Halloween Candle Holders

Updated October 28, 2019
Candle in a shape of a skull

The right candle holders for your Halloween candles can transform common looking candles into amazing decorations! Shopping for that perfect Halloween candle holder is fun, especially with tips on the best ways to display them.

Skull Halloween Candle Holders

The human skull is a macabre object to have just lying around, so when you include it in your Halloween decorations, it brings a natural foreboding reaction to all who see it. You can place this type of candle holder on a small table, one or more on a fireplace mantel or use as a table or buffet centerpiece.

  • This pair of candlestick skulls support votive candles (under $75). The column is decorated with smaller skulls and bones. You can use this on a buffet table or place side-by-side on one end of the fireplace mantel. If you decorate a garden or front yard for Halloween, you can safely use these candlesticks outdoors.
  • The spooky candle holder of a skeletal hand (less than $10) rising from a base of skulls comes with its own red LED taper candle. You can place it on a dessert table or carry it with you when trick or treating or greeting guests/
  • Light it up with this skull tealight candle holder (approximately $5) featuring a skull with open eye sockets that create an eerie glowing eyes effect from the candlelight.
    Spooky Skeleton Hands Flame Less Skull Candle Holder
    Spooky Skeleton Hands Flame Less Skull Candle Holder

Spooky Halloween Candelabra

Nothing says haunted better than a spooky Halloween candelabra. These come in all sizes, designs and number of candles the candelabra can support. You can use candelabra for a dinner table decoration, a great mantel addition or place one on a foyer console table. Some even come as floor candelabra for a special spooky touch!

Gothic Candle Holders

Nothing says spooky as much as Gothic style candle holders. These candle holders make Edgar Allan Poe's poetry come to life in your Halloween décor. Gothic candle holders come in a wide range, such as wrought iron or resin with metal finishes. Showcase these candle holders at food stations, as centerpieces for a Halloween dinner party or one your front entrance or foyer table.

  • This Gothic pair of dragons (about $40) are entwined from an onyx gem base and curl up the candlestick. Their arched heads form a Medieval heart shape as each one supports a taper candle. Use this dramatic candle holder as a table centerpiece or Halloween wedding motif.
  • The cast iron claw foot candle holders (under $30) look as though the talons will dig into the surface and start moving at any moment. Place one on each end of a fireplace mantel or buffet. You can break up the set to use on end tables.
    Dragon Heart Altar Drake Candleabra
    Dragon Heart Altar Drake Candleabra

Skeleton Candle Holders

Rev up your Halloween décor with full and partial skeleton figurine candle holders. Skeleton Halloween candle holders will make everyone take a second look. You want to place these in a prime location where they take the spotlight, such as the front door area or a serving table at a party.

  • The Yankee Candle Boney Bunch Knife Thrower tealight candle holder (less than $25) features a creepy clown skeleton with a knife through his skull. Use this candle holder for a themed Halloween party as part of a table centerpiece arrangement or side table decoration.
  • Set this Yankee Candle skeleton couple in wedding garb taper candle holder (about $40) as a Halloween wedding centerpiece. Light the two candles as part of your creepy Halloween ceremony.
  • Harvey Skeleton Torso (around $270) is a life-sized skeleton torso holding a large candlestick. Harvey emerges from a picture frame creating a startling 3D effect. Place Harvey above the mantel for a Halloween focal point.
    Bride And Groom Halloween Taper Candle Holder
    Bride And Groom Halloween Taper Candle Holder

Pumpkin Candle Holders

The pumpkin and Jack-o'-lantern are the most obvious icons for a Halloween candle holder. You can find all colors of pumpkin candle holder that can be used for Fall decorations, Halloween and even Thanksgiving. You can use a grouping of various sizes as a dining table centerpiece, place several on a porch or on a fireplace hearth.

How to Make Halloween Candle Holders

You can make your own Halloween candle holders by using some very basic techniques.

  • It's easy to make pumpkin candle holders by carving real pumpkins or painting wine glasses.
  • Change a few elements, such as floating candle holder that use pebbles, for orange and black glass pebbles or florist beads with Halloween designs.
  • Instructions for making tealight candle holders can also be adjusted to accommodate Halloween-themed tissue paper for decoupage candle holders.
  • Use decorative Halloween beads for fun beaded candle holders.

Decorating With Halloween Candle Holders

You can liven up your Halloween decorations by adding unique, scary or fun Halloween candle holders. With so many design options, you're sure to find the perfect ones for your Halloween celebration.

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Halloween Candle Holders