Funny Costume Ideas

Updated June 3, 2019

Surprise Everyone With a Truly Funny Costume

You may think you've seen all the funny costume ideas out there, but you haven't seen these creative options. Whether you need a great Halloween outfit or want to dress up to amuse a friend, these are sure to be a hit.

If you're heading to the office in costume, why not dress up as the water cooler? Simply find an old water cooler and cut a hole in the back to allow you to wear it. Staple straps to the "shoulders" of the water cooler so it won't fall off. Then go around handing out cups of water to your coworkers.

Be a Glitter Beard Dude

Have a beard you're proud of? Show it off with a little (or a lot) of glitter in this hilarious costume idea for men. Don't forget to add plenty of sparkle in your outfit too. Bling it up with a great cape and sparkly top. Then head out on the town and watch everyone smile as you pass by.

Double Up With Animal Masks

This is a great funny costume for parents and kids to share. Wear matching animal masks - the bigger the better. Then have the parent carry the child piggy-back style. Even better, carry a masked baby in a baby backpack. You'll look like a two-headed animal, and everyone who sees you will love it.

Go Gray... Everywhere

Whether you have naturally gray hair or want to wear a wig, this hilarious costume is sure to turn heads. It's simple to create too! Simply pick up some gray artificial hair at the craft store and glue or pin it to the underarms of your dress. People might not notice right away, but when they do, they will be rolling on the floor.

Fruit of the Loom

You remember those Fruit of the Loom commercials with the guys in fruit costumes? Well, if you have a group of guys who are game for it, you can re-create the look of this classic TV ad. Bonus points if you wear your outfits with some tighty whities.

What a Catch

What would be kind of cute on a baby or child becomes hilarious when worn by a grown man. Go as a crayfish, lobster, or any other kind of sea creature and call yourself a catch. Even better, have your wife or girlfriend carry a fishing pole to make this a couple's costume.

What's Your Super Power?

Sure, there are lots of super hero costumes out there, but they tend to place their character emblem on their chests. You can be a little different by showing off your super self in a different spot. This hilarious costume works best for all-adult gatherings, since it could prompt some difficult-to-answer questions from the under-18 set.

An Alien Kind of Beauty

There are sexy alien costumes out there, but you can take that look out of this world by adding some extra eyes. This isn't the kind of costume people will forget, and you're sure to get some chuckles. Add antennae or a tail to make it even crazier.

Bearded Angel

Who says angels have to be girls? You'll get so many laughs with this funny costume idea. You'll need feathered wings, a tutu, tights, and a serious beard to pull this hilarious look off.

Grown-Up Baby Animals

Everyone loves those adorable baby animal costumes for actual babies, but they become even funnier when worn by grown men. Get a group of guys together to dress up as an entire zoo - just keep it super furry and adorable. Don't forget to pose for tons of group photos so you can show off your funny costumes on your social media.

Girly Gorilla

Tired of the standard sexy costumes? Let your animal side out to play with this hilarious outfit. All you need is a fur cape and a gorilla mask. Keep the rest of your look feminine and fun to play up the funny contrast.

Get Off My Lawn!

Be that grumpy old lady on the block with this super funny costume idea that's perfect for your neighborhood Halloween party or any other event. You'll need a bathrobe, hair curlers, and a baseball bat. Throw in a scowl, and you'll have everyone cracking up.

Santa in Trouble

Need a holiday outfit that will have everyone laughing? Try this Santa get-up. It's a traditional Santa costume, plus the addition of his mug-shot info. Add your own creative touch with clues about why Santa was arrested - think beer bottles, bags of money, and other naughty accessories.

Creepy Child Pig

Laughter comes from a combination of things that don't usually go together, and nothing is more unexpected than an innocent little girl in a creepy pig mask. You can do other variations of this costume too: try sweet little boys with scary rat heads or babies with monster masks. It's all about opposites - and kids who will tolerate a super weird and hilarious costume.

Furry Romance

Need a great costume for a couple? Why not go as two furry mascots in love? For this, you'll need two animal costumes - the bigger and furrier, the better. Then hold hands and pretend you met at a convention.

No matter what kind of funny costume idea you choose, remember the key is to pull it off with the right attitude. Match your actions and facial expressions to your look, and you'll entertain everyone you meet.

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Funny Costume Ideas