12 Beautiful Christmas Snow Scenes: Celebrate the Season

Updated October 14, 2019

Snowy Holiday Inspiration


Christmas snow scenes can help get you in the holiday spirit, no matter what the weather is doing where you live. Viewing beautiful holiday photos can help remind you of the joys of the season.

Covered Bridge in the Christmas Snow


You might encounter this snowy scene on a country road in the Midwest or in New England. The decorated lampost adds a touch of holiday charm to this gorgeous winter image.

Traditional Church at Christmas


The snow-swept landscape surrounding this classic church makes it seem all the more welcoming and warm. For many people, this type of scene evokes the religious significance of the Christmas holiday, as well as the charm of a choir singing Christmas carols.

Christmas on the Farm


A snowy farm scene is another reminder about the peaceful beauty of the holiday season. The huge wreath on the barn adds festive beauty without overpowering the scene, and the classic stone foundation calls to mind holidays of days gone by.

A Snowy New England Holiday


Christmas is also beautiful in the city, especially when that city has the classic New England charm of Boston. According to History of Massachusetts, Christmas celebrations were actually banned in the city of Boston from about 1659 through the middle of the 19th century. Fortunately, that decision was overturned, and these days, the decorations on Boston Common are among the most beautiful.

Spectacular Quebec Christmas


This deserted street in Quebec City, Canada offers a glimpse of classically beautiful holiday lights and soft snow. Throughout the city, many small neighborhoods are illuminated with decorations during the months of December and January, making for cheery holiday shopping and fun.

Santa in the Snow


This exquisite scene with Santa, his horses and sleigh, and a snowy field and forest demonstrates the classic loveliness of Christmas. The split rail fence adds country charm as well, making this an evocative expression of holiday excitement.

Home for the Holidays


A beautiful and welcoming cottage surrounded by a snowy winter night proves there's no place like home for the holidays. The holiday decorations and lights glow against the snowy ground and dark night.

Lone Christmas Tree


There's nothing like a beautiful Christmas tree to add cheer to a snowy scene, no matter where that scene is set. This little tree positively glows against the larger darker trees in the background. Whether it's outside in the snow or in your family room, a decorated Christmas tree is the perfect expression of the holiday spirit.

Little Christmas Details


Sometimes, the thing that makes a holiday snow scene special is a little detail. This beautiful Christmas wreath hanging on a snowy picket fence calls to mind a classic village holiday celebration.

Small Town Christmas in the Snow


There's nothing quite like the Christmas decoration in a small town, especially when it's snowing softly. This little street is decked out in lights and garlands, and you can feel the magic of the holiday season just looking at it.

Holiday Magic of the Northern Lights


Nature can put on a winter show just as beautiful as a tree decorated with Christmas lights. Here, the Northern Lights illuminate the sky behind a single evergreen tree. You can almost hear Silent Night playing as you look at this snowy scene.

Just Like the Polar Express


This beautiful red train on a gorgeous bridge brings to mind the magical idea of the Polar Express. In scenes like this, the natural green color of the trees makes a perfect backdrop for something cheery and bright red.

De-Stress With Holiday Snow Scenes


Amid the craziness of shopping, decorating, cooking, and other Christmas stress, holiday snow scenes are a great way to bring yourself back to the beauty of the season. Take a moment to breathe and be present so you can go on enjoying the magic of the Christmas season.

12 Beautiful Christmas Snow Scenes: Celebrate the Season