Romeo and Juliet Costumes

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet costumes are classic for couples. Shakespeare's famous play is known by just about everyone, making lovebirds who don these costumes instantly recognizable.

Romeo and Juliet Review

Even if you've never actually read the play, most people are well aware of the plot of Romeo and Juliet. In what is arguably Shakespeare's most famous tragedy, these two young lovers fall victim to their feuding families and one of the biggest evils ever to face couples: miscommunication.

Ultimately the two lovers commit suicide rather than face the prospect of life without their beloved. The undying love the pair illustrates and the famous nature of the play make these characters a popular choice for couples.

These costumes are also sought after for high school, collegiate or professional productions, musicals, or other renditions of this classic play.

Romeo and Juliet: Renaissance Style Costumes

The play takes place in fourteenth century Verona, a city in northern Italy, a beautiful city in which some of the most famous works of Romanesque architecture reside. The styles of the costumes, then, would be reflective of the period known as the Italian Renaissance. As part of noble families, Romeo's and Juliet's apparel would also be distinguished, beautiful, and most likely elaborate.

A Romeo costume might include knee breeches or fitted pants with a long-sleeve lace up or a ruffled poet shirt. Juliet's gown would be a lovely Renaissance dress in rich fabric and accented with jewels, gold cord, or other beautiful embellishments.

Romeo may wear a rounded nobleman's cap, and Juliet may wear a female cap or conical princess hat. There are many different styles and colors for Romeo and Juliet costumes, and many Renaissance period costumes that would be well-suited to the characters of Romeo and Juliet as well.

Where to Buy Romeo and Juliet Costumes

Like most costumes, there are varying qualities and prices for Romeo and Juliet costumes. Some are made with less expensive fabrics and designed for occasional use for costume parties and Halloween, while others are made with more durable, costlier fabrics and designed to withstand usage for multiple theatrical productions. For theater productions, the scene changes necessitate several costume changes, including ball apparel, a nightdress, and others.

Romeo Adult Costume

Romeo and Juliet for Halloween and Costume Parties

For a Romeo and Juliet ensemble as a Halloween costume for couples, or for a party or other event, you can purchase Renaissance dress at many costume retailers. Although you can buy the Romeo and Juliet apparel separately, this couple costume may have a more unified appeal if purchased together, as some retailers may offer fabrics and embellishments that match. You can purchase adult, children's, and plus size Renaissance costumes.

Womens Classic Juliet Costume Plus Size 2X 22W-24W
  • Walmart offers a variety of Romeo and Juliet costumes is a wide range of sizes. You can also find costumes for other characters from the play here.
  • Costume Craze and Buy Costumes have children's, adult, and plus sizes available. Styles for Juliet are available in purple, green, or blue velvet with laced or princess bodices, and Romeo or Renaissance male costumes are available as breeches and striped nobleman's shirts.
  • Costume Hub has several Juliet costume styles available, including one with a velvet dress and white silk underlay, along with Juliet wigs and other accessories.
  • Halloween Express offers several colors of velvet Juliet gowns, a toddler-size gown, and conical gold Juliet hat.
  • Frank Bee Costumes has a matching Romeo and Juliet ensemble that offers simple elegance and little embellishment.

Romeo and Juliet Couples

Romeo and Juliet might just be the perfect couples' costume. With a little browsing, you're sure to find the style and price that's right for when you need to dress up as the ultimate tragic lovebirds. For other couple inspired costumes, check out our article on Princess Toadstool costumes and consider a video game romance with one of the Mario Brothers.

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Romeo and Juliet Costumes