Christmas Karaoke Party Options and Ideas

Updated May 25, 2021
Christmas Karaoke Party

Ready to get in the Christmas spirit? Throw a Christmas karaoke party to celebrate the holiday with friends and family! Karaoke parties are fun ways to usher in the season with loved ones.

Festive Karaoke Bars

Getting out of the house in the cold winter months can be a priority for those who live in cold weather climates. One way to do so is to gather a group of people together and meet up at a karaoke bar. Christmas decorations, music, and even holiday singing contests make an appearance in December at karaoke bars worldwide.

If there isn't a karaoke bar in your neighborhood or town, the following places often have karaoke "nights" where a DJ comes in once a week or a few times a month and lets customers sing their hearts out:

  • Bowling alleys
  • Bar and grills
  • Roller or ice skating rinks
  • Youth centers

Local groups who need Christmas fundraising help may choose to rent a karaoke machine or hire a DJ. They will advertise on regional radio stations and in newspapers. Admission is usually charged, and snacks may be available for an additional fee. Going to this event supports local charities and companies while allowing a night of fun for everyone.

You don't have to go anywhere to throw a festive karaoke party. If you have four walls and a karaoke machine, then you can host the party in the comfort of your own home. There are zero excuses not to work a Christmas karaoke.

Karaoke Machine Gifts

Consider giving yourself or someone you love a karaoke machine as a Christmas gift. Not only can you do Christmas karaoke with the present, but it is great year-round entertainment. Bachelor/bachelorette parties, teen parties, birthday parties, and just hanging around the house are perfect opportunities for using a karaoke machine.

Take a look at the following karaoke machines as a possible present:

  • Ion Audio Tailgater: Priced at just under $70, this is an affordable option for someone on your holiday list. The device features built-inbuilt in FM/AM radio, auxiliary and microphone input, and even a USB power bank for charging a mobile device.
  • AKAI KS 213 Portable Karaoke System: This is a portable system that broadcasts the music stored on an iPod or tablet.
  • Singing Machine STVG-785W: Sing along with your favorite radio stations, cassettes, and CDs with this system that includes a camera. A 7-inch monitor is included in the system, and you can also hook it up to a television. A lot of features make this a great buy for around $150.

If you are looking for a more high-tech version of a karaoke machine for Christmas, you can always check out listings on your area's Craigslist or eBay. Always check seller references and ratings before making a large purchase.

Christmas Karaoke Music

Traditional and modern Christmas carols are always a popular karaoke music choice. Knowing at least the first verse and chorus helps you make a better impression when singing karaoke. Not having to rely on the lyrics is always helpful when you are in front of a crowd.

Teenage friends have fun

Great Christmas Karaoke CDs to Sing Along To

Get your own Christmas karaoke music for holiday singing by buying any of the following albums:

  • Pocket Songs Just Tracks Karaoke Kids Sing Christmas!: All the youngsters will get a kick out of singing their favorite Christmas songs with this karaoke CDG.
  • Redneck Christmas Vol. 2 Karaoke: Pick up this group of "redneck"-inspired songs for some hilarious karaoke moments.
  • Party Tyme Karaoke Christmas Sing-Along Vol. 2: Great country-western holiday hits from stars like Alan Jackson and Reba McEntire.

Songs You Can't Go Wrong With

Choosing a fun Christmas karaoke CD with plenty of fun song options is one thing, but settling on the song that will bring the house down is another. These classic hits are going to be wins regardless of how out of tune you end up singing.

  • Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - *NSYNC
  • Last Christmas - Wham!
  • All I want for Christmas - Mariah Carey
  • Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
  • Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt

Karaoke Games to Keep the Party Going

Singing along to everyone's favorite Christmas songs is certainly a fun and festive way to spend an evening, but sometimes you have to break the karaoke up with a game or two.

Don't Forget the Words

Take a brief break from belting out tunes and play a fun version of Don't Forget the Lyrics. Play some of your favorite songs as you hit a balloon back and forth among friends. Press pause on the song randomly, and whoever has the balloon in hard must finish the lyric to the song. If they can't recall the rest of the song lyric, they are out.

Guess the Singer

On post-it notes, write names of some of the top singers in pop music. No one should know which singer's name is stuck to their back. Everyone has to ask questions to other players and try to figure out the name on the post-it attached to their back.

Karaoke Face-Off

Break up into two teams, or several teams, if your party has many people in it. Each team chooses a karaoke song at random, from a hat or a bowl. Each team gets 20 minutes to brainstorm a routine to the famous Christmas karaoke song that they chose. Teams then do their best to put on the top performance. After every team gets their turn in the spotlight, hold a secret vote to see which performance takes home first place. (Make sure that no one gets to vote for their own team!

So You're a Song Writer

The point of karaoke is to provide the lyrics to well-known tunes, but consider switching things up and providing your OWN lyrics to well-known tunes. Break into teams. Every team gets assigned a fun Christmas karaoke s song. They then have 30 minutes to create new lyrics to the well-known melody. After everyone performs, all participants vote for a team that isn't theirs.

Name the Song

Break your party brood into two teams. One person is designated to run the game and will play 3 seconds of common Christmas karaoke tunes. The two teams battle it out to see who knows the name of the song first. The team with the most correct song names wins!

Give Your Party a Little Something Extra

If you choose to host a Christmas karaoke party in your own home, give it a little something extra that will have guests talking about your bash for years to come.

  • Don't forget the food! Singing and dancing will work everyone's appetite up. Have guests bring dishes to pass, set out easy appetizers, or order pizzas.
  • Work a theme into the party. Ask everyone to dress in red and green or sport an ugly sweater.
  • Don't skimp on the Christmas decor. No other season calls for decorations as much as Christmas does. Break out the lights, the bulbs, and the reindeer.

Good Fun, No Matter What

Whether you choose to visit a karaoke bar, buy a machine yourself, or stock up on some Christmas karaoke music, a karaoke party at Christmas time will undoubtedly entertain all of your holiday visitors. Use karaoke music to help de-stress during the holidays.

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Christmas Karaoke Party Options and Ideas