Halloween Trivia Questions & Answers for a Chilling Challenge

Published October 4, 2021
Young group having a Halloween party and playing a game around a table

When autumn hits and the year draws to a close, you know you're going to have a ton of holiday-themed parties to attend: classroom get-togethers for your kids, work events, and nights out with your friends. When spooky season rounds the corner and October is in full swing, you can always steal the show at one of these parties with some classic Halloween trivia. From queries about Halloween's beginnings to factoids concerning things that go bump in the night, these Halloween trivia questions are sure to stump even the biggest Halloween fanatics.

How to Hold the Perfect Halloween Trivia Night

If you're in charge of hosting Halloween trivia this year, don't sweat it. All it takes to be a legendary host is a bit of prep work, having your questions on hand, and keeping a few important things in mind:

  • Cater to the audience - If you're going to be hosting a school event, you want to make sure you're asking questions that are age-appropriate. If you're holding a trivia night for all ages, be sure to find questions that apply to a wide range of guests.
  • Have multiple copies of questions on-hand - The last thing you want to do is accidentally have your phone or computer die when you're in the middle of hosting trivia night. Always have a back-up set of questions so you don't run into any snags. Print a copy of the Halloween trivia printable below to have with you.
  • Don't find the most obscure questions - As the host, you're not trying to outsmart the entire audience; rather, you're there to facilitate a challenging game, but one that people feel like they can actually win. So, always make sure to have an even number of easy and more challenging questions on your list.
Halloween trivia questions

Halloween History Trivia

If you're looking to learn more about Halloween culture and how it came to be one of America's most popular holidays, check out these informative facts about Halloween.

  1. What is the Celtic celebration that provides the basis for Halloween?
  2. What event caused a lull in trick-or-treating in the 1940s?
  3. What vegetables, instead of pumpkins, did the Irish carve faces out of?
  4. What English courting game has become a favorite Halloween party game?
  5. Which story originated the character, The Headless Horseman?
  6. On Halloween in 1864, which state was admitted into the United States?

Halloween History Answers

Are you as much of a history buff as you thought you were? Check out the answers and see how you well you did.

  1. Samhain
  2. Rationing in World War II
  3. Root vegetables like turnips, potatoes, and beets
  4. Bobbing for apples
  5. Rip Van Winkle's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  6. Nevada

Spooky Questions to Make You Shiver

Put on an extra coat before you work your way through this set of questions, because they'll give you the shivers. If you enjoy that frightful tingle, test your scary movie knowledge with these horror movie trivia questions as well.

  1. Who are the famous married psychic investigators whose stories have created a massively successful film franchise?
  2. Which famous illusionist died on Halloween night in 1926?
  3. Which actor's face gave the foundation for Michael Myer's iconic mask in the famous horror movie Halloween (1978)?
  4. What candy-related fear took families by storm in the 1980s and 1990s?
  5. When was the Great New England Vampire Panic?
  6. Which country did the first documented evidence of a supposed werewolf, La Bête du Gévaudan, come from?
  7. In the late-19th century, what group activity did people engage in, in an attempt to make contact with spirits?

Spooky Answers to Make You Shiver

Tamp down that fear for just a little while longer; it's time to check your answers.

  1. Ed and Lorraine Warren
  2. Harry Houdini
  3. William Shatner
  4. The 19th century
  5. France
  6. A séance

Halloween Decoration Trivia Questions

Decorations aren't only for making your house look incredible! They're also for making your friends look like fools when you beat them at Halloween decoration trivia.

  1. How heavy was the largest pumpkin ever grown?
  2. What oversized Halloween decoration took social media by storm in 2020?
  3. Which company released a line of Halloween-inspired decorations in 1920, helping to launch the practice in the United States?
  4. What city holds the Guinness World Record for the most lit jack-o'-lanterns on display?
  5. What type of Halloween decorations were popular to have in the 1950s/1960s?

Halloween Decoration Trivia Answers

Get ready to put a new wreath on your door commemorating your superior knowledge of Halloween decor.

  1. 2,624.58 pounds
  2. Home Depot's 12' skeleton
  3. Beistle Company
  4. Keene, New Hampshire
  5. Die cut decorations

Quirky Candy Questions to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

At the center of every Halloween celebration is the candy bowl. So, root around this year's candy bowl for some flavorful questions about Halloween candy.

  1. What was candy corn originally called?
  2. Which original 1970s melodic munchie was discontinued before being rebranded by the company Chupa Chups?
  3. What infamous '80s and '90s gum came in a tin can and could soothe your cuts and scrapes away?
  4. As of 2019, what is the most popular Halloween candy?
  5. When was 'fun size' candy first introduced by the Mars company?
  6. What are some of the least liked Halloween candies?

Quirky Candy Answers to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Make a quick game out of this section, and for every right answer you get, give each other a piece of Halloween candy to enjoy.

  1. Chicken feed
  2. Whistle Pops
  3. Ouch! Bubble Gum
  4. Skittles
  5. 1961
  6. Candy corn, Circus Peanuts, Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, and licorice, to name a few

Halloween Games & Mischief Trivia Questions

Once you got too old for trick-or-treating, you probably rounded up your best friends and stormed your way through the nearest neighborhood, performing mild pranks and trying to scare people. In honor of those mischievous deeds, take a look at these game inspired trivia questions.

  1. What do some cities around the United States call October 31st instead of Halloween?
  2. What popular game board is used to commune with the dead?
  3. What do some kids toss over people's houses and lawn decorations on Halloween night?
  4. What person would come out of your mirror if you said her name three times in a row?
  5. Which popular sleepover game mimics levitation?

Halloween Games & Mischief Trivia Answers

Feeling like you might just bring in the title as Halloween trivia master? See just how well you did in this last round:

  1. Mischief Night
  2. Ouija Board
  3. Toilet paper
  4. Bloody Mary
  5. Light as a feather, stiff as a board

Make Memories and Mischief With Trivia Night

Halloween is such an entertaining time of the year, with people investing in decorations, costumes, themed parties, and gorging themselves on sugary sweets with no regrets. To take these get-togethers to the next level, try hosting a Halloween trivia night and see what unexpected questions you can come up with. You can use these Halloween themed questions or these kid appropriate Halloween trivia questions to get you started.

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Halloween Trivia Questions & Answers for a Chilling Challenge