31 Creative Party Favor Ideas to Put in Kids' Bags

Published December 4, 2019
Party Favor Tubs

While goodie bags aren't a requirement for successful kid parties, what you put in party favor bags for kids can be more memorable than any other aspect of the event. The idea of party favors is to thank kids for attending and give them something lasting to remember the party by.

Creative Goodie Bag Ideas for Little Kids

Party favor ideas for toddlers and preschoolers can go far beyond play dough and coloring books. No matter your budget or party theme, creative goodie bag ideas for little kids are possible.

Cheap and Homemade Party Favors for Little Kids

Every parent knows you don't need a lot of money to make kids happy. Little kids ages three, four, and five are intrigued by anything new and love favors they can enjoy long after the party's over. Match your homemade ideas with the season or party theme.

  • Use free knitting patterns for toys to create a custom, unique plush toy for each child to take home. To make them more personal, add a questionnaire about favorite colors to the RSVP card for the party.
  • Add some fun scissors, a pack of specialty crayons, and a printable paper train cutout craft to each bags so kids can make their own toy when they get home.
  • Pair a miniature action figure or doll with printable paper dollhouse pages and printable paper dollhouse furniture so kids can make a custom play set with their parents.
  • Create a custom dress-up favor by adding printable mask PDFs, printed paper crowns, and a few craft supplies to a mini chest or box.
  • Print off a few free books for kids to add to their private home library.
  • Bind free, printable kids' activities and a few coloring pages like outer space coloring pages or mermaid coloring pages in a hard-cover binder to create a custom travel activity book. Add unique colored pencils to the pockets in the binder for a complete set.

Unique Store Bought Party Favors for Little Kids

You can always find trinkets to buy at dollar stores or big box stores, but chances are kids and parents won't be impressed by those anymore. Instead of giving things just for the sake of giving them, think outside the box to find unique items you could buy and use as party favors.

  • Buy a few sets of magnetic letters and add the letters from each guest's name to their goodie bag.
  • Fill a miniature piggy bank with a few coins.
  • Little kids love to pretend being grown-ups, so head to the hardware store to purchase a couple blank keys to add to a fun key chain for each party guest.
  • Create a kids bath spa set by including bubble bath, bathtub crayons, and a fun loofa.
  • Paint a bunch of flat rocks to give each guest as favors. Add the hashtag for your local rock hiding group on the back then kids can hide them around town.

Unique Goodie Bag Ideas for School-Aged Kids

Take a look at unique gifts for children or even the top selling toys of all time to get creative new ideas for unique party favors for kids. Upper elementary students ages six to eight are looking for goodie bags that promote their independence and don't make them feel like babies.

Cheap and Homemade Party Favors for Kids

DIY kits, games, and unique novelty items are easy to create on your own or buy on the cheap. Even if these ideas don't mesh with your theme, you can always add packaging and a fun tag with graphics to create a cohesive design.

  • While the kids are having fun at the party, enlist one adult to help make your own postcards featuring pictures from the party that each guest can receive as favors along with some fun stamps.
  • Print a a few blank puzzle templates on heavy paper to include with a small store-bought puzzle or puzzle game in a recycled large puzzle box.
  • Create your own slime kit for each guest that includes the ingredients and tools needed to make slime at home.
  • Give each party guest their own DIY board game kit with paper, printable board game templates, and some dice or a fidget spinner to use as a game spinner.
  • Put out a variety of essential oils safe for kids along with recipes and ingredients for kids to make things like hand sanitizer or "potions." Fill their goodie bag with bottles and tins they can store their creations in and blank labels.

Unique Store Bought Party Favors for Kids

Lower elementary kids love to collect things, so look for store-bought items they can turn into a larger collection on their own. Games and useful items are also great for this age group.

  • Fill the bag with unique card game supplies such as a ten-sided die and a few Pokemon cards.
  • Add some fake gemstones and cool rocks made for potted plants to a small drawstring pouch for each guest along with a mini rock and mineral guidebook.
  • Bring back old-fashioned games by giving a small set that includes things like a tin of jacks and a set of marbles.
  • Pair a plastic, reusable TV dinner food tray with a movie from the cheap movie bin at the store and a mini bag of popcorn for a fun TV dinner movie night goodie bag.
  • Fill a reusable water bottle with a variety of single-serve drink mix packets.

Cool Goodie Bag Ideas for Older Kids

Party favor ideas for nine, ten, and twelve-year-old kids require a little more research and planning. Kids in this age group tend to like things meant for tweens and teens, so get inspired by teen birthday party favor ideas and even ways to make things like unique wedding favors kid-friendly.

Cheap and Homemade Party Favors for Older Kids

Look for ways to make or buy inexpensive items that fit current trends for teens and tweens.

  • Miniature craft drinks are easy to make when you mix up your own concoction of a punch or other non-alcoholic drink and package them in six-packs of miniature bottles with custom labels.
  • Create a custom meme featuring a photo of the guest at the party and share them with a custom party hashtag.
  • Make a playlist on Spotify or another music streaming app that includes music from the party and share it will all guests.
  • Create a simple jewelry-making kit as a favor by including instructions for free bead projects, a few beads, and a jewelry box to keep the creation in.
  • Turn a hardcover novel into a secret compartment book by cutting out a space in the pages that can fit a small box and filling it with snacks.
Mobile phone and earphones

Unique Store Bought Party Favors for Tweens

Package your goodies in reusable drawstring bags or cinch sacks in fun colors or that feature a unique design. Retro replica items or real retro toys and collectibles are trendy for older kids, so head to a local comic book store or card shop for some unique finds.

  • Check out your local convenience stores like 7-Eleven to purchase a special cup that comes with one or more refills for each guest.
  • Purchase used starter decks for games like Magic the Gathering or collector cards like The Garbage Pail kids.
  • Include a couple different versions of the classic Rubik's Cube such as the Rubik's Edge or Rubik's Tower.
  • Miniature handheld video games featuring retro games from Atari or Nintendo are perfect for this age group.
  • Put a cute, Bluetooth speaker in the goodie bag and tie it closed with a set of fun earbuds.

Party Favors Kids Will Love

Most kids are thrilled to receive any unexpected gift, which is why kids love party favor bags so much. These little gifts can make a big impact as they make kids feel special appreciated. Use the theme of your party and your child's interests to help you find unique ideas for items you can put in kids' party favor bags.

31 Creative Party Favor Ideas to Put in Kids' Bags