Christmas Speeches for Church

Inspire your church community by speaking to the true meaning of Christmas.

Published November 13, 2019
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Christmas is a magical time of year, and if you're religious, it likely has an even deeper meaning for you. Give a speech at your church's Christmas service or celebration to spread the good word. Each of these original Christmas speeches conveys the importance and true meaning of Christmas, sharing different but equally important messages.

Three Christmas Speeches for Church to Print

Each speech is available as a free Christmas downloadable pdf file for you to modify and print. Just click on the image of each speech and save the PDF file to your computer. If you run into any problems, you can use a detailed guide to Adobe printables.

God's Christmas Plan

Anyone can recite this speech for a Christmas church service or celebration. It's an excellent segue into a Christmas program, such as a cantata. This speech discusses why Jesus was born and the plan God had for His son's life and every soul.

Why Jesus Was Born in a Stable

This original speech is perfect for children between the ages of six and ten. It explains the significance of Jesus being born in a lowly stable with a manger for his bed. After hearing this story, children may gain a better understanding of the meaning of Christmas and why Jesus was born into this world. Use it for a Sunday school class, an introduction or part of a children's nativity play, or before the children's choir Christmas performance.

Christmas Hope

Christmas is a message of hope to the world and the great sacrifice that God and His son Jesus made for every soul. You can convey that message with this speech at any Christmas service of the church. It could be the opening for an afternoon or evening cantata, a candlelight Christmas service, or the opening speech for a Christmas church play.

Bible Verses As Companions to Speeches

You may want to add some Bible verses as part of your speech, or as a Christmas reading after your speech. Quote a line or two from one of these Bible verses in your speech to illustrate a point, such as the prophecy of Jesus's birth or the angel Gabriel's visit to the Virgin Mary.

  • You can read about the glorious birth of Jesus Christ in Luke 2:4-19.
  • The story of the Three Wise Men is found in Matthew 2:1-11.
  • The prophecy about the birth of Christ can be read in Isaiah 7:13-16.
  • The explanation of why Jesus was born can be read in John 3:16-21.
  • You can also read about how Mary fulfilled the prophecy about the Christ child in Matthew 1:22-23.
  • You may wish to include the story of the immaculate conception of Mary, the mother of Jesus, by reading Luke 1:26-37.

Christmas Speeches for Church Are Important

A Christmas speech for a church service, Sunday school class or play is an important way to convey the meaning of Christmas. You can also use scripture to reinforce the significance the Christmas story has on modern Christians.

Christmas Speeches for Church