How to Say Thank You for All Your Holiday Gifts 

Published November 16, 2022
Christmas gift exchange at home

There are lots of ways you can say thank you for all those holiday gifts without stressing over it. Whether you're expressing your gratitude to a close friend, a relative, or even someone in the workplace, saying thank you for Christmas gifts is simple when you have the right words and a few creative ideas. Show your thanks to everyone who has given you a gift this season with these tips.

When and How to Say Thank You for Christmas Gifts

When you receive a present, there's no time like the present to say thanks! The sooner you say thank you after receiving a gift, the better. If you exchange gifts with someone in person, speak up and thank them right then, even if you plan to follow up with a written thank you message. If they ship you a gift or have someone else deliver it to you, reach out and send a thank you message within a day or two, in whatever way fits your relationship and the gift itself.

  • If you and the gift giver usually communicate by text, send a thank you text. If you usually communicate by email or a messenger app, send an email or DM. If you usually talk on the phone, call them.
  • If the gift is particularly large or especially thoughtful, or if the person enjoys getting physical mail, send a handwritten thank you note or a card with a personalized message instead of one of the options above.
  • If you said thank you in person and want to be extra thoughtful, follow up with a thank you text, email, DM, note, or card. You could also restate how grateful you are for the gift the next time you talk on the phone.

Christmas Gift Thank You Messages for Friends

Christmas Gift Thank You Message for Friends

Whether your friends give you a gag gift that keeps you laughing all through the season or something that thoughtfully expresses how very well they know you, let them know that you appreciate their gesture as well as their friendship. We love these ideas for saying thanks to friends:

  • With a friend like you, who needs Santa Claus? Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift.
  • Did you really buy this for me, or are you already planning to borrow it? Just kidding! Thank you so much for the wonderful gift.
  • Thanks so much for the [___________________]! You know me so well. I can't wait to use it. Merry Christmas, and thanks for being such an awesome friend.
  • Wow, what a thoughtful gift! Thank you so much for thinking of me at Christmas time with such a generous gift. I appreciate the gift, and I appreciate you.

Christmas Gift Thank You Wording for Immediate Family

Christmas Gift Thank You Wording for Immediate Family

Nothing spreads Christmas joy like exchanging gifts with your family! Whether you and your family draw names, give group gifts, or share the holiday joy with individual presents, try one of these messages to your show your appreciation:

  • Wow! You know me so well. This is just what I wanted. Thanks so much!
  • Much love to my not-so-secret Santa! Thanks so much for the awesome Christmas gift! I sure lucked out in this year's gift exchange.
  • It's like you can read my mind! This is exactly what I was hoping for this year! Thanks so much for the most perfect Christmas gift ever.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Christmas gift! It's amazing to have family that knows me so well. This is just what I wanted. I appreciate it, and you!

Christmas Thank You Ideas for Other Relatives

Christmas Thank You Ideas for Other Relatives

It's a special treat to receive Christmas gifts from extended family members, especially those you don't see very often. Since you probably don't see or interact with them as often as your immediate family, you might want to say thanks in writing - either digitally or on paper.

  • Thank you so much for thinking of me during the holiday season. I really appreciate the [___________________]. I love and miss you, and hope to see you soon. Merry Christmas!
  • Thanks so much [auntie, uncle, great grandma, etc.] for the wonderful Christmas gift you sent. You are so generous. I l love and appreciate you. Have a wonderful Christmas!
  • You are so thoughtful for remembering me at Christmas time. Thanks for the lovely [___________________]. It's perfect. Have a wonderful holiday season. I look forward to seeing you soon.
  • Thank you so much! I really appreciate the lovely [___________________] you sent me for Christmas, and I'm grateful that you're in my life and family. Have a blessed Christmas season.

Thank You Messages for Business Christmas Gifts

Thank You Messages for Business Christmas Gifts

Not all Christmas gifts have a purely personal connection. Depending on your job, you may receive gifts from your boss, coworkers, customers, or suppliers. It's just as important to say thank you to them as it is to your friends and family.

  • Thanks so much for the lovely Christmas gift. You're the best [boss/coworker/employee/customer/supplier] ever! Have a wonderful holiday season.
  • Much appreciation for the lovely holiday gift. It's always a pleasure to work with you. I look forward to continuing to work together into the New Year and beyond.
  • Thanks so much for your generous Christmas gift. It's great to have such a wonderful [boss/coworker/employee/customer/supplier]. Happy holidays, and thank you again.
  • Thank you so much for the lovely gift basket. Everyone on the team enjoyed sharing the snacks and goodies! We really appreciate you and look forward to continuing to work together.

Creative Ways to Say Thank You for Holiday Gifts

Creative Ways to Say Thank You

If you don't want to send a standard thank you, there are lots of ways to thank someone a little more creatively for their holiday gift. Plus, some Christmas gifts are so incredible that they call for a super-special thank you that goes above and beyond a basic written message. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to say thank you in a new way this season:

  • Send a photo with a cute message: If someone gives you an item you can use to make something, such as baking supplies, thank them by texting a photo showing how you put the gift to use with a cute message of thanks.
  • Gift back using the gift: Better yet, if you live close enough to the gift-giver, hand-deliver something (like baked goods) that you made using the gift. Attach a gift tag that says, "You gift me, I regift you! Thanks so much."
  • Send a song: Who says thank you's have to be in written form? Text a video of The Thank You Song as a fun, musical way to show your appreciation for a holiday gift.
  • Send flowers: If someone gave you a particularly sentimental or extravagant gift, consider sending flowers with a sweet thank you note attached to let them know how much their gift meant to you.
  • Take a selfie: People love to see that you actually love and use their gift! If you received any wearable item (clothing, shoes, a handbag, jacket, jewelry), take a selfie of you wearing the item. Then thank the person, along with the photo, in a text, email, or card.
  • Say thanks on social media: You can thank the person by showing it off on social media too. Post a picture of you using or wearing the gift and share how much you love it for everyone to see.
  • Leave a secret thank you: Leave a secret letter or thank you message as a unique way to show your love and thanks. For example, leave a note or card in a friend's or family member's favorite coffee mug along with a treat, and they'll get a sweet surprise when they go to grab their next cup of Joe.
  • Take them out to lunch, virtually: If the person who gave you a gift doesn't live close by, consider sending them a lunch delivery with a message like: "I wish I could take you to lunch to thank you for the fantastic Christmas gift, but since I can't, here's my way of saying thank you."
  • Thank them throughout the year: If the gift is an item you'll use more than once, you can say thanks as you use the item throughout the year. Just take a moment to send a text or message to thank the person and let them know you're thinking of them as you use it.
  • Create a cute card with regifted treats: If you have some leftover holiday treats, like wrapped mints or other candies, you can regift them in a personalized thank you card with a cute message, such as mints with a note that says: "Your gift mint so much to me."
  • Thank them with a cup of coffee (or other small token): Add a little gift card or code to your thank you message to make it even more special. A small gift card for a cup of coffee or a hot cinnamon roll might make the recipient feel especially appreciated.
  • Print It and Personalize It: Instead of a thank you card from the store, try a printable thank you note and personalize it. Along with your thanks, include why you're glad the person's in your life, a special memory from during the year, or what you hope for your relationship in the year ahead.

Send Sincere Holiday Thank You Messages

No matter what words you use to thank someone for giving you a Christmas gift, what really matters is that you sincerely express your appreciation. The key is to let the gift giver know that you are grateful for the gift they shared with you - no matter what it is - and that you're glad that they're in your life. Speak from your heart in the spirit of Christmas and you can't go wrong.

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