100+ Catchy and Clever Christmas Team Names

Get ready to win with Christmas team names that will crush the competition.

Published December 1, 2022
Christmas party in office

A festive holiday team name might not actually help you win a trivia contest or game night, but it will help you have more fun in the process! Find a name that fits your group and brings you together for any holiday team event. Whether the name you choose is funny, inspired by your favorite Christmas movie, or just a classic seasonal alliteration, these ideas will help you come up with a unique Christmas team name that brings out the holiday spirit in every member of your group.

Christmas Pun Team Names Yule Love

For a crowd-pleasing Christmas team name that takes everyone's cheer up a notch, try a witty Christmas pun or a funny take on classic holiday details. Spectators will chuckle with every mention of your team's name and members will feel all the Christmas camaraderie.

  • Yule Never Defeat Us
  • The Snow It Alls
  • Holy Knights
  • The Silent Knights
  • Rebels Without a Claus
  • Gangster Gift Wrappers
  • All The Jingle Ladies
  • Wrap Artists
  • Up to Snow Good
  • The Polar Hot Mess Express
  • Singles All The Way
  • Reindeer Gamers
  • Gimme Myrrh
  • #Elfies
  • Best in Snow
  • Gingerbeards
  • Feliznavi-Dads
  • Christmas Tree Huggers
  • Elves Off The Shelf
  • Sleighing It
  • The Myrrh The Merrier

Food-Inspired Holiday Names for Groups

Draw inspiration from your favorite holiday foods, treats, and drinks for your Christmas team name. Choose food or drink that's easily recognized so team members and competitors all get the reference. Here are a few ideas we love:

  • The Fruitcakes
  • The Hot Cocoas
  • Spiked Eggnogs
  • Hot Toddies
  • Peppermint Twists
  • Pigs in Blankets
  • We've Got The Holiday Spirits

Team Names Inspired by Popular Christmas Songs

Pull a festive Christmas team name from the lines of a classic holiday song. Try a fun twist on the classics or take a creative direction with well-known lyrics.

  • Dashing Through The Competition
  • Lil' Drummer Boy & The Parumpapumpums
  • All the Other Reindeer
  • Four Calling Birds (or other lyrics from The 12 Days of Christmas)
  • Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

Holiday Team Names From Favorite Movies

With so many beloved Christmas movies, classic Christmas movie references will be easily recognized by most people. Choose a movie every team member loves and create a name that pays homage to the film.

  • Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins (Elf)
  • The Holiday Who-be-what-ees (The Grinch)
  • Double Beatloafs (A Christmas Story)
  • Notafingas (A Christmas Story)
  • The Leg Lamps (A Christmas Story)
  • Fragile`, Must be Italians (A Christmas Story)
  • Ya Filthy Animals (Home Alone)
  • The Wet Bandits (Home Alone)
  • The Sticky Bandits (Home Alone 2)
  • Elves With Attitude (The Santa Clause)
  • The Tiny Tims (A Christmas Carol)

Winter-Related Names for Groups

If you're going for a team name that's less about Christmas and more about winter, try creating one by focusing on winter weather elements. You might just come up with a name that calls to mind a winter wonderland.

  • The Frost Bites
  • The Snowflakes
  • License to Chill
  • Blizzard Bunch
  • Ice Queens
  • Snow Angels

Santa-Worthy Team Names

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas team name, look no further than Father Christmas himself! Choose a team name that directly references Chris Kringle to let everyone know that you still believe.

  • Little St. Nicks
  • The Kringles
  • Santa's Entourage
  • The Red Suits
  • We Believe
  • Santa's Helpers

Hanukkah Team Names

If your team members spin a dreidel in December, try a Hanukkah-themed team name. Draw inspiration from traditional Hanukkah foods and traditions or choose a funny pun to get a chuckle from everyone.

  • The Latkes
  • Beats by Dr. Dreidel
  • Winning The Dreidel
  • The Macabeats
  • Hanukkah's Heroes
  • Challah At Me
  • One Candle Short of a Menorah

Naughty List Approved Team Names

If traditional Christmas names aren't your team's vibe, try a rebellious approach with Christmas team names that are naughty list approved.

  • Santa's Vixens
  • Rum Rum Santa Claus
  • Resting Grinch Face (RGF)
  • Bah Humbugs
  • Grinch Gang
  • Scrooge's Fan Club
  • Scrooge's Little Helpers
  • The Naughty List
  • Re-gifters
  • A Not-so-silent Night
  • Lumps of Coal

Try Traditional Christmas Team Names for a Win

Try a nostalgic approach with a Christmas team name inspired by holiday traditions or classic Christmas favorites.

  • The Candy Canes
  • Christmas Belles
  • We Three Kings
  • The Sleigh Belles
  • Gingerbread Men
  • The Jolly Hollies
  • The Tree Skirts
  • Sugarplum Fairies
  • Jingle Jangles
  • Holly Berries
  • Mistletoe Kisses

Nativity-Inspired Christmas Team Names

If the biblical Christmas story is a source of inspiration for your team, create a name derived from the story's details or parts of the nativity scene. This is a great option for church games and youth group activities.

  • The Wise Men
  • Christmas Angels
  • Following The North Star
  • Bethlehem Bunch

Clever Alliteration Team Names

Try a witty alliteration to help your team's name stand out. Use common Christmas words alongside descriptive words with the same first letter for a clever Christmas team name.

  • Rudolph's Rebels
  • Tiny Tim's Troop
  • Merry Marys
  • Santa's Sweeties
  • St. Nick's Saints
  • Tinsel Troop
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Garland Guild
  • Merry Misfits
  • Frosty's Festive Force
  • Mary's Manger Mamas
  • Stocking Squad
  • Scrooge Society

Give Your Group the Perfect Name

Remember, this is supposed to be fun! Don't stress over the 'perfect' name. Rather, choose a name that makes your team members really feel the Christmas spirit and it will be just right. Try a name that calls to mind the nostalgia of Christmases past or simply brings you joy. Whether it inspires a smile or a giggle, your Christmas team name should be all about the fun.

100+ Catchy and Clever Christmas Team Names