Free Printable Christmas Quizzes for All Ages

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Christmas quizzes provide a good educational opportunity to learn facts about Christmas you never knew. If you think you know a lot about Christmas, then take a free Christmas quiz to find out! Check your answers against the key to find out where you fall in your knowledge of all things Yuletide.

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The kids' quiz is easy and fun and covers Santa Claus and life at the North Pole, the nativity story, and holiday traditions. The adult quiz is tougher than the one for children. It features questions about Christmas television shows and movies, food, culture, music, and the nativity story.

Questions are set up in a typical quiz format featuring multiple choice and true/false options. An answer key is provided for each quiz. To view and print either quiz using Adobe Reader, click on its corresponding thumbnail picture.

printable children's Christmas quiz
printable Christmas quiz for adults

Uses for the Quizzes

Quizzes can keep kids occupied during cold Christmas holiday breaks. With two windows open online, they can take the quiz in one while looking for answers online in the other, recording their answers on a paper if they didn't want to print the quiz. This also enhances their online research skills.

Adults can use the quiz to test their own knowledge or they can brush up on their holiday facts before heading out to a party.

Finally, you can place each quiz at individual table settings for your guests to fill out before everyone arrives at a dinner party. Leave the answer keys upside down in the center of the table for guests to check later.

Find More Free Christmas Quizzes Online

The Internet provides plenty of free Christmas quizzes. Quizzes will range in topics from holiday movies to traditions to Rudolph to carols. Some quizzes cover a little of everything.

  • Christmas Quiz: Three levels of play make this perfect for challenging anyone. An explanation of each answer is given after you make your choice.
  • The Christmas Music Quiz: Take this quiz if you know the historical background of popular Christmas carols.
  • A Christmas Quiz: This Catholic Christmas quiz focuses solely on answers that can be found in the Bible, in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Fun for the Entire Family

Christmas quizzes are fun for the entire family. They are a great way for kids to pass restless hours waiting for the big day or an exciting way to break the ice at a holiday party. Quizzes are also educational and can help teach Christmas traditions and culture.

Free Printable Christmas Quizzes for All Ages