Available Article Components in L2P (Excluding Commerce)

Published October 17, 2023

Here are all the things that we can add to articles in addition to standard text. 

H2 Headings

H3 Headings

We also have these H4s and beyond, but we don't use them.


Here's an image - we can control the size and alignment.

pink flowers


There is no limit to how many rows or columns we can use (except that our guidelines state they must fit the page without requiring a horizontal scroll, including on mobile). We can do single cell tables as well. They can be centered and include a title and headings. They can include images, and all text can be formatted with links, bold, italics, etc.

Table Title
Picture Description
Cats Cats are fluffy and cute.
Dogs Dogs are loyal and fun.
Horses are majestic.
Guinea Pigs Guinea pigs are friendly.

We've used single-cell tables to highlight things in the past, for example:

Here we might put the text of a speech example, or other text that we want to call out without making it bold or otherwise weird. This was because we didn't have a lot of formatting tools and we got creative with the things we did have.

Here's an example of a table that is just text.

Center-aligned table with text
First Name Last Name
George Costanza
Jerry Seinfeld
Elaine Beniss
Cosmo Kramer

They can also be just images - for example this Christmas printable page is all pdfs that can be downloaded, so the table has images with an overlay, and they are linked to the pdf files.

Bulleted and Numbered Lists

  • This is a bullet list
  • We can't center it or make it multiple columns
  • But otherwise it's pretty standard
    • And we can do this as well
    • As many as we need
  • And then go back to regular bullets


  1. This is a numbered list
  2. Is has the same restrictions
    1. We can do this, but it doesn't look pretty
    2. And the numbers get a little confusing
  3. Would love to have more formatting options here

Call-Out & Related Boxes

We cannot change the actual title/call-out on these, but the text underneath is fully customizable. There are text limits on the Quick Tip and Fast Fact ones though, to keep them short.

Quick Tip

The quick tip call-out box highlights a quick bit of advice or information.

Need to Know

In the need to know box we put critical information that the reader needs to know. 

  • We sometimes use a few bullets for this one.
  • But the ability to use them extends to all of the call-out boxes.
  • We can also include links and text formatting.
Fast Fact

The fast fact box is used to point out a bit of fun or interesting information about the topic.

Helpful Hack

And the helpful hack gives the reader a quick hack for doing something.

Related Box

The related box highlights a related piece of content and serves as a logical next click.

We can customize the title and image.

Embedded Video

We can embed videos from YouTube - this is the only source for videos that we can use currently, other than social (which I'll cover next).

Embedded Social Posts

We can embed from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. (Note that we have had some issues with the IG and TikTok posts dropping.) This is Twitter and IG, let me know if you want to see all of them.


We have a tool to link out to our custom printables as well. 95% of these are PDFs, though some are in other formats (Word, Excel, and some image files).


Otherwise, we can embed images wherever we want to in the content (and play with the size and alignment), and the usual formatting like bold and italics. We don't have a strikethrough or underline.

Available Article Components in L2P (Excluding Commerce)