Christmas Electric Window Candles

Updated November 19, 2019
Traditional electric Christmas candles in a window

The welcoming, nostalgic glow of candles in the window can be duplicated safely and easily with Christmas electric window candles. With different designs to choose from and models to suit any budget, every home can have candlelit windows during the holiday season.

Where to Buy

Many retailers offer different styles of electric candles for windows and holiday decorations. When local merchants begin putting out seasonal decorations, basic electric candles are sure to be part of the selection, but a wider range of styles is often available online. The following merchants offer electric window candles:

Christmas Central

This retro style eggnog colored 3-light Christmas Candolier features a holly berry and bell same color base. The three electric candles are 11" tall and the base is 7" wide comes with a 36" cord. This is a candle trio ideal for a window with a wreath! The price is around $10 with free shipping on orders $77+.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

This traditional pair of electric window candles at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The candles are traditional styles that will fit any Christmas decorations or room design. This set of 2 brass base electric candle lamps. Each lamp features a faux wax drip candle and comes with an on/off switch, a sensor and a 5' cord. The bulbs are clear 7 watt C26. The pair cost about $6 and the Beyond Plus Membership price is less than $5. Free shipping for orders over $39.

Lowe's Primitive Electric Window Candle

This single Northlight ivory indoor Christmas Candolier candle lamp is 9.5" tall. It uses a clear C7 light bulb. The base matches the candle and is a broad fluted shape to ensure it sits level on your windowsill. This price is below $10 with free shipping to your local store.

Amazon Primitive Electric Candle

The Darice primitive candle lamp provides a light in the window for Christmas. The tan candle is 7.5" tall and features an on/off switch. The total height is 9" including the base and flicker bulb. The price is around $9 with free shipping for Prime members or orders over $25.

Darice Primitive Candle Lamp
Darice Primitive Candle Lamp

Christmas Tree Hill

This company is known for its huge selection of Christmas products, and their electric window candles are no exception.

  • Cambridge Electric Light: This candle is for windows with narrow ledges that won't hold traditional window candles. The 11 1/2-inch, brass finished candle features a bracket that fits into any window and a sensor that turns the candle on in dim or dark light and off when light is detected. Each candle costs about $20 plus shipping. A less expensive option is available without a sensor for less than $15, plus shipping.
  • Chadd's Ford Pewter Electric Light: This 12-inch, elegant candle features a pewter base and accents. It has a no-tip feature, padded base and comes with a six-inch cord. The cost of each candle is about $20 plus shipping. An option is also available with a sensor for about $23, plus shipping.
  • Bayside Electric Light: This classic electric window candle offers an original colonial design and has a brass finish. The candle stands 12 inches and costs $17.99 plus shipping. A version that includes a sensor is available for less than $23, plus shipping.


This company offers a nice variety of electric window candles for Christmas. Following are a few of their selections:

  • Northlight LED Flickering Christmas window candle features a handle base and timer. The candle stays lit for 8 hours and turns off for 16 hours. The 8.75" overall height features an 8.5" tall candle that operates on 2 AA batteries with a C5 bulb. A window suction cup is included. The price is around $16.

  • Electric Candle with Black Stem: If decorating outside of the box is part of your holiday tradition, consider this lovely candle. It stands twelve inches tall and has a silver base and black stem. The candle can standalone in a deep windowsill during the holidays, and you can add a lampshade and move it to a table for display throughout the rest of the year. The candle costs around $10 plus shipping.

Christmas Central Battery Operated Candle

This elegant flickering Christmas candle with a brass handle shouts romance. This 8.75" tall white LED candle features 6.25" base with a brass handle. The candle comes with a timer that automatically turns the candle on for 8 hours and is off the other 16 hours. Requires 2 AA batteries and comes with a suction cup should you desire to hang in the window. The price is around $9 with free shipping on orders $77+.

Tips for Decorating With Electric Window Candles

Electric candles can add ambience to your Christmas decorations. A candle in the window is a nostalgic symbol of Christmases past and will bring that sense of tradition home when you set your candles in the windowsills or attached to the windows.

Electric christmas candles in window
  • Pair up single candles spaced evenly inside a window for a new look this year.
  • Use a three candle tier in your windows and decorate the window space above with white snowflake decals.
  • An electric candle with a brass handle is more than just nostalgic, it can be the perfect romantic touch to your Christmas dinner. Dim the lights and let the candles in the windows sparkle.
  • Add greenery to your window candles by framing the outside with weatherproof garlands or live garlands. Hang a wreath in the center and you have a Christmas card setting ideal for next year's mailings!

Adding Electric Christmas Candles in Your Windows

If you're looking to take your Christmas decorations to the next level, go with electric Christmas candles in your windows. The ones with timers make this decorating choice one you can set in the windows and then forget about them.

Christmas Electric Window Candles