Santa Tracker: Where in the World Is He?

Updated May 21, 2021
Santa Claus flying in his sleigh

Using Christmas Eve tracking reports creates a magical feel for young children and adults alike as they anticipate the arrival of Santa. Learn about the different Santa tracking websites and apps available and what they can offer for the big man's visit.

NORAD Santa Tracker

In the 1950s, the North America Air Defense Command (NORAD), a collaboration of Canada and United States air defense, started tracking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Volunteers at the Santa Tracking Operations Center field phone calls, e-mails, and update the website with reports of Santa Claus making his rounds.

Unique Features of NORAD Santa Tracker

NORAD offers your family a unique experience as it tracks Santa's GPS coordinates every minute using GPS technology. The internet mapping offers a 3D experience for kids to watch Santa. Additionally, kids can get updates on Santa's trip by calling 1-877-Hi-NORAD. Other unique features you can enjoy include:

  • Estimated number of gifts delivered
  • Where Santa was last scene and future locations
  • Christmas music player
  • A large countdown clock on Christmas Eve

Beginning December 1st, NORAD also has an animated Santa's village, along with new games for kids to play added daily. NORAD offers an app for Android and Apple products, making it easy for you to track the big man.

Google Santa Tracker

While NORAD is a household name for Santa trackers, Google Santa Tracker isn't too far behind. Google Santa Tracker is a fun Christmas website available all year long for kids. Before Christmas, it features various games and stories letting you know what's happening in the North Pole. Additionally, it has a year around countdown clock letting kids know down the second how far away Christmas is.

Screenshot of Google Santa Tracker

Interesting Features of Google Santa Tracker

In addition to offering apps for Chrome and Android products, Google Santa Tracker has a colorful information hub for all things Santa. You can also find these interesting features.

  • 3D Santa tracker
  • Holiday games about traditions
  • Santa selfie activity
  • Christmas games to teach coding
  • Family time games

One of the benefits of the Google Santa Tracker is that the games are available all year long, while NORAD only opens up on the 1st of December. Therefore, kiddos can get their Santa fix at any time.

Other Interesting Santa Trackers Apps

While NORAD and Google are the big two as far as Santa trackers go, there are a few different honorable mentions.


While this isn't your run-of-the-mill Santa Christmas Eve tracker, ReindeerCam is interesting all the same. This Santa tracker shows you a live feed of Santa feeding and caring for the reindeer. The live feed goes live around the end of November up to the big day!

In addition to reindeer feedings, you can see Santa reading stories to the reindeer and elves. Children can also learn ways to get on to the nice list.

Where Is Santa Lite? App

If your little ones are chomping at the bit to know where Santa is, then you can try out Where is Santa Lite. This app, available on the Google Play and iTunes store, gives kiddos real-time updates of Santa on Christmas Eve and beyond. Additionally, you can get the big guy's estimated time of arrival for your house on Christmas Eve.

Speak to Santa App

Looking for more than just a Santa tracker? With Speak to Santa app on Google Play and Apple store, you can have a chat with him on his sleigh. Kids can also talk to Santa in the days leading up to Christmas. This simulated video call features customizable conversations. Santa knows whether children were naughty or nice, along with their name, age, and a few of their favorites. Using satellite technology, kids can also track Santa on his big night on a 3D globe.

Year-Round Santa Updates

Getting Christmas Eve tracking reports makes the entire holiday experience more festive for everyone in the family. It can also quickly become a holiday tradition. Santa Claus cannot leave presents if all the children are awake, so leave out the milk and cookies and put the children to bed to make his delivery!

Santa Tracker: Where in the World Is He?