Personalized Christmas Stockings: Where to Buy & DIY Tips

Updated July 16, 2018
 Personalized stockings

It's easy to make Christmas more personalized when you make or buy individual stockings. Add the name of each family member or friend to the stocking cuff for the ultimate personal touch.

Buy Personalized Christmas Stockings

Many companies offer the service of personalizing a Christmas stocking with either a name or monogram of three initials. Some of your options include:

Winter Melody

Personalization Mall features the Winter Melody cranberry red stocking print of various titles of Christmas carols. It has an ivory cuff and is embellished with a few jingle bells.

  • Personalize each stocking with the name embroidered in a burgundy color.
  • You can use up to 12 characters for name.
  • Two gift wrapping options are available for around $6 (deluxe) and $4 (DIY gift kit).
  • The stocking ships within 1-2 days of your order.
  • Size: 8"W x 17.5"L
  • Price: Around $20 (free shipping on orders over $45)
Buy Personalized Christmas Stockings

Winter Wonderland™

Personal Creations presents this Winter Wonderland stocking that's made of fleece. You begin by selecting one of the eight stocking designs featuring cuddly characters, such as Santa, Mrs. Claus, Black Bear, Snowman, Penguin, Moose, Polar Bear, or Owl Dog and Cat designs.

  • Personalize the stocking with a name no longer than nine characters.
  • You'll receive your order within 3-10 days of placing it.
  • If you ship to multiple addresses, you must pay for each additional ship-to address.
  • Size: 9"Wx19"L
  • Price: Around $20 + ($8 to $25 shipping fees plus $4 to $5 care & handling fees)

Quilted Stocking Collection

Pottery Barn Kids offers this Quilted Stocking Collection that is sewn using fabrics, such as gingham, corduroy, fleece and velvet.

  • The stockings are available in red, gray and blue.
  • The styles include a poodle, cat and a jumbo Santa created in three-dimensional appliques.
  • You can add up to nine character names or opt for a 3-letter monogram.
  • Size: 8.5" W x 11" sock length x 20" L
  • Price: $15 to $40 (sale $8 to $25) plus shipping fee (calculated at checkout)
  • Arrives within 3-5 business days of placing your order

Make and Personalize Your Own Christmas Stocking

When you make a stocking, you can not only personalize a stocking with a name, but you have full control over the colors, fabrics, yarns and style. It doesn't get any more personalized than this.

Needlepoint Stockings

You can personalize a needlepoint Christmas stocking by choosing the ideal kit or free patterns. If you're experienced, you may prefer to create your own needlepoint pattern. Creating your own design gives you full control of how you wish to personalize your creation, such as the colors and style of name.

Felt Stockings

Perhaps the easiest stocking you can make is a felt stocking. You just need felt, a little glue, needle/yarn, embellishments or a sewing machine. You always purchase a kit, such as a Bucilla Felt Kit (about $22 - $35) that includes all the necessary pieces and patterns for a unique crafting experience.

Create Your Own Pattern

You can create your own stocking pattern through various free online sources. Once you have your stocking pattern selected, you can decide how you wish to decorate it, including the stocking recipient's name.

Knit Your Stocking

Break out the needles or Knifty Knitter and start knitting Christmas stockings for your own stocking creation. There are lots of free patterns available, online as well as kits.

Sew and Create Stockings

If you prefer to sew a stocking, you can create whatever you can imagine with the right tools, such as a sewing machine or hand stitch. More free online patterns are available or you can make your own pattern and start sewing.

How to Add Names to Purchased Stockings

There are several ways you can add names to stocking you've purchase.

Vinyl Heat Pressed Names

Cuttin' Corners provides a great video for using glitter HTV vinyl to add names to purchased stockings.

Tools needed:

  • Glitter HTV vinyl for cutting out letters for name
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Easy press heat transfer
  • Download font choice
  • Steady Betty pressing surface
  • Wooden pick


  • Remove tags and paper.
  • Print 7" wide name onto vinyl.
  • Weed excess vinyl with the wooden pick.
  • Cut out individual names.
  • Center the name using the ruler.
  • Place teflon sheet over stocking cuff.
  • Plant easy press on top of vinyl.
  • Remove backing of pressed vinyl.

Your stocking is ready to hang by the chimney with care!

Other Ways to Add Names

Other ways to add a name to a Christmas stocking include, embroidery, felt cut-out letters and more, such as:

  • String wooden letter beads and allow to cascade over stocking cuff.
  • An old-fashioned way is to spell out the name with glue and then cover with glitter, allow to dry and turn upside down to shake loose glitter free.
  • A glitter glue pen is easy to use for writing a name on the stocking cuff.
  • Craft paint pens are another way to write the name either freehand or using a stencil.

Personalizing Christmas Stockings Either Made or Purchased

There are many ways you can personalize a Christmas stocking. Decide on the stocking style, design and colors to create a unique and very personal stocking for Christmas.

Personalized Christmas Stockings: Where to Buy & DIY Tips