Christmas Cards With Motorcycles

Updated October 15, 2019
Santa on a motorcycle

Christmas cards with motorcycles are a way for motorcycle enthusiasts to share their passion with friends and family. These cards are also a great choice for those looking for unique Christmas cards. Whether you own a motorcycle or not, Santa riding a Harley is sure to stand out amongst the nativity scenes and fireplaces on other cards.

Free Printable Motorcycle Christmas Cards

There are two downloadable motorcycle Christmas cards available. These cards are free for you to print and share. If you need help downloading the printable cards, check out helpful tips for Adobe.

Other Options for Christmas Cards With Motorcycles

While you may be able to find a few motorcycle Christmas cards at any card shop, for the largest selection, you'll want to check out a retailer specializing in motorcycle gear and accessories. The following online sources can start you on your search.

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

Every year, the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum creates a new selection of holiday cards. They serve as a fundraiser for the organization while also providing the motorcycle-themed Christmas cards riders want. While other sites may offer similar designs, especially when it comes to officially licensed products from Harley Davidson, the museum's offerings are always unique. These box sets come with 25 cards in various themes including:

  • Snowy Lane - This includes Santa on his motorcycle driving down a snowy lane.
  • Getting Ready - Santa shining up his motorcycle getting ready for the big night.
  • Indian Racer - Check out this vintage Indian motorcycle surrounded by the words Merry Christmas.
  • Peace and Joy - Santa setting out on his wheels getting ready to bring peace and joy to the world.
  • Lighthouse - Who needs a lighthouse when Santa is using his headlight to light the way.
  • Mt. Rushmore - Santa showing off is moves as he flies past Mt. Rushmore on his motorcycle.

White's Pit Stop Racing

White's Pit Stop Racing offers a large selection of motorcycle Christmas cards, most featuring Harley Davidson bikes. Some of their designs include:


Zazzle is a custom imaging store with a vast selection of unique motorcycle Christmas cards. Just a few of the dozens of designs include:

Official Harley Davidson Christmas Cards

Some Harley Davidson stores offer unique Christmas cards for those Harley Davidson lovers out there. The Official Harley-Davidson Store features a biker Santa set depicting Santa loading up for Christmas at the North Pole Station. Wisconsin Harley-Davidson Motorcycle shows an old school Harley and Santa talking to his elves.

Make Your Own

If you're looking for Christmas cards with motorcycles because you're a motorcycle enthusiast, why not show off your own bike? Digital cameras make it easy to take a picture of one bike or an entire collection. If you would like your cards to be professionally printed, employ the services of a local print shop or office supply store. However, most computer card-making programs can provide professional results, with an assortment of greetings and clip art to accent your photograph. It's the perfect mix of the impulses to show off and share season's greetings.

Getting Motorcycle Christmas Cards

When it comes to Christmas cards with motorcycles, you can find pretty much any type of image you are looking for if you know where to look. Whether you choose to download, buy or make your own motorcycle greeting cards, your recipient is sure to have a rip, roaring good time with their holiday greeting.

Christmas Cards With Motorcycles