12 White Lie Party Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking

Published January 5, 2022
Diverse group of young adults together with white t-shirts

A White Lie party is a new trendy party concept that's growing in popularity thanks to Tik Tok. If you are looking for White Lies party ideas, look no further. This is a great selection of most common white lies people keep telling over and over. They are ready to reveal their secrets and flaws at an event in the bravest way possible--by writing their lies on a white t-shirt using a black marker for everybody to see.

White Lie T-shirt Ideas

If you have been invited to a White Lie party, this selection of White Lie t-shirt ideas may speak to you.

I Only Bake From Scratch

If you keep telling your friends you only bake from scratch, when in reality, you are always finding an excuse to get your hands on supermarket baked goods, cake or cookie mixes from the baking aisle, it's time to admit to yourself and friends, you are far from being the next pastry chef. Show up for a White Lie party proudly wearing your "I only bake from scratch" shirt to let them know there's absolutely no shame in purchasing store bought baked goods.

I Am Starting My Diet on Monday

A new week is ahead and the "new me" cliche starts all over again. How many times have you lied to yourself and friends you are starting your diet on Monday to only find yourself engaging in eating habits you are not proud of by Tuesday? The good news is: You are not alone. If you have been invited to attend a White Lie party, have your "Starting my diet on Monday" shirt on and be prepared to be amazed by how many people will giggle and agree the struggle is real.

I Am Bilingual

Bragging to your friends that you speak more than one language and embellishing your resume to potentially land that job you applied for, when the truth is, you can barely count from one to ten in Spanish? At your next White Lie get-together, wearing a "I am bilingual! or "I speak more than one language" shirt will give people a chuckle.

I Love My Hair

Twins wearing I Love My Hair t-shirt

Denying you are self-conscious about your hair is not the end of the world. Wear your "I love my hair" proudly and embrace your bad hair days.

I Don't Eat Fast Food

You claim you eat clean, but secretly, you have lost count on how many times you have found yourself in the next drive-through line - no judgments at a White Lie party. Reveal your white lie by wearing your "I don't eat fast food" shirt with no shame while nibbling on potato chips and drinking soda throughout the party because you are only human.

I Drink Socially

Woman with I Drink Socially T-shirt

Put on your "I drink socially" shirt to finally reveal you drink more than what's socially acceptable because it's more likely that you are not the only one who might have been chugging down glasses of alcoholic beverages behind closed doors either for relaxing reasons or a way to escape from an issue that feels uncomfortable. Whatever your reasons are, own up to them and be brave enough to admit your flaws.

I Am on My Way

If being on time is not your forte and texting family and friends the infamous "I am on my way" when you haven't even left the comfort of your bed yet, break out your "I am on my way" white lie t-shirt and be ready for all the giggles from the folks who share the same sentiment and engage in the same type of behavior more often than they would like to admit. Being punctual at all times is not for everyone.

I Will Pay You Back as Soon as I Can

If you are one of those people who either forgets to pay someone you owe money to or deliberately ignores the debt, your close friends surely won't be surprised when you walk into the room sporting your "I will pay you back as soon as I can" t-shirt.

I Am an Avid Yogi

If you jumped on the yoga bandwagon to look cool, but you'd rather have a root canal than doing yoga stretches and poses, wearing your "I am an Avid Yogi" is proof you are ready to embrace your flaws and admit that being honest is way cooler.

I Love Long Zoom Meetings

Guy with I Love Long Zoom Meetings t-shirt

"I love long back-to-back Zoom meetings" said no one ever. Kudos to you for admitting Zoom is not your ideal platform to engage with your peers. Most guests at the party who have had to adjust to this new format will probably agree Zoom fatigue is real. Your friends will most likely agree it's extremely challenging to keep attendees' attention and engagement in this format and will probably join you to toast to shorter, more focused, consolidated Zoom meetings!

I Am Not Looking for a Relationship

Woman with I Am Not Looking For a Relationship t-shirt

Denying you have been searching for a long-term relationship when you have created a knock-off profile on every dating app possibly available with the hopes in finding true love, is the kind of white lie that deserves a special event to be revealed.

I Am Low Maintenance

If you have a compulsion of needing things orderly and symmetrical and can't relax until you arrange, organize, or line up objects until the end result just feels right, a "I am low maintenance" shirt should confirm to people at the party you are a perfectionist at heart.

I Hate Tik Tok

Have your "I hate Tik Tok" shirt on to admit you spend hours in front of the phone watching viral videos, challenges and even join in on the fun of trying all the silly filter and effects on Tik Tok to find out how old you look, your celebrity look alike to name a few.

I Will Call You Back

One of the most popular white lies. How many of you have said "I will call you back" knowing you had no intentions to do it? It's an easy way to end a conversation abruptly when you have no desire to keep engaging with that person.

I Am Late Because of Traffic

Man with I Am Late Because of Traffic t-shirt

Blaming it on the traffic to justify you being late for school or work is one of the most common lies people tell because they find it easy to use any excuse rather than just being honest with their coworkers or teacher.

30 White Lies Party Shirt Ideas

If you haven't used any of these most common white lies, are you even human?

  • My phone died.
  • I'm sober.
  • I'm fine.
  • I can have fun without alcohol
  • I'll text you back.
  • Let's keep in touch!
  • I can't come in today. I'm sick.
  • You look great!
  • I love working out.
  • I quit drinking
  • I'm listening.
  • I quit smoking.
  • It was so nice to meet you.
  • I'd rather be single!
  • Not doing it for the money!
  • I love it!
  • I love your hair!
  • I'll be ready in five minutes!
  • I don't wear makeup
  • Size doesn't matter.
  • I'm over my ex.
  • Graduated Cum Laude
  • I'm emotionally available.
  • I have read the terms and conditions.
  • Just kidding!
  • You're so funny!
  • Let's do it again.
  • I don't care about politics.
  • I'm a good driver.
  • My computer crashed.

Party Decor

Keep your White Lies party decor simple yet fun. Consider personalizing 36" white orb balloons to scatter around the room or use standard size white balloons to create an arch for an exciting photo booth. To add visual interest, you can add metallic balloons to the mix to steer away from an all-white decor.

Food & Drinks

A buffet style menu will give the guests the opportunity to mingle while enjoying delicious finger foods and drinks. From prosciutto and fig bites to caviar on pumpernickel, there are plenty of easy yet elegant appetizer ideas you can whip up in no time for your party. As far as drinks go, be sure to plan popular cocktails such as gin & tonic or rum mixed drinks and non-alcoholic options to accommodate your guests' preferences.

Embrace Your Flaws

Attending or hosting a White Lie party can be liberating and encouraging when you get-together with a group of like-minded people who are willing to embrace their flaws and admit they have told a white lie for fearing rejection, for trying to fit in, for feeling embarrassed, or for any other reason that led them to engage in such behavior.

12 White Lie Party Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking