12 Office Baby Shower Invitation Wording Samples

Published December 30, 2020
pregnant woman in office with gift bag

Having a baby shower with your office coworkers can be fun. Get the office baby shower invitation wording perfect by trying a few of these examples. Create your own unique office baby shower invitation that any parent-to-be will enjoy.

Traditional Office Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Looking for a more formal baby invitation wording for your office baby shower? These simple traditional baby shower invitation wording works excellent for both paper and e-invites. Use these office baby shower invitations for mom, dad, or co-ed showers.

Baby and Brunch

Baby & Brunch! Let's keep it simple as we celebrate (Parent's Name) upcoming maternity leave. Join us in the office lunchroom for a fun baby and brunch celebration. Bring a dish to pass or just come to enjoy the fun!

Baby Sprinkle

Twinkle, Twinkle! We're having a baby sprinkle. It's probably nothing new, but (Parent's name) is welcoming baby number two. We will bring the mood. You can sign up to bring food! Let's celebrate the baby shower today with fun games to play!

baby shower invitation twinkle twinkle

Keeping It Low Key

We are keeping it low key. But (Parent's Name) is celebrating his/her new baby to be. Drop in to enjoy a catered lunch with (Parent's Name) and her office bunch. Oh, what a fun day it will be. Just bring a small present, and you will see.

Surprise Office Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Are you looking to set up a surprise party for your pregnant office chum? Keep it fun by creating a quick surprise baby shower invitation to share with your office crew.

Shush! Don't Tell!

Shush, shush! Don't tell! We are throwing (Parent Name) a surprise baby shower. We'll bring the fun and food. You just need to bring the baby shower mood. Presents are a welcome sight for this newest little delight.

Books & Brunch

It's a secret, they say! So just show up on the day. Don't tell the mom-to-be. She has to wait and see. You can bring a present or a book instead. Then we know her newest little addition will be well read.

Showering With Gifts

Come help us shower (Parent Name) with presents for her newest little addition. But don't tell the mom. It's a secret celebration of the latest tot to join our lot.

baby shower invitation rainbow

Office Baby Shower Invitation Wording for Boy

It's time to bust out the baby blue because a little guy is on the way to the office. Invite your whole crew with these uniquely worded baby shower invitations designed just for your office. You can use these with the baby boy themes like baby animals.

Boy, Oh, Boy!

Boy, Oh, Boy! It's time to celebrate this joy! Our crew is growing by one. Help (Parent's Name) welcome her bouncing baby boy into the world.

baby boy baby shower invitation

Ok, Crew!

Ok, Crew! It's time to welcome someone new. (Parent's name) is having a boy. Come help her to welcome this new little joy!

Swing On In!

Swing on in for Mom's baby shower. We are going to celebrate today! There will be lots of games to play. Come celebrate Mom's upcoming baby boy!

Monkey Baby Shower Invitation

Office Baby Shower Invitation Wording for Girls

It's a girl, they say! Then break out the pink decorations and help the mommy-to-be have an office shindig through a fun girl themed baby shower. Try out these office baby shower wording examples for the newest princess.

Tickled Pink

We are tickled pink to welcome a new addition to our crew. Shower (Parent Name) with bows, toys, and lots of joys before leaving on parent's leave.

A Little Princess

A little princess is almost here. Come celebrate this precious bundle of joy. Join the office in saying farewell to (Parent Name) before taking her maternity leave.

She's Almost Here

Did you hear? Baby (Name), she's almost here! Mom-to-be will soon be going on maternity leave. Come join us to make (Parent's Name) day extra special by having a baby shower brunch.

Baby feet baby shower invitation

Office Baby Shower Invitation Wording

When creating an office baby shower invitation, it's essential to keep the wording appropriate to your office atmosphere. Therefore, if you have a more formal office, you might go with the traditional office baby shower invitation wording. However, if it's a bit more fun, you might try customizing it a bit. Remember, in addition to the sayings on your invitation; it's essential to include:

  • Time

  • Date

  • Location

  • Where the parent is registered

  • If gifts are accepted

  • Type of party (catered, potluck, etc.)

Additionally, if the mom or dad-to-be have a specific theme for their baby's room, you might stick with this theme when creating their baby shower invitation. It's also important to consider how you'll be sending out this invitation, via a flyer, card, or email invitation.

Office Baby Shower

When having an office baby shower, you need to keep your invitation a bit more professional. However, that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. Give these baby shower invitation sayings a try to make their day extra special.

12 Office Baby Shower Invitation Wording Samples