5 Trustworthy Places to Find Free Animated Christmas Wallpaper

Published October 12, 2019
Smiling woman with cup of coffee using laptop at Christmas time

After you've decorated your home for Christmas, it's time to decorate your computer for the holidays by choosing free animated Christmas wallpaper. There are a number of designs available, several websites offer funny Christmas wallpapers and a few offer Disney Christmas wallpapers. It's easy to find something that makes you smile!

1. Wallpaper Safari

Wallpaper Safari offers several Christmas themed wallpapers that capture the nighttime mystique of a snowy Christmas Eve. You can download several Santa wallpapers, such as Santa riding in his sleigh across a wintry night, Christmas lights glittering along a city street, snowy forest nights, different scenes of a snowman, Christmas tree by a lake, several snowy cabin scenes, and a Christmas horse-drawn sleigh.

2. Brand Thunder

Brand Thunder has wallpapers featuring Santa, snowmen, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and other popular holiday motifs. You can choose from a 3D Merry Christmas cozy room with Christmas toys and presents, a laughing Santa, single burning candle, small town winter snowy night, and Christmas card.

3. Get Wallpapers

Get Wallpapers provides 3D animated Christmas wallpapers. You may want to download the nativity scene set in front of a church, Santa and a snowman, Santa and Rudolph various Santa scenes, Christmas trees, city Christmas lights, a couple of scenes with elves, Christmas packages, snowy night scenes, and a couple of wallpapers featuring Disney characters.

4. SF Wallpapers

SF Wallpapers features several snowy night Christmas scenes of Santa and his reindeer, Christmas trees, a decorated fireplace, and deer in snowy scenes. The majority of the wallpapers have a blue contrast portraying the night.

5. Passion for Lord

Passion for Lord offers several GIF wallpapers specifically for tablets, iPhones and other mobile devices. You have a choice of Christmas trees, Santa and his sleigh, snowy cabin night, penguins in colorful scarves in the snow, and a tropical beach scene, a whirling ornament ball that changes colors, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year sign.

Download With Caution

Although free animated Christmas wallpapers can be a fun way to jazz up your home computer, use caution when adding these designs to your workplace desktop. Flashing lights, jumping characters and sound effects can be distracting in a business environment. Additionally, some sites that provide free wallpaper designs have been known to be hosts for spyware, adware, viruses, and other things that can cause problems with your computer.

Finding Places Offering Free Animated Christmas Wallpaper

There are several places that offer free animated Christmas wallpapers. You may decide to change your wallpaper on a regular basis during the holiday season so you can take advantage of more than one design.

5 Trustworthy Places to Find Free Animated Christmas Wallpaper