5 DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Decorations for Festive Fun

Updated July 13, 2021
Cute and warm Christmas decoration set with wine bottle

The Christmas season is the perfect time to sip wine with loved ones. It is also a great time to turn your home into a festive winter wonderland. Why not combine those empty wine bottles and a love of crafting to create fancy wine bottle Christmas decorations? Whether your style is whimsical, traditional, or sophisticated, you can transform a wine bottle into a Christmas decoration worthy of display in your home.

Prepping Your Christmas Wine Bottles for Crafting

Before you get out the hot glue gun and the glitter, you'll want to spend some time prepping your wine bottles for crafting. Bottles need to be cleaned and free of labels and glue before they are transformed into lovely holiday decorations for the home.

  1. Fill your sink with hot water.
  2. Add one scoop of Oxiclean to the water.
  3. Add your bottles to the water.
  4. Let the bottles soak for a half-hour or more.
  5. Remove the bottles from the water when the labels are loose.
  6. Take the labels off of the bottles.
  7. Use steel wool to remove any glue or residue left on the bottles.
  8. Dry your wine bottles.

Once your bottles are clean and dry, they are ready to become something beautiful.

Spread Joy With Your Decorative Wine Bottles

Chalky White Wine Bottle Decor - Joy

If you have been entertaining throughout the holiday season, you likely have several empty wine bottles in your recycling bin. Pull three of them out, clean them up and use them to spread some seasonal joy... literally. Using three bottles, create the word "JOY" on bottles, displaying them in a space in your home where everyone will be able to see just how crafty and talented you are.

Each bottle gets a sticker letter, either "J," "O," or "Y." Spray paint the entire bottle, covering the sticker letter as well as the entire bottle. Let the bottle dry, and then peel the letter off. Using a hot glue gun, attach twine, artificial pine, and insert berry sticks in the top of the bottle. Arrange the bottles in the correct order so that when put together, the word JOY is spelled out. These bottles are perfect holiday decorations for any kitchen, dining room, or baker rack. If done in white paint and twine, they give off a rustic farmhouse vibe.

The great thing about this craft is that it is not super complicated, nor is it expensive. If you can use a spray paint can and a hot glue gun, you can do this Christmas bottle craft. Completion does take some time because of the painting aspect. Set aside a day to do the cleaning, drying, and painting and then another day to complete the decorative element of the craft.

Should your crafting abilities extend beyond this, go ahead and add festive fairy lights to your wine bottle creation.

Snowman Vino Decor

Snowman vino decor

Wine bottles turned snowmen are a popular Christmas bottle craft, and there are tons of variations of this craft on the internet. This specific snowman bottle craft is an excellent choice for homemade holiday decor. It is simple and inexpensive to make; even kids can get in on the action, transforming bottles into bona fide Frostys.

You will need one clean and dry wine bottle, white, black and orange paint, some ribbon, black felt, a paintbrush, and craft glue. Most of this stuff is probably lying around the house! Paint your bottle white and let it dry. Paint the top of the bottle (neck up) black. Create a friendly snowman face on your painted bottle. Fashion the brim of the snowman's hat from the black felt and attach a scarf made of ribbon to where your snowman's neck might be. Have your glue gun on hand or crafting glue to secure the hat brim and the ribbon to the bottle. Voila! Your wine bottle-turned snowman is complete and ready to sit atop a counter or mantle.

Give Your Home a Warm Glow

Bottle candle decor

During the holidays, homes transform into cozy sanctuaries full of a warm, candlelit glow. Wine bottle candles are simple to create, require very few items for completion and will find a place at any holiday tablescape. Be sure to clean your bottles before beginning to craft, and purchase tall, tapered candles and artificial (or real) greenery and berries beforehand.

The key to creating candle holders using wine bottles is to ensure that the candlestick fits snugly into the wine bottle's mouth. You may have to shave the bottom of the candle down to a point so that you can fit it into the bottle opening. Once your candle is in the bottle, take a step back and make sure that the candlestick is standing upright. A tilted candlestick will create quite a mess on your countertop or table once it starts melting.

As for decorating the actual bottle, anything goes. Cover it in glittery spray paint or gold, white or silver paint. Wrap simple twine around the bottle's neck or leave the bottle as is and fashion artificial greenery, twigs, and berries around the base of the bottle.

Inside the bottle, push the greenery and the berries down into the body of the bottle. If using real materials, be sure to add water to the bottle. Anything goes with wine bottles and candles, so use your creative Christmas mind!

The wine bottles shown above will add a lovely aesthetic to your home, and they require minimal effort. Just pop a tealight under wine bottles with the bottoms cut out and you've got instant ambiance.

Make a Wine Bottle & Wine Cork Wreath

Corks & Wine Bottle Wreath

No door is fully dressed for the holidays until a wreath gets popped on it! Making a Christmas wreath is something most anyone can do with the correct tutorial steps and the right materials. The wonderful thing about wreath making is that they can be completely customizable, specific to the holiday, the occasion, and the person creating them.

If you want to add a touch of vino to your wreath, you'll first need to create a sturdy wreath, like the one in the tutorial above. Paint or decorate your wine bottle in any way you choose, complimenting the vibe of your holiday wreath. Nestle the bottle into your wreath and attach firmly, as nothing ruins that welcoming sense a wreath gives off like shards of broken glass at your feet. Add a collection of wine bottle corks to the wreath greenery, along with pinecones and berries.

Compared to some of the other wine bottle crafts, this one is slightly more complex, as it requires crafters to know a thing or two about wreath making. No matter how many Christmas decorations reside in your home during December, a wreath will always have a special place at the front door of your home and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Turn Your Wine Bottles Into a Tree

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

Christmas could never be complete without a decorated tree! There are dozens of ways to combine wine bottles with tree designs for the perfect bottle-turned tree. Using bottles to fashion a holiday tree is forward-thinking, funky, and out-of-the-box. It is also ideal for people who don't have the time to go out and chop a real tree down or the space to put a tree up each year. You can purchase wine bottle tree stands to help with the set-up of your tree. Maybe you will get lucky, and Santa will leave fresh bottles of wine underneath your pretty wine tree come Christmas morning!

Christmas Gifts Made With Love

Homemade Christmas gifts are cherished for years. If you have a surplus of wine bottles and a boatload of creativity, make a few of these Christmas bottle decorations for your friends and family. Each year when the holidays roll around, they will display your Christmas wine bottles and think of you fondly.

5 DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Decorations for Festive Fun