank them for inviting us to this lovely, festive Christmas dinner. The food is absolutely delicious, and the eggnog is so brilliant I hear it holds a master's degree. The people gathered in this room are all amazing, so (speak directly to the hosts) kudos on the guest list! So, let's all drink to our hosts and to Christmas!

Christmas Toasts for the Kids' Table

A toast doesn't have to include alcohol, especially when children are involved. Encourage the kids to raise their glasses of juice, milk, or punch as you lead a cute toast just for them.

A Toast to New Toys

Christmas day is finally here.
We'll all be getting new toys this year.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Hooray for Christmas!

We're not on Santa's naughty list.
We won't have to miss out on Christmas gifts.
We're really happy about all of this.
So here's to Christmas, hooray!

Toasts for Loved Ones No Longer Here

Christmas is the perfect time to pay tribute to family and friends who've passed. Everyone's probably thinking about them anyway, so take a moment to remember them in a toast this season.

To Absent Loved Ones

To loved ones absent, but not truly gone
Who've left us here to carry on,
Let's raise a glass to their memory,
And make this Christmas all they'd wish it to be.

With Us in Spirit

Let's raise our glasses to family and friends no longer here, but still in our hearts. Christmas isn't quite the same without them, but I'm sure they're with us in spirit. We love them; we miss them, and we hope we'll be reunited someday.

Toasts for the Office Holiday Party

Ah, the office holiday party. You need to walk a fine line with this toast because you want to be inclusive, but it's okay to inject a little humor if you like.

Inclusive But Funny Party Toast

Welcome everyone to our annual office holiday party. Let's raise a glass of - insert your beverage choice (wine, non-alcoholic punch, non-fat, soy decaf latte, whatever) - and hope this year's party doesn't wind up like last year's which, reminder, we're legally bound from discussing. To the party!

A Genuine Toast

Please raise your glasses. It's been a great year, and we've got a lot to celebrate this holiday. Everyone here is vital to our company, so thank you all for everything you do. Let's toast to the holiday, to each other, and let the merriness begin!

Funny Christmas Toasts for Friends

Naughty List Toast

Where would we be without our friends? Give them the gift of laughter with one of these toasts.

Naughty List Toast

I'd like to open our annual meeting of the Santa's Naughty List Club with a toast. Some of you are lifers, and some of you are brand new offenders. Santa's definitely not coming, so let's toast and really earn our spot on that darned list!

A Cheeky Christmas Toast

Since we're all here to celebrate Christmas, should we call it Friendsmas? I mean, we have Friendsgiving now, so why not? When I lovingly look around this room, I think to myself, (slight pause) "I've got to get better friends." Then I remind myself this is the best I could do (sigh). All joking aside, you really are the best I could do, and there aren't better friends in the world. Let's raise our glasses and give a clink to friendship and Christmas!

Tips for Giving a Holiday Toast They'll Appreciate

You don't have to follow a lot of fancy rules when you're giving your toast, but these tips will make the moment go smoother.

  • Pay attention to who your audience is. That slightly outrageous toast you would share with friends who've already dipped into the Christmas cheer won't go over so well with family, especially the kiddos.
  • Pick the right time to give your toast. Offering a toast at the start of dinner (or during) is usually a good time because it's easier to get everyone's attention. On the other hand, trying to stop for a toast while people are opening their gifts is more like derailing a train. You can do it, but no one's going to love you for it.
  • Practice your toast before you give it. There's nothing that wrecks a perfectly good toast like bungling your words. Practice the toast a few times when you're alone until it rolls off your tongue naturally.
  • Don't go on too long. No matter how good your toast is, no one's going to be left wanting more.

Be in the Moment

You can be thoughtful, funny, or sentimental as long as you say what you feel during your toast. Savor the moment for what it is - an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with the people you care about. Make the most of it and give them something good to remember.

12 Christmas Toasts to Say 'Cheers!' to the Holidays