17 Charming Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree With Ribbon

Updated July 6, 2021

Use Ribbon to Make Your Christmas Tree Special


You can go beyond the traditional tinsel garland or strand of beads and make your Christmas tree truly special with ribbon decorations. There are several ways to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon, and one of them is sure to be perfect for your tree and your decorating taste. From flirty and fancy pink ribbon bows to natural burlap and jute ribbon decorations, this is an affordable and easy way to make your tree exquisite this year.

Try Two Colors of Ribbon


One easy way to put ribbon on a Christmas tree like a professional is to pair two colors of ribbon to make bows with long tails. Choose colors that are the similar but contrasting in their intensity. For instance, red and pink or light blue and navy blue can look amazing together. This tone-on-tone look helps your tree feel very put-together and sophisticated.

Create a Diagonal Ribbon Garland


Instead of a traditional garland, you can decorate your Christmas tree with ribbons and bows by making a diagonal ribbon garland. Use ribbon that's wide enough to be noticed and start at the top of the tree. Begin spiraling the ribbon down the tree, accenting it with bows every few feet. This creates a delicate and beautiful look. You should add the ribbon before you put ornaments on the tree.

Leave Long Tails on Ribbon Bows


Another great way to use ribbon on your Christmas tree is to create large bows and leave the tails really long. Then weave the tails through the branches like short garlands. This provides a strong visual impact, and it's an incredibly elegant and affordable way to decorate a tree if you don't have lots of ornaments yet.

Make a Ribbon Christmas Tree Topper


If you want something lovely and unexpected on the top of your Christmas tree, skip the traditional star or angel and make a large ribbon bow. Attach the bow at the very top of the tree and let the ribbon tails hang down. It's important that the scale of the bow fits the size of the tree - larger trees need larger bows to stand out.

Enhance Your Christmas Ornaments With Bows


Another great way to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon is to enhance simple ornaments with ribbon bows. Choose a colorful ribbon and tie it just above the ornament near the base of the hanging loop. For a sculptural look, choose ribbon with wired edges and then curl the tails in artful spirals.

Experiment With Delicate Bows on Branches


Small and delicate bows look gorgeous on the ends of branches, especially when you use an organza ribbon that is a little sheer and allows light to shine through it. If you choose a ribbon with a little bit of sparkle, it can even enhance the glittering effect of your Christmas tree. To get this look, simply wire small bows near the ends of branches all over the tree.

Make a Tabletop Christmas Tree More Colorful With Ribbon


You can use tiny ribbon bows in bright colors like red or blue to add inexpensive beauty and major festive style to a small tabletop tree. A little tree can get overwhelmed by large decorations, but small ribbon bows are the perfect accessory for this type of diminutive decoration.

Use Ribbon as a Christmas Ornament Hanging Loop


Instead of a wire hook or piece of string, you can use colored ribbon as an ornament hanging loop on your tree. This allows you to add color in a subtle and sophisticated way. Choose narrow ribbon to avoid visually overwhelming the ornaments you're hanging.

Choose a Sheer Ribbon Garland That Glows


If you use Christmas lights that won't get too hot, such as LEDs, consider adding a sheer ribbon garland to your tree, layering it over the lights. The lights will illuminate the ribbon garland at night, providing a soft and romantic glow.

Try Out Some Non-Traditional Ribbon Colors


The traditional Christmas colors are beautiful, and they can look lovely on your tree. However, if you choose ribbon in non-traditional shades like pink, you can add a surprising and playful touch to your Christmas tree. Whether you use small flirty bows layered with ornaments or wrap a long ribbon garland over the branches, this can be a gorgeous look.

Tie On Some Tulle Ribbon Bows


Strips of wide tulle ribbon add an ethereal look to any Christmas tree, and they can be beautiful tied into bows. These soft and angelic decorations contrast with the dark green branches, softening the overall look of the Christmas tree. Tulle ribbon is affordable and easy to work with, and it comes in lots of pale colors.

Pick Burlap Ribbon for a Neutral and Natural Tree


For a natural and neutral Christmas tree theme, add in some burlap ribbon. You can create ribbon bows for the branches, layering the burlap with lace or a colored ribbon if you want a bit of variety. This looks gorgeous with natural and homemade Christmas tree ornaments like dried citrus slices and cinnamon sticks.

Play With Scale and Pattern


If you want to match two different types of ribbon on your Christmas tree, one way to do that is to play with scale and pattern while keeping the color and shade the same. For instance, you can mix a bold patterned ribbon with a solid or simpler pattern in the same color. This works well if you want to include both ribbon garlands and bows or you want to use a ribbon tree topper with another type of ribbon decoration.

Try a Few Large Bows


You can go big with ribbon on your Christmas tree when you add a few large bows scattered over smaller lights and decorations. The key here is not overwhelming the tree with lots of big bows but adding just enough to make the look stand out. Everything else on the tree, from the lights to the ornaments, needs to take second stage.

Go With a Giant Ribbon Garland


Another high impact options for decorating with ribbon is to use an extra-wide ribbon garland on the tree. You can make your own out of shiny fabric or choose ribbon that's at least eight inches wide. Then gather the ribbon and wrap it around the tree before putting the ornaments on. This lets some of the ornaments hang in front, offering an interesting background.

Get Mad for Plaid


There's no rule that says your Christmas tree ribbon decorations need to be solid colors. A holiday plaid ribbon can be a great way to tie two or more colors of ornaments together. Pick ribbon with wired edges if you want to make a bow that stands up. Pair the plaid bow with smaller ornaments in matching colors.

Bring Out Some Delicate Lace


Lace ribbon is a great way to add an old-fashioned touch to your tree. This is a wonderful option if you're hoping to create a Grandmillenial-style tree or if you simply love Victorian Christmas decorations. Choose a lace ribbon in a wide width for maximum impact, and pair it with lacy ornaments for an all-over delicate look.

Try Lots of Ways to Decorate With Ribbon


There are so many fun ways to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon, so have fun experimenting with more than one. Combine different techniques or try them out on different trees. Get inspired by looking at pictures of gorgeous Christmas trees, and try your own ribbon decorations that will make your tree stand out from the crowd.

17 Charming Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree With Ribbon