Planning a Company Christmas Party: Checklist and Guide

Published November 22, 2019
Businesspeople at Christmas party

Get your entire office in the holiday spirit by using a company Christmas party planning checklist to host a fun event for your staff. While you could use printable to-do lists to get organized, an office party checklist template will cater to your specific corporate holiday party planning needs.

Holiday Office Party Planning Checklist

Keep all your office party ideas for the holidays organized on one checklist to minimize planning time. This comprehensive, editable company Christmas party planning checklist template features sections for budget, location, guests, events and activities, and gifts or cards. Click on the image of the checklist PDF to download and print using the Adobe guide for troubleshooting.

Company Christmas Party Planning Checklist

Tips for Using an Office Party Checklist

Typically, more than one person will be helping plan your corporate holiday party. No matter how many people are involved in the party planning, this checklist can help keep everyone on the same page.

  • Add a sticker with your company logo over the wreath design in the upper right corner so it's clear what the checklist is for.
  • You can check off tasks as they're completed and add details to the editable sections.
  • Each committee member can use a different color ink to mark tasks or put their initials next to a checked box.
  • Keep the checklist on a clipboard in a common office area where all planners can access it.
  • Keep your checklist after the party so you can use it help plan next year's event.

How to Plan a Corporate Holiday Party

Planning a company Christmas party might seem daunting or time-consuming because there are a lot of etiquette considerations to factor in. But, you can make the process fun and simple by using a staff party planning checklist and following a few standard steps. Start planning three to four months before the party so you have enough time to cover all the details.

Step One: Gather a Planning Committee

Send out an all-company email asking for volunteers interested in planning the holiday party. These people can spread out the workload and check items off a central checklist when complete.

Step Two: Set a Budget

Talk with the company leaders to see if there is a budget for the event. When you have a large budget, you can consider hiring a professional event planner and use the checklist as a guide for asking questions. If there is no money from the company, ask employees to chip in and host some place free like in the office.

Step Three: Choose a Party Type

When choosing a corporate holiday party theme. Be mindful of varying beliefs within your office community and opt for a generic holiday or winter theme. Decide whether it's an employee-only event or if other like family members or clients are welcome too.

Step Four: Pick an Event Date and Time

Send out a poll so all employees can give input on the date and location of the party, then go with the majority vote.

  • Most company holiday parties take place during the second week of December so they are near the holidays, but don't compete with private family events.
  • Strive to give guests three to four weeks notice of the party. If you make it an annual event that always falls on the same day, guests will know well in advance.
  • Corporate holiday party invitations can let everyone know the end result.
  • Email invitations are great for informal, employee-only parties while paper invitations are best for formal events that include clients or employee families.

Step Five: Plan the Holiday Party

Sort out food, entertainment, Christmas office party games, special announcements, and employee Christmas gifts for the actual party. Weekday luncheons and Friday or Saturday evening events are the most common types of office holiday parties. If you're giving out holiday cards or gifts, make sure you double-check that there's one for every guest.

Celebrate the Holidays With Co-Workers

Company Christmas and holiday parties can help lighten the mood at work and give employees a chance to meet each other in an informal setting. Office parties during the holiday season also give employers a chance to show their appreciation for staff members and give thanks in a memorable way.

Planning a Company Christmas Party: Checklist and Guide