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Updated August 31, 2018

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Cosplay is a unique form of Japanese costume dressing. Unlike traditional Eastern Asian cultural costumes, cosplay gets its inspiration from Japanese comic books, video games, graphic novels, anime, or manga.

The unique subculture of cosplayers often wear their head-to-toe garb to reenact scenes and behavior patterns associated with specific cosplay characters and superheros. Cosplay galleries can be a great source of inspiration!

Three Cheers for Anime

This costume is quite similar to a Western cheerleader uniform, and it's a fun choice for any cosplay event. Choose colors to represent your favorite anime cheerleader, and add a colored wig and dramatic eye makeup to complete the look. You can assemble a costume from thrift store finds if you're on a budget.

Bring on the Wigs

A bright-colored wig can transform any costume into cosplay awesomeness. If you're going for a specific character, that will dictate your wig color. Otherwise, choose a bright tone that matches your outfit and looks good with your skintone. If you don't know what colors look good on you, take a glance at your favorite pieces in your closet. Do you love that fire engine red dress? Why not try that color in a wig for your costume?

Super Looks for Superheros

A great manga-inspired outfit is a costume replicating the look of your favorite superhero. You can buy a ready-made outfit or assemble your own by studying a comic book. Take some time to examine your favorite character from head to toe. Does she have any special weapons or accessories? What about footwear, gloves, masks, and other items? Then buy or make each piece to complete the look. For instance, if you're putting together an InuYasha costume, you'll need a red robe, silver wig, dog ears, and a sword. In the look shown here, a red sash and painted mask really make the costume amazing.

Top Hats for Top Personality

A top hat is a staple of any cosplay wardrobe. Try them in the standard black with all kinds of cool decorations, or get crazy with bold colors and white. A matching hat band can coordinate the hat with the rest of your look. Play with size as well, using small fascinator-style hats for Steampunk-inspired styles and extra large versions for maximum visual impact.

Opt for Wild Colors

Wild hair helps create an anime look, whether you choose a wig or dye your locks a bold color. But don't just stop at the hair. Add color in the form of bright nail polish, jewelry that really pops, and awesome tones in your costume itself. Keep the look from veering into 80s punk rocker style by sticking with just one or two bright colors and keeping the clothing sleek and streamlined.

Try a Little Lolita

Love the little girl look of popular Lolita outfits? This is an easy costume to purchase or create yourself. You'll need a short dress, especially one with lace or a pinafore. You can easily add lace to an existing dress or skirt with liquid stitch solution or pins. Then bring in some platform Mary Janes and knee socks to complete the look. Style your hair in two high ponytails and try some simple Harajuku makeup.

Get Creative

One of the great things about cosplay is that it encourages awesome creativity. Creating your own look is a wonderful way to show off your personality and artistic skill. Add a flower necklace to a dress for some feminine flair or assemble an outfit from thrift store finds. From making your own cosplay cat ears to learning new makeup techniques, there are dozens of ways to put your personal stamp on your outfit.

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Cosplay Idea Gallery