14 Tasty Homemade Food Gift Ideas for Christmas

Updated June 29, 2021
Christmas decorated cupcakes

Homemade Christmas food gifts are an ideal gift solution for those on your list who have everything else they might need. A homemade food item is always welcomed and appreciated, especially by those who have busy lives. Offer tasty sweets, desserts, breads, complete casseroles, or snacks, depending on your recipe arsenal and the number of gifts on your list.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Food

Can't think of anything to give friends and family for the holidays? Give them something delicious. The saying, "The way to a person's heart is through their stomach," exists for a reason. People love food. It comforts them, reminds them that someone cares for them, and fills their tummy and soul. If you are fresh out of ideas for gifts, head for the kitchen!

Gingerbread cake with christmas baubles and dried orange, spice on wooden table,

Gingerbread Cake for the Win

Gingerbread is a classic Christmas flavor to use in your holiday baking. For those friends who fancy themselves traditionalists, consider baking them a gingerbread cake. The warm, sweet, and spicy flavor of the cake will be the perfect complement to a piping hot mug of ginger tea on a cold, blustery winter day. Ginger has a kick to it, so this gift might be best enjoyed by adults with seasoned palates or those who are less sensitive to bold flavors. Cakes are also great gifts to give people who are hosting large holiday events. You really can never have enough items on a dessert table, right?

Fresh caramel fudge candies

A Mountain of Fudge

If you want to make someone smile over the holidays and become their favorite person on earth, give them a mountain of fudge for Christmas. Play around with some classic fudge recipes and create new and interesting ones too. Make several different batches of fudge, cut them up, and arrange an assortment on a festive platter for friends.

Stack of oat pancakes with berries

Perfect Pancake Mixes for Christmas Morning

Mason jars are excellent options to put food gifts in. They store ingredients well, can be jazzed up with ribbons and bows and a few mason jar items fit nicely in typical-sized gift bags. While many people turn to dinner foods and desserts, choose to be bold with the gift of pancakes! Berry-nut pancakes are the perfect Christmas morning meal. Load up a few mason jars with the necessary dry ingredients and pair this food gift with a brand new spatula and a set of pretty measuring cups. Any busy parent will be more than a little grateful for such a thoughtful gift come Christmas morning.

Hot sauce on a table

A Series of Spicy Treats

Think condiments and spice for this gift. How do you dress your food? Do you prefer some added spice to your meals? Give your friends the gift of spice with a gift basket full of homemade hot sauce, rubs for meats and veggies, and even a kicking pepper jelly. You'll need to buy ingredients to create these condiments, so think about making enough to give as gifts to more than one person. Don't forget to buy glass or plastic bottles or jars to house your jellies, sauces, and rubs. The people in your life will be so thankful to have something to use when grilling season rolls back around.

Overhead view of peppermint bark in box on table

Peppermint Bark Is a Classic

You can not have Christmas without peppermint! Peppermint bark gifted in a pretty holiday tin is sure to bring in plenty of smiles from recipients. This dish is easy to make, screams Christmas, and if you prepare several sheets of it, you can create multiple tins of bark to give to those you hold dear. Teachers, neighbors, and people at your church who are lucky enough to receive your treats will find themselves waiting for this gift each year.

Crackers with assorted healthy snacks, gourmet dips in knolling style

Crackers and Dip No One Will Be Sad Over

Nothing beats homemade dip...except homemade dip that gets paired with homemade crackers! Your friends and family will barely be able to get to the kitchen table before breaking into this Christmas gift. Spend a weekend in the kitchen preparing several batches of Everything Ritz crackers (be sure to make extras for your own hungry family.) Decide which dips you want to make and settle on a trio of them to give to people along with the homemade crackers. Consider pizza dip or bacon dip for the younger crowd and the meat lovers and traditional spinach dip for those who like to keep things status quo.

