Does Mail Run on New Year's Day? Quick Facts

Published October 18, 2021
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Are you wondering if the mail runs on New Year's Day? The United States Postal Service doesn't take many days off from delivering mail, so it's natural to wonder if they consider January 1st a regular work day. Discover the answer to this important question.

Is Mail Delivered on New Year's Day?

New Year's Day is a federal holiday, so mail service does not run on January 1. That means that there is no mail delivery or pick up on that day, and all post office locations are closed. For employees of the United States Postal Service, New Year's Day is a rare paid holiday from work.

Closest Alternative to New Year's Day Mail Delivery

If you're sending an envelope or package that you'd like to arrive by New Year's Day, your best bet is to try to time its arrival on New Year's Eve, unless that day is on a weekend. The mail does run on December 31, assuming that date falls on a regular delivery day. If it is a Sunday, then mail will not be delivered on that date. In that case, you'll need to aim for December 30. If you're expecting mail that hasn't arrived by then, January 2 is the earliest you could receive it.

  • Keep in mind that the U.S. Postal Service does not guarantee mail delivery on a specific date. If you choose Priority Mail, you'll know what the scheduled delivery date is, but there's always a chance it won't show up on that date.
  • Since New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are so close to the extremely busy Christmas shipping season, mail delivery is often slower than usual. You shouldn't count on mail arriving at the same speed as usual this time of year.
  • If you're sending something that needs to arrive prior to New Year's Day, it's probably best to send it 10 or so business days in advance. It might arrive early, but there is always a chance that it could still be late.
  • If you're waiting on something to come in the mail that usually arrives on the first day of the month, that won't be the case in January. If the sender mails it early, you might get it in advance, but it's more likely that your item will arrive after the first.

Are There Other Options?

The U.S. Postal Service isn't the only delivery service that takes a day off on January 1. Getting a letter or package delivered on New Year's Day would be close to impossible. The few options that exist would be very expensive and not widely available.

  • New Year's Day is also a holiday for both Federal Express and United Parcel Service, except for their critical delivery service divisions, which are not appropriate (or affordable) for items that would be shipped for regular mail. Those services are intended for highly time-sensitive or dangerous goods that cannot be shipped through traditional routes, and are therefore very expensive.
  • Depending on where you live and the distance, Uber Connect package delivery service or same-day cargo delivery via Delta DASH or another of the commercial airlines might be an option. However, these services would likely be very pricey and available only in very limited areas.

Be Patient for Holiday Season Mail Delivery

December and January are always busy times at the United States Postal Service. Knowing their holiday schedule and expecting delays will help reduce stress and ensure that your expectations are realistic.

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Does Mail Run on New Year's Day? Quick Facts