11 Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas for Fun Holiday Festivities

Updated June 23, 2021

Holiday Wrapping Ideas to Delight


After spending endless hours shopping for the perfect gift for the special people on your list, don't overlook the way you wrap the gift. You can make a great impression by giving a beautifully wrapped gift for Christmas. From simple wrappings in traditional Christmas colors to elaborate gift wrap adorned with bows and embellishments, there are many ways to wrap a gift and have it look fabulous.

Decorative Wreath


Sure Christmas trees are popular at Christmas time, but so are wreaths. Make your present stand out by adding a miniature Christmas wreath to it. You can make one out of pipe cleaner and paper, or you could form a small Christmas tree twig into a circle and hot glue it. Add unique little decorations like berries and glitter to spruce it up. Secure it to a plainly wrapped gift with ribbon.

Hand Decorated Wrapping Paper


While you can buy wrapping paper in pretty much any style you want, it can be more fun to decorate it yourself. Rather than buying Santa paper, get some plain white or brown paper. You can then add a fun Christmas scene with falling snowflakes and snow. You might also fashion a field of Christmas trees. The possibilities for how you create your own unique paper are truly endless.

Reusable Fabric Wrapping Technique


Paper wrapping paper can be so wasteful. Get environmentally friendly by choosing to wrap your gifts with environmentally friendly fabric wrapping paper instead. Rather than folding it up and taping it, you wrap it like a Christmas candy and tie beautiful ribbon bows at the end. You can take this a step further by wrapping your presents in small Christmas throws that can be used and enjoyed by the recipient.

Natural Elements


Wrap your presents with a hint of the great outdoors. Put a fun spin on your Christmas wrapping this year by stepping out into your backyard for inspiration. Gather up twigs from your pine trees, pine cones, and other natural elements to incorporate into your gift wrap. The key to this wrapping technique is to use plain white or brown paper with natural twine ribbon to secure the twigs and pine cones into place. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even wrap the present in burlap to tie the whole rustic look together.

DIY Tags


Sometimes it isn't about the paper, but the tags. With a little creativity, you'll give your loved ones a present they will never forget. Rather than going with a store-bought tag, create your gift tags at home with stamps and calligraphy pens. For example, you might gift your significant other with a tag that says, "kiss me under the mistletoe," with a bit of mistletoe attached with candy cane yarn. Make sure to use plain paper so that your gift tag stands out front and center.

Homemade Ornament Gift Tags


While gift tags are a great idea, they eventually get thrown away with your paper. Therefore, you can create a homemade ornament tag for your gift that becomes a present all its own. The ornaments should be simple and made out of felt or some other material, so they are flat. But beyond that, you can get creative with glitter, pictures, writing, and more. Rather than a name, you might add a laminated picture to your ornament to go the extra mile. To make sure your gift tag is front and center, you'll want to use plain paper and a simple ribbon to secure it in place.

Snowman Gift Box


Are you looking to win the wrapping game this year? If so, you can't go wrong with a snowman. You are going to need at least three presents that are small, medium and large size. Wrap them all in white wrapping paper and stack them to look like a snowman. You can use a felt-tip marker or pen to add the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. Add a scarf and hat, along with some black pipe cleaner for arms, and you will surprise everyone with your wrapping creativity.

Mini Christmas Trees


Wrapping shouldn't be boring. Anyone can add a ribbon or a candy cane to their present. You can give your gifts some pizzazz by using a pine tree twig to make little mini Christmas trees on your gifts. Use yarn or ribbon to secure them in place. If you really want to wow the crowd, cut stars and snowflakes out of gold foil and glue them to the presents.

Hand Stamped Wrapping Paper


If you are crafty, you probably have dozens of Christmas rubber stamps at home. Take these from your craft closet to decorate plain brown or white wrapping paper. Create fun and unique wrapping paper designs by stamping on some Christmas trees and a few snowflakes. You can then top your present off with some festive ribbon and a colorful bow.

Side Bow Wrapping


When you're trying to up your wrapping game with little effort, you can use the side bow rather than the center bow. This look is super simple to create. Just put your ribbon around one edge of the square or rectangular present and tie it at the opposite end. Make it even more fun by adding something to the ribbon, like a bell or small ornament.

Newspaper or Book Page Wrapping


Another spectacular way to wrap your presents is to use newspaper rather than buying wrapping paper. You can pick a part of the newspaper that the recipient enjoys reading, like the funnies or the business section. Using newspaper adds a unique appeal because of the designs the text makes. You might even wrap your presents in Christmas news stories. Another fun idea might be to incorporate book pages from their favorite books into the wrapping.

Keep With Tradition


Gift wrapping can be delightful; and you don't want it to be stressful. A gift wrapped in traditional green or red paper can look classic. Or you can get crazy and try out a few different types of wrapping. Whatever you choose to do, remember it's not just about the Christmas present, but the act of giving itself.

11 Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas for Fun Holiday Festivities