Christmas Trivia Games: Printable & Online

Updated July 13, 2021
Sisters playing trivia games at Christmas time

A printable trivia game that covers all things Christmas, from popular music and movies to history and traditions, is great to play with the entire family at any gathering. These games provide a fun way to get into the spirit of the season while testing your knowledge of the holiday.

Free Christmas Trivia Printables

To download and print the Christmas trivia questions and answers below, you will need Adobe. If you need help downloading the printable, check out these helpful tips. The answer key is on the second page of the printable, so keep that in mind when you choose which pages to print and the number of copies to include to avoid unnecessary printing. Be sure to have a few small prizes, such as Christmas ornaments or homemade cookies on hand for the winner!

Holiday Trivia for Adults

Online games and trivia questions are fun to do by yourself, or with another person or group of people. Printable trivia games can help to make holiday parties festive and interactive.

Online Options

Play trivia games or answer questions online to increase your holiday knowledge and have some festive fun during the Christmas season.

  • RiverSongs has a list of 75 online Christmas trivia questions covering everything from holiday history to music and Christmas gift traditions. Hover your mouse over the "A" to find out the answers to questions.
  • Christmas Decorations and Gifts Store has an assortment of trivia questions that test your knowledge on the history of Christmas.
  • Brownie Locks has questions focusing on popular Christmas carols. To find out the answer, run your cursor over the "fa" and "la" notes.
  •, Inc. has clever questions inspired by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • has a list of trivia questions regarding the religious aspect of the Christmas celebration; don't forget to enter a name, or you won't be able to get your score.
  • has holiday trivia for the whole family. See who knows their stuff when it comes to Christmas music, trees, movies, and more!
  • Bingo Bongo Learning has a ten-question online quiz all about Christmas. Hover over the question, and the answer is readily revealed.

Printable Games

Printable games might be a better option to play at a large gathering. These websites offer excellent options to entertain your holiday guests.

  • Reindeer Land has nine different printable games listed in their selection of games. You may have to search a bit to find the red-underlined link to the printable pages with questions and answers. Most questions have a high level of difficulty. There's a kids' printable and an interactive game as well.
  • Trivia Champ offers a slew of trivia games for adults that you can print or play online. Select from the Flash, HTML, and PDF printable game options. Topics include Christmas food, Christmas music, Christmas television and movies, and general Christmas topics. Kids' games are also available on this website.
  • has a pdf printable with questions about popular Christmas movies and television shows. It also has a game about the iconic movie A Christmas Story.

Trivia Games for Kids

Since trivia questions intended for adults can be too difficult for kids to answer correctly, visit the following websites for trivia that's great for children:

  • EmailSanta has an easy five-question trivia game for young children to enjoy.
  • has general trivia geared towards kids. You have to set up a free account to participate.
  • Braingle has 12 trivia questions covering popular children's Christmas songs.
  • features trivia questions for older kids. However, since some of the questions may require research, this activity may be best for school parties.
  • FunTrivia has a Christmas Bible game to help children learn more about the religious significance of the Christmas season. Choose the timed game, untimed game, or the HTML version.
  • offers a Christmas trivia game with challenging questions for older kids as a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire. Make it easier by offering the multiple-choice version to younger children. Some topics covered are Christmas customs, history, music, and movies.
  • offers three Christmas trivia games for kids of all ages. Subjects covered range from the birth of Jesus and Bible trivia to Christmas carols and traditions.
  • Xmas Fun features 14 trivia game questions at varying levels of difficulty for kids of all ages. Topics include Christmas movies, television shows, songs, and traditions. The "Santa Trivia" game is appropriate for very young children.

Make Memories

Playing Christmas trivia games is a great way to make memories with your family and friends. They are a great icebreaker for holiday parties or a time filler before dinner or while waiting to open presents. This year, start a new tradition by incorporating a trivia game or two into your Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Trivia Games: Printable & Online