Take the homemade granola out of the oven

Gorgeous Granola

Granola is a hearty, healthy treat that can be jazzed up in so many ways. This food item is simple to make and simple to gift. Create Christmas-inspired granola that will leave mouths watering for more. Add dried berries and white chocolate to your favorite granola recipe for a truly delicious but still healthy treat. Granola makes for a great gift for those with health concerns that might prevent them from inhaling typical Christmas sweet like candies, cupcakes, and cakes.

Christmas sugar cookies being iced,

Classic Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies for those you love is a classic holiday tradition. Make several varieties of cookies, including sugar cookies, peppermint cookies, Italian Christmas cookies, and more! The only thing more fun than making the cookies is eating them, so be sure to save a few extras for the chef. Christmas cookies are always a favorite present of families and friends with young children.

Peppermint pretzels in glasses

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

If you are looking to get your kids in the kitchen to help with an easy gift recipe, try chocolate-covered pretzels. Making these salty and savory delights is as easy as melt, dip, and decorate. Melt milk, dark, or white chocolate, dip pretzels into the melted chocolate, and douse your treats with festive sprinkles. Bundle the completed treats up in cellophane and tie them with a Christmas ribbon.

Delicious freshly baked organic seed bread

Freshly Baked Bread

Baking bread is a timeless winter activity for so many. If creating warm loaves of goodness is your thing, take your talents to the gift-giving realm. Make several loaves of bread to give to friends and family. Consider pairing the loaves with your favorite soup in a jar recipe.

candied Almonds in a pan

Create Candied Nuts

Candied nuts are so addictive; it is nearly impossible to eat only a few at a time. Making them takes little time and few ingredients. Package them up in cute, brown boxes and pop a bow in the top. They are small packages that will be sure to pack a powerful flavor punch.

Jars of a Variety of Homemade Jam

Homemade Jars of Jams Never Disappoint

Making jam and jelly takes patience and love, but the product is almost always worth the effort. For the holidays, try a Christmas jam. This recipe calls for classic fruits with the addition of cranberry. It is sweet, a tiny bit tart, and pairs perfectly with a loaf of sweet homemade bread.

Different oils and vinegars

Be Unique With Infused Oils and Vinegar

If you have friends and family who really know their way around the kitchen, you will have to take your food gift game up a notch and get very creative. Think about trying your hand at homemade vinegar and oils. Play around with flavor combinations that are sweet, savory, or a bit spicy. Go for a rosemary-based oil or a citrus-inspired one.

Grounded Garlic With Salt In Jar By Spoon On Wooden Table

Everyone Will Be Jealous Over Jars of Salt

During the holidays, salt is used in tons of dishes and in mass quantities. For friends and family who spend their Christmas season making dish after dish for everyone else, give them a gift to help them with their creations. Infused salts are pretty, tasty, and unique. You will need plenty of dried herbs and citrus elements as well as sea salt or kosher salt. Be sure to buy pretty containers to use your creations in. Give away your infused salts and hope for an invitation to the recipient's dinner table!

Homemade Food Treat of the Month

If you're looking for a gift that's a bit out of the ordinary, consider creating your own "treat of the month" club for the gift recipient. This is a wonderful present for anyone, especially elderly relatives who may find it difficult to do their own cooking and baking. Follow these steps to create your monthly treat gift:

  1. Decide what to give. This might include homemade bread, cookies, jam, homemade Christmas jar mixes for cookies or soup, or even frozen casseroles - whatever items you know the recipient would enjoy.
  2. Using free Christmas clip art and your computer's word processing or graphics program, make up a certificate that entitles the recipient to one year of homemade food gifts.
  3. Set a specific delivery day, such as the first day of the month.
  4. Wrap each delivery, starting with Christmas, in pretty cellophane tied with a ribbon bow. Include a copy of the recipe for the recipient.

Giving Your Food Gift

Any homemade present is a gift from the heart and sure to please the recipient. Be aware of any food allergies, strong dislikes, or other food sensitives that people receiving gifts might have. Do your research and find out what the person's favorite foods are. Do they adore peanut butter? Go gaga over peppermint? Play on their favorite tastes when creating your tasty gift.

14 Tasty Homemade Food Gift Ideas for Christmas