30 Cheap & Easy Baby Shower Game Prize Ideas

Updated May 22, 2020
Baby shower party

Great baby shower game prizes don't have to be pricey or time-consuming. As you're planning a baby shower, think about game prizes guests actually want and look for creative ways to customize them without spending a ton of money. Look to your baby shower favors and your baby shower theme or clever "winner" phrases for prize inspiration.

Easy DIY Baby Shower Prizes Women Will Love

If you're having a traditional baby shower where only women will be playing your classic baby shower games, these DIY prize ideas are perfect. From homemade goodies to sets made from cheap baby shower supplies, you can make a big impact with a little effort.

Trophy Vase Floral Arrangement

Hit up yard sales and flea markets to find cheap old brass trophies. They'll work best if they don't have any engravings on them, but you can always put a cute custom tag over the engravings. Fill each vase with handpicked wild flowers to make cute winner bouquets.

Mini Cupcake Bouquet

With some clever icing, you can easily turn mini cupcakes into mini edible roses. You can make or buy mini cupcakes that sit in cute cupcake liners.

  1. Once the cupcakes are decorated, you can use any vessel, such as a decorative bowl or pail, to hold them.
  2. You might need to place a styrofoam block in your vessel for the cupcakes to stand on.
  3. Arrange the cupcakes so they look like a short floral arrangement.
  4. If your vessel is deep, you can insert a wooden dowel into the bottom of each cupcake, then stick the other end of the dowel into the styrofoam.
Bouquet of rose cupcakes

Homemade Winner Cookies

You can make homemade baby shower cookie gifts in any shape or design. Make a batch of winner cookies as a prize by cutting cookies into trophy, blue ribbon, or circular medal shapes. Decorate with icing and package on a beautiful crystal plate from a thrift store.

Blue Ribbon Accessory Set

Make a play on the term "blue ribbon winner" by putting together a set of accessories made from blue ribbon. With a quick trip to your local craft store and some patience, you can make jewelry or hair accessories from blue ribbon. Put all your pieces together in a blue gift back embellished with a big blue ribbon.

  • Use ribbon and basic hand sewing skills to make a ribbon flower brooch out of blue ribbon.
  • Find blue ribbons with different patterns or in different shades of blue and make a set of ribbon barrettes.
  • Use strands of ribbon to crochet a beautiful blue ribbon headband.

Custom Winning Notebook

Head out to your favorite discount store or shop online for cheap, plain notebooks. Grab some metallic markers and a stencil if needed to write fun messages like "Winning!" or "All I Do is Win!" on the front cover of each notebook. You can give a set of two or three notebooks as a gift or pair one with a cute pen for a prize.

Fresh pink roses with two notebooks

You Nailed It Nail Care Set

Nail care sets are not new and exciting on their own, but you can create a nail care set guests will be talking about all year. Find a pair of cheap moisturizing gloves to use as your gift bags for two separate prizes. Use a permanent or fabric marker to color cute finger nails on the gloves and write a fun phrase like "Nailed It!" Fill each glove with inexpensive or homemade hand care and nail care or decoration items.

Candy Bars Wearing Diapers

Everything looks fun and funny when you add diaper to it. Buy some King Size candy bars and learn how to fold a napkin into a diaper shape. You could use paper instead of a napkin for the diaper. Slide one candy bar in a finished diaper for a fun and yummy prize.

Great Baby Shower Prizes Under $10 for Girls

Thanks to baby shower etiquette standards, most guests aren't expecting elaborate and expensive prizes. The shower is meant to be about the mom-to-be and her baby, so grab that under $10 prize.

Gold Star Jewelry

Sometimes winners get a gold star. You can give your shower game winners gold stars by purchasing inexpensive jewelry featuring a gold star design. A simple necklace with a small gold star pendant or a pair of gold star earrings are on trend right now. Chances are you can find cute, cheap options at places like Dollar General, Walmart, or on Amazon.

Hanging Necklace Pendants

Gold Purse Mirror

Mimic the look of a round gold medal by purchasing an inexpensive round purse mirror. Look for an all-gold or all-rose gold mirror to fit the gold medal theme.

Bauble Rings

Big bauble rings resemble the shape of a baby rattle, so they make great prizes for games at baby showers. Large jewelry pieces make great, trendy statement pieces so the girls will love them. You can look for vintage options at flea markets or thrift stores to get a good deal.

Decorative Winner Block or Plaque

Cheap stores like Dollar Tree now sell tons of cute home decor options like decorative blocks and plaques. Since everything in the store is one dollar, you could even put together a cute set of blocks for under $5. Look for pieces with phrases relating to winning like "lady boss" or "she believed she could so she did."

Win the Day Planner

Play off the phrase "win the day" by giving out cute day planners as prizes. Add a DIY sticker or gift tag with the phrase "You won the game, you win the day!" You can find inexpensive day planners in most grocery stores, dollar stores, big box stores, or big online discount stores.

Pop the Champs Pink Champagne

Winners often get to pop a bottle of Champagne at big sporting events, so give your guests that same feeling with mini bottles of Champagne as prizes. You can get a 4-pack of mini bottles of pink sparkling wine for around $10, making each bottle under $10. Look for pink Champagne, wine, or sparkling juice in miniature bottles. Add a tag that says "Pop the Champs, you won!" and pair each bottle with a cheap wine or Champagne glass.

Champagne bottles and glitter

Poppin' Bottles Bottle Opener

Novelty bottle openers also play off the idea of popping champagne or wine to celebrate a victory. Oriental Trading sells a variety of novelty bottle openers like the Gold Cheers to You Bottle Opener in the shape of a gold champagne bottle for $20 per dozen. That's less than $2 per prize. If you want it to seem more substantial, pair it with a cheap bottled malt beverage.

Simple DIY Coed Baby Shower Prizes

Game prizes for a coed baby shower should be geared more towards men or couples. You can certainly offer his or hers prize options, but it will go with the shower vibe better if the prizes are coed in nature.

Baby Bottle Trophies

Buy some cheap plastic baby bottles