60th Birthday Cake Ideas

Celebrate 60 With Cake


A 60th birthday is cause for celebration, and a delicious, eye-catching cake is a great way to kick off the festivities. Whether you go with a simple 60 or Happy Birthday message on the cake, choose a themed option, or want a basic but beautiful design, the cake design should fit the party.

Multi-colored stars create a festive but simple design that highlights the age designated by the candles. Make a wish on the stars as you blow out the candles to get double the luck that your dreams will come true. This cake is a good option for someone who doesn't have a theme and wants to add a little traditional fun into the celebration.

Old Glory Themes


A red, white and blue birthday cake is perfect for the man or woman turning 60 on a patriotic holiday. It's also a good option for an "old glory" themed party as a play on the traditional over-the-hill theme.

This simple buttercream frosted cake can also be used if the individual is (or was) a member of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Decorating With Lightweight Icing


Whipped icings are not as sturdy as traditional buttercream or fondant. Use simple decorations around the edges of the cake and add a couple of candles to the center to keep the frosting looking its best. Choose this kind of cake frosting and decorations if the birthday man or woman isn't a fan of traditional cake frostings or just wants something simple.

Bright and Beautiful


A rainbow birthday cake matches a colorful person's personality. If the birthday man or woman is someone who is outgoing and enjoys life, this is the perfect cake for him or her! A small individual cake with bright decorations will fit into nearly any theme, and you can pick and choose the colors. Use a larger sheet cake decorated in rainbow colors to serve guests at a large party or gathering.

Candy Concoction


Many sixty-year-olds have a sweet tooth, so feel free to indulge in celebration of a birthday! This candy-filled concoction is sure to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth and includes traditional sweets like gum drops and peppermints. Serve it at a summer party with fruit and other treats or even at a candy-themed party for the celebrant.

Shaped 60th Cake


Instead of using a 60th birthday candle, make the cake itself into the number 60. Use a print out of a basic fondant pattern to cut out the cake. Leave it lying flat on a cake board or use dowels to help stand it upright. Pipe stripes of frosting in a contrasting color for visual appeal. Light ganache poured over the top finishes off the design. Pick this cake for someone who isn't shy about his or her age and may not like heavy frosting.

Fruit Flower Cake Design


A cake doesn't have to include copious amounts of frosting in order to create an elegant design. Sliced strawberries make a lovely flower shape in the center of this cake, accented by almonds and dollops of frosting. The almond sides and strawberry slice border finish off the cake design. Use this presentation for someone who wants a more sophisticated cake, or for a garden or tea party theme.

Pretty in Pink


Pipe pink frosting around the edges of a tiered cake to create a simple design perfect for any special lady or gentleman who loves the color. This works well at a pink-themed party or at a spring garden party.

Beachy Birthday Cakes


Pick out a themed cake to match the birthday man or woman's hobbies or interests, as well as the party's theme. A cake featuring a beach theme is perfect for a seaside party or for someone who recently retired to the sandy shores. It also works well for a luau, Hawaiian, or tropical themed party.

Gift Cake


A large fondant bow is a festive addition to a birthday cake. It can be done in any color to suit the birthday person's taste or the colors chosen for the party. The gift themed cake would fit well with a surprise party, or when a gift table will be placed near the cake area.

Classic Carrot Cake


While chocolate and white cakes are popular birthday flavors, an alternative flavor like spice, hummingbird, or carrot cake, might appeal more to someone turning 60. If you go with a cake in a less-common flavor, consider decorating it to match. The frosting carrots atop this cake also help make it easy to slice and serve.

Stand Out Flowers


A chocolate cake with white flowers has a classic, almost black-and-white look to it. Pairing the light colored flowers with chocolate frosting will make them stand out against the dark frosting. Pick this cake design for a chocolate lover who wants his or her favorite flavor inside and out.

Chocolate Message Cake


Writing a birthday message on a chocolate cake is more difficult, since it will be harder to read. Create a white or other light-colored fondant plaque and add birthday wording on top of it so the celebrant and guests can easily read the message. A few brightly colored pieces of fondant on the cake's sides help dress it up. Use this cake for a chocolate-lover who isn't afraid to tell his or her age.

Rosette Cake


Rosettes covering the sides of a cake are a lovely design for a garden party or for a special lady who loves flowers. Candied or gelled fruit around the top adds a pop of pretty color for a 60th birthday cake.

Tiered Heart Cake


Show someone how much you really care by picking out a 60th birthday cake with hearts. It works well for a Valentine's Day birthday celebration, too. A tiered cake is a great option for a large celebration where the cake will be a showpiece as well as a dessert.

Chocolate Layered Cake


A tiered cake that uses ganache and shows off the chocolate layers is an alternative to a traditionally frosted option. This presentation offers a unique look that helps keep it from looking like a wedding cake, and shows off the fillings in each layer. The swag designs add elegance. This option would look lovely in a ballroom or other sophisticated space.

Sweet Sheet Cake


Cakes don't have to be round, tiered, or square to be perfect for a 60th birthday. Choose a rectangle sheet cake and add roses, geometric designs, borders, and candles to create a design that looks as sweet as it will taste. Pick this cake to make cutting simple for a medium-sized crowd. The pink is perfect for a lady, but any colors can be chosen to suit the celebrant.

60th Cake Toppers


A cake design doesn't have to lie flat. Instead, look for a festive topper that adds a three-dimensional twist to the dessert. Toppers such as these can be found wherever you purchase cake decorating supplies. Place the topper a little off-center to make room for candles or a birthday message. The stars, as pictured, would fit into any general 60th birthday party theme.

Successful 60th Birthdays


Celebrating a birthday with a decorated cake is a time-honored tradition in many families. Pick out a festive birthday cake design that fits with the birthday man or woman's tastes and the party's theme, and you can't go wrong. The cake is an important element of throwing a successful 60th birthday party. Don't forget to include some 60th birthday quotes and clean jokes for seniors in the festivities too!

60th Birthday Cake Ideas