12 Interesting and Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards 

Take gift giving to a new level with these fun and unexpected gift card presentation ideas.

Published November 16, 2022
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Create a fun and memorable experience for friends or family members with these creative ways to give gift cards. From last-minute DIY gift card holders to presentation methods that require a bit more planning, these ideas will show the recipient just how much you appreciate them.

Nested Gift Boxes

Nesting or nested boxes are the gifts that keep on giving - and they'll give the gift of a little laughter, too! Give a friend or family member the experience of opening several presents by trying this fun way to present a gift card. First, put the card in the smallest box and wrap it. Then, place the wrapped box within the next box, wrap it, and so on. Use tissue paper or shredded paper to cushion each box. The unwrapping process will be sure to get some chuckles, and the recipient will be pleasantly surprised to find the gift card at the end! If you don't want to purchase special nesting gift boxes, simply use recycled cardboard boxes in different sizes for the same effect.

DIY Gift Card Snow Globe

Homemade snow globe

Snow globes are a traditional holiday gift, but this DIY spin on the classic globe can be a unique way to present a gift card. All you need is a mason jar, hot glue gun, water, glitter, and any other decorations you'd like to place in the globe. Just know this method will only work for plastic gift cards because they will be fully submerged in the water. Don't have time or patience to craft one yourself? You can buy a ready-made snow globe designed to hold a gift card.

Hide a Gift Card in a Jar of Candy

Imagine opening a jar filled with your favorite candy when you discover a second gift tucked in the center of the jar: Surprise - it's a gift card! Extend this joy to a loved one by placing a rolled piece of cardstock into a mason jar. Put the gift card into the cardstock, then fill the surrounding portion of the jar with their favorite candy. Skittles, M&M's, jellybeans, and Reese's Pieces work well for this, though you can also use almonds, dried berries, or granola for a healthier twist. Make sure to place a gift tag on the jar so everyone knows exactly who it's meant for.

Place a Card Inside a Mug or Tumbler

christmas gift and mugs

Everyone enjoys a hot beverage in the winter, so you can't go wrong by presenting a gift card in a mug. Find one with an image or message that reminds you of your friend or person you're giving the gift to; you can find some pretty cute mugs at Target, World Market, TJ Maxx, or Amazon. Fill the mug with tissue paper or crinkled paper shreds, then push the gift card halfway in so it's peeking out the top. If you know the recipient likes a certain type of tea, coffee, or chocolate, you can tuck a few into the mug as well. A tumbler with a lid and straw instead of a mug could also make a great choice.

Make an Easy Origami Envelope Gift Card Holder

A gift card presented in an envelope doesn't have to be boring, particularly if the envelope is handmade. A DIY origami envelope is a thoughtful and elegant way to gift a card, plus it won't take you more than a few minutes. You'll just need some decorative paper (wrapping paper works great!) cut into a 9-inch by 9-inch square. It can double as a business card holder after they spend the gift card!

Create a Crocheted Gift Card Holder

Crochet Christmas gift card holder

Are you feeling extra crafty? Consider crocheting a Santa-themed gift card holder. You will need prior crocheting experience or the willingness to learn a few basic stitches. However, the result will be an impressive gift card holder that can double as a coin purse or keepsake pouch.

Slip It in a Luggage Tag

Are you getting a gift card for the adventurer in your life? Or maybe it's a wedding gift for a couple who will be taking off on their honeymoon? Placing the gift card in a cute luggage tag can be a fun and unique idea. You can find luggage tags featuring clever sayings at most travel stores or even Target. If you have time leading up to the big day, it could be meaningful to have a personalized luggage tag made for your special explorer.

Try a Maze Gift Card Puzzle

Maze toy on Christmas gift card

Make the recipient work for their present by placing the gift card inside a maze. You can purchase maze boxes designed exactly for this purpose. Just open the maze, place the gift card inside, then place it under the tree. The receiver will have to unlock the puzzle before they can access the card.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt this way signpost

If you want to give your gift card recipient a fun experience, you could try planning a scavenger hunt for them. This is especially fun when giving gift cards to a group of children or teens. Give them an envelope containing the first clue. Each clue can lead them to a different location in the home (or your neighborhood!), with the final clue leading them to the gift cards.

Make a Paper Backpack to Hold a Child's Gift Card

If you're giving a gift card to a kid in your life, you'll want to make it fun. Find a toy they'll enjoy, like a small plush bear, dinosaur figurine, or doll. Grab an envelope, two thin strips of tape, and glue or tape, and use it to craft a paper backpack for the doll to wear. Slip the gift card inside the envelope and place it under the tree. If you want to make the pack even more realistic, you can fashion an origami backpack. Your little one will fall in love with both the backpack-toting toy and the gift card it holds.

Zip It Into a Small Pouch

Christmas coin purses for gift cards

Pair the gift card with a small zippered pouch. You can find pouches with cute images or sayings on them, though you can also get one personalized with a photo or your loved one's name. The pouch makes it a fun gift to open, and they can use it as a coin purse or wallet. For a student, you could gift the gift card in a slender zippered pencil case instead.

Gift Multiple Cards as a Wreath

Are you giving an individual or family multiple gift cards? A creative way to present them is in the form of a wreath. Begin with a plain holiday wreath; it can be an artificial fir, grapevine, or whatever you prefer. Arrange the cards around the wreath, then use decorative clips to attach them. This gift card presentation is not only attractive, but it doubles as a decoration the recipient can use for many holidays to come.

Original Gift Card Presentation Ideas for Everyone

Whether this gift is for a loved one on Christmas morning or an office gift exchange, these fun ways to give gift cards will take your present to the next level. Choose the presentation method that works best for the person receiving the card and the time you have available. It's truly the thought that counts.

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12 Interesting and Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards