4 Fun Printable Christmas Wish List Templates for Kids

Adorable printouts so your child can let you know exactly what they want this year.

Updated October 14, 2019
Child writing wish list

It's time for the kids to start filling out their wish lists for Santa. Download and print a wish list for your kids so they can specify what they want, making your job as gift-giver much less stressful. Choose from a PDF format list or a Word format list - either will prove helpful in your quest to buy the perfect gifts.

Free Wish List PDF Printables

Choose one or both options below to print out for your kids. You can do this by following the directions for Adobe printables. The printable is bright and cheerful for any child who wants to use it.

Christmas Wish List Printable PDF

Color Your Own List

If kids want to personalize their list, break out the markers, crayons, and colored pencils so they can color their own. It's a great activity for a cold day, too.

christmas wish list coloring page printable

Free Wish List Word Printables

If you prefer to work in Microsoft Word, these wish lists will fit the bill. Each list allows for some extra details beyond the simple list of gifts desired.

List With Space for Notes

The first list leaves some room for notes, so the recipient can specify sizes, colors, or other details - perfect for parents who might accidentally buy a video game for the wrong gaming system or an accessory for the wrong smartphone. Maybe the recipient wants a specific brand of clothing or wants a gift purchased from a particular store. It's a great way to avoid buying a gift that the recipient doesn't want, or can't, use.

printable Christmas wish list

List With Explanations

It's a good idea to prompt kids (and adults!) to think about why they actually want something as a gift. Is it because it will be a useful or fun thing to have, or do they want it just because "everyone else" has it? If a gift is going to be particularly useful - such as a new tablet that will allow a student to do homework on the go or a kitchen tool that will help an amateur baker elevate their baking to the next level - sometimes it helps to know these reasons when deciding what to buy. It's good to be mindful when asking for gifts, and this list prompts mindfulness.

printable Christmas wish list

How to Use the Wish Lists

Once you've printed your list or lists, help your child brainstorm for gift ideas. You may want to have a toy catalog nearby if they're likely to have a hard time coming up with anything (or anything Santa may actually be able to bring them, considering kids can get quite creative with their requests when Santa is involved!). Offer to mail the list to Santa or address it and put it in the mailbox. Snap a photo of the completed list for family members who will also buy gifts to make it easier for everyone.

Keepsakes for Memories

Looking back on what kids want as they grow up can be a fun memory, so consider keeping a copy of the list in your scrapbook or memories box. When they're older, your kids will get a good chuckle out of what they so desperately wanted as gifts when they were young.

Lists Make Shopping Easy

Not only is it fun for kids to complete their lists, it also helps out parents, grandparents, other relatives, and Santa. Snap a quick photo of the completed list and send it to everyone who wants to know what's on your child's list.

4 Fun Printable Christmas Wish List Templates for Kids