21 Inspired Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

Updated June 25, 2021
candy cane tree theme

If you're ready to try something unique with your Christmas tree decor this year, there are lots of amazing options. From all-pink ornaments to a tree decorated with fairies, these festive Christmas tree themes will make your home cheery and bright throughout the holiday season.

Christmas Tree Color Themes

Sure, red and green are the traditional colors of Christmas, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to them. You can do something unexpected, like purple, pink, or black and white instead.

Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree

Give your Christmas tree some beautiful flair with all pink decorations. You can choose pink ornaments, candy-colored beads and baubles, and anything else that strikes your fancy. For even more loveliness, use pink roses on clips to make the whole tree bloom with beauty.

Pink Christmas tree

Gold and Glittering Tree

Gold is a traditional Christmas color, and it makes a great option for a monochromatically beautiful Christmas tree. Choose gold ornaments with plenty of sparkle, and strands of gold beads or glittering garlands. The key to making this look gorgeous and not at all boring is varying the type and size of ornaments you use. Mix large and small, delicate and chunky for a creative look.

Christmas living room decoration, white and gold colors interior decoration background

Icy Blue Christmas Tree

Get inspired by those frosty winter colors and decorate your Christmas tree with an icy blue theme. Choose pale blue and white decorations, and add in lots of snowflake ornaments and glittering decorations that make you think of frost. For a sophisticated touch, wrap light blue ribbon around the tree in a spiral, starting at the top.

Icy Blue Christmas Tree

Snowy White Christmas Tree

An all white Christmas tree can be simple and lovely, and plenty of snowy texture takes this theme to the next level. Instead of a traditional garland or beads, choose white feather boas. Add lots of white ornaments and even spray the branches with artificial snow. You can use white fairy lights to make this tree really sparkle.

Snowy white Christmas tree

Royal Purple Tree

Purple isn't a traditional color for Christmas tree decorations, but using an all-purple Christmas tree theme is a great way to give your tree a regal and unique look. Choose Christmas ornaments in several shades of purple from deep plum to lavender. Add in a few neutral decorations in silver or white to create some contrast.

Christmas tree with beautiful violet and white ornaments and lot of presents.

Black and White Christmas Tree

While black ornaments aren't easy to find, they can give your tree a sophisticated look, especially when paired with snowy white. This color theme calls tuxedos to mind, so it feels contemporary and formal. It's perfect if the rest of your house has lots of color and you want to keep the tree from competing with your decor. To get this look, choose any style of ornaments in white and black, and keep the lights simple with white twinkle lights.

Black and white ornaments in Christmas tree

Neutral-Colored Christmas Tree

Choose all neutral ornaments to give your tree a modern and classy look. Think wooden cut-out shapes like birds, ice skates, and stars. Add in lots of white snowflakes and angels too. The key to this look is keeping things simple. Let the ornaments be the star of the show with very simple lights and no garlands or beads.

Interior of living room with Christmas decorations and present

Creative Themes for Christmas Trees

Get creative with your Christmas tree, whether that's by making your own ornaments or trying out a new and interesting theme. These fun ideas will get you inspired.

Handmade Holiday Christmas Tree

If you love making your own Christmas ornaments, embrace your creativity with this unique Christmas tree theme. Have everything on the tree be handmade. Dehydrate slices of citrus fruits for color and beauty, and bring in lots of wooden ornaments and other DIY decorations. You can stick to just a few types, or go crazy with lots of different styles.

Illuminated Handmade Christmas Decoration At Home

Origami Ornament Theme

If you like to fold origami birds and animals, you can decorate the entire tree with these charming folded paper projects. Use simple lights and beads and choose lots of pretty colors of origami paper for the ornaments. Think paper cranes, folded stars, and anything else that's fun.

Origami bird in Christmas tree

Simple and Natural Tree Theme

You don't have to use tons of color and sparkle to make a tree really shine. Take your inspiration from the natural world with tones of white, brown, tan, and taupe. Pick natural materials too, such as pine cones, feathers, raffia twine, wood, and more. The key here is to use lots of variety in the style of ornaments, so the entire tree has a collected look.

Simple and natural Christmas ornaments

Bird House-Themed Christmas Tree

Another way to embrace the beauty of the natural world is to decorate the tree with lots of miniature birdhouses. You can choose plain wooden houses or designs that have more color. Either way, keep the rest of the decorations small and white. The birdhouses need to be the main focus of the tree.

Bird house-themed Christmas tree

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

There are lots of ways to incorporate candy canes into your holiday decorating, and your Christmas tree theme is a great option. Choose red and white striped candy cane ornaments, lots of real or artificial candy canes, and red bows for pops of color. Keep the lights simple by using just white twinkle lights, since that will allow your sweet tree theme to shine.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree for the Birds

You can make a bird-themed Christmas tree that will charm everyone who sees it. Simply collect lots of bird ornaments. They can all be the same style (think glass antique ornaments), or they can be birds of different styles and materials. You can also use nests to add even more charm.

Artificial birds decoration on the Christmas tree

Pretty Poinsettia Christmas Tree

Poinsettias are the unofficial flower of Christmas, and you can embrace their beauty with your Christmas tree theme. Clip artificial poinsettias to the branches of your tree and use smaller ornaments in red, gold, and white to help show them off. Add white twinkle lights for some sparkle.

Pretty Poinsettia Christmas Tree

More Great Christmas Tree Themes

No list of Christmas tree themes is complete without some unusual and unique ideas. From fairies to vintage ornaments, these are some themes you won't see on every tree this year.

Christmas Tree With Butterflies and Fairies

Add lots of magic to an already magical holiday by choosing a Christmas tree theme with butterflies and fairies. Pick fairy ornaments in a few varying styles, as well as butterflies in lots of pastel colors. String sparkling beads on the branches and use fairy lights to illuminate everything.

Small Christmas tree with fairies and butterflies

Cranberry Christmas Tree

Whether you choose to string real cranberries or use sprays of artificial red berries from the craft store, you can create a cranberry theme for your Christmas tree. Echo the color of the berries in your ornaments, but also add in some white and green ones to break up all the red. Instead of garlands or beads, use strings of pom-poms to go with the round shape of berries.

Cranberry Christmas tree

Woodland Animal Tree

Collect adorable woodland animal ornaments and display them on a Christmas tree with other simple decorations. You can include everything from deer to foxes. Consider adding in some other fun characters like gnomes and some cute mushroom ornaments too.

Wooden rocking horse, Christmas ornament

Over-the-Top Ornate Tree

Some say simple is better, but show them otherwise with an over-the-top Christmas tree theme. Ornate decorations are just part of the holiday, and you can embrace that with this decor scheme. Pick one color, such as gold or silver, and then go all out. Think tons of sparkle, lots of feathers and fans, and baubles on every branch.

Fireplace and Christmas tree with presents in living room

Christmas Tree With Feathers and Roses

For a tabletop Christmas tree, nothing beats real or artificial roses and feathers. The contrast in texture is gorgeous, and both elements are natural and beautiful. You can use this theme with a full-sized tree too, but make sure you choose flowers that are big enough to offer lots of visual impact. Keep the other decorations simple with white twinkle lights.

Small Christmas tree with roses and feathers

Big and Bold Tree

For an unusual Christmas tree theme, choose one style of ornament that's particularly large and interesting. Then build the rest of the tree around this big and bold design. Add sprays of berries and a few smaller, ball-shaped ornaments in the same color as your main ornament choice. Use simple white lights to let the big ornament be the star of the show.

Luxury Living Room With Fireplace And Christmas Decoration

Vintage-Themed Christmas Tree

If you have a collection of antique or vintage Christmas ornaments, you can show them off by embracing a vintage theme. Choose a vintage artificial tree in white, silver, or a pastel shade, and hang the old-fashioned ornaments on its branches. You can use large lights to further enhance the vintage look. Multicolored bulbs look especially great.

Vintage-themed Christmas tree

A Tree That's Festive and Makes You Happy

A theme is a great way to give your tree a unique look. If you're still looking for inspiration, you can also look at pictures of beautifully decorated Christmas trees. No matter what theme you choose, the most important thing is making sure your tree makes you feel happy and festive.

21 Inspired Christmas Tree Theme Ideas