Free Christmas Stuff: A Guide on Where to Find Some

Updated June 16, 2021
Christmas Figurines

Getting free stuff any time of the year is great, but especially when it is free Christmas stuff. During a time of year when you pocketbook is lighter than usual, finding some holiday freebies can help make the season a little brighter.

Free Christmas Music

Getting free Christmas music is as easy as turning on a holiday internet radio station, like AccuHolidays. Get more free Christmas music at:

Free Christmas Computer Downloads and Games

Holiday downloads can range from music files to Christmas clip art to games. Get yours at these websites:

Free Christmas Cards and Decorations

Sending out holiday cards year after year can be quite the strain on your finances. Not only do you need to find one you truly love, but you have to pay postage as well. Save money and time by sending free e-cards or printables by using these websites:

  • Blue Mountain - Visit their "Create & Print" section to find over 50 free printable Christmas cards.
  • American Greetings - Get 77 different e-cards to choose from for free.
  • Hallmark - Choose your free e-card from four different categories: classic, cute, humor, and religious.
  • Printable "Believe" Banner - This decorative banner would look adorable hung across a mantel or shelf.

Free Christmas Kids' Stuff

Play kids' games online, or print out coloring pages to keep them busy during the busy Christmas season. Places to find great kids' stuff for free include:

Supervise young children during internet use or when doing a craft project that involves hot glue guns, staples, or scissors.

Use Caution When Signing up for Free Stuff

As with any free stuff website, use it with caution. Be sure your antivirus software is working correctly before trying to download anything from a website, and do not download from a website you do not trust. Keep in mind the old rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This will keep you from getting junk email, junk postal mail, phone calls, and possible identity theft when you get free Christmas stuff online.

Free Christmas Stuff: A Guide on Where to Find Some