5 Free Cute Christmas Wallpapers for Laptops and Devices

Updated July 21, 2021
Christmas wallpaper

The holiday season is the perfect time to make your everyday life a little more festive. And considering how many of us are glued to our phones, tablets, and computers, this is an excellent opportunity to add some holiday cheer to this aspect of our lives.

Five Free Christmas-Themed Wallpapers

These no-cost Christmas wallpapers can be downloaded directly to your cellphone, tablet, or laptop. Just click on the icons below. You'll be taken to the downloadable image. Click on the image to download to your device.


  1. Click on the image you want.
  2. A new window will pop up.
  3. Right click on the image and save to image folder.
  4. Open image folder and select the downloaded image.
  5. Save as the new wallpaper for your cellphone, tablet, or laptop.

Dancing Christmas Tree Skaters

Dancing Christmas trees wallpaper mobile
Dancing Christmas trees wallpaper desktop

Christmas trees donned in red booted skates capture the whimsical spirit of Christmas. The trees' spirited dancing across the wallpaper amid lacey snowflakes makes for a truly fun, free wallpaper choice.

December Calendar Countdown Wallpaper

December calendar wallpaper mobile
December calendar wallpaper desktop

This wallpaper, with its modern, clean, and festive design, is perfect for both keeping a countdown to Christmas and for reminding yourself of other important dates, every time you look at your computer or phone.

Cheerful Tidings of Joy Wallpaper

Illustrated Christmas wallpaper - mobile
Illustrated Christmas wallpaper - desktop

If you prefer a cute, cheerful wallpaper, this one may be just what you're looking for. Poinsettias, gingerbread men, evergreen branches, oranges, and other familiar holiday symbols all come together for a look that looks both vintage and modern at the same time.

Festive Christmas Gift Wallpaper

Wrapped gift Christmas wallpaper - mobile
Wrapped gift Christmas wallpaper - desktop

Your computer or phone screen can look like a beautifully wrapped present, topped with a golden bow. The clean, cheerful lines of this wallpaper, and that touch of sparkle, are sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Christmas Sparkle Glitter & Gold Wallpaper

Gold ornaments Christmas wallpaper - mobile
Gold ornaments Christmas wallpaper - desktop

Speaking of sparkle, this wallpaper is full of shiny gold and glitter, in the form of a jumble of ornaments. A discreet "Happy Holidays!" rounds out the design for even more Christmas cheer.

Free Christmas Wallpaper Downloads

Christmas wallpapers add fun flair to celebrating the season. Download one or all five wallpapers for free to deck out your devices in holiday decor.

5 Free Cute Christmas Wallpapers for Laptops and Devices