Does the U.S. Mail Run on Christmas Eve?

Published March 13, 2018
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Don't forget to check your mailbox on Christmas Eve because mail is delivered on December 24. While you may find special services and shorter USPS office hours, you'll still be able to receive mail delivery.

Christmas Eve Postal Service Schedule

The U.S. Postal Service does deliver mail on Christmas Eve, December 24. The exception to this delivery schedule is if Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday; because there is no mail on Sundays anyway, then there wouldn't be Christmas Eve service then, either. If you are sending holiday mail that goes into your mailbox, they will also collect it on Christmas Eve.

Blue collection boxes are generally picked up on Christmas Eve. However, if there are multiple pick up times, many will forgo pick ups after noon on Christmas Eve.

Is the Post Office Open on Christmas Eve?

Most post offices are indeed open on Christmas eve, but their hours will be reduced. To find out the USPS office hours, check your local office's website starting mid-November. There you will find extended hours as well as any shortened hours as the holiday draws near. Locations have shortened lobby and office hours on December 24. The hours are usually posted in the lobby and on doors as well as on the location's website.

Shipping Dates

Additionally, if you have packages that need to be sent for Christmas Eve arrival, you should check the Mail-By Dates section of the USPS Holiday Newsroom website. Depending on the type of shipping you select, the last day for sending may be anywhere from mid-December to several days before Christmas. By keeping this in mind, your package will arrive on time.

Like the office and lobby hours, the shipping dates may be posted in your local office, as well.

No Mail on Christmas Day

Christmas Day (December 25) is considered an official Postal Holiday, and mail is not delivered, nor are offices open. However, if a package was sent using Priority Mail Express service, this type of package has been delivered on Christmas Day in the past. Check back with your local post office each year to see if this practice changes for the upcoming holiday season.

Tips for Ensuring Christmas Delivery

Follow these tips to make sure your mail is delivered on time:

  • Check the Mail-By section of the USPS website to see the final date to send. For best results, add a couple extra days just in case.
  • Have packages clearly labeled with address prior to arriving at the post office.
  • Spend a little additional money for a faster shipping method if you are cutting it close to the mail-by date.
  • Select a shipping method that includes tracking so you can see where the package is during the shipping process.
  • Check with the postal workers to see if any unusually shaped Christmas cards need additional postage.

Holiday Greetings

A little planning will help your holiday greetings get to loved ones on time. Check with your local office to find out hours for Christmas Eve and the days leading up to the holiday.

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Does the U.S. Mail Run on Christmas Eve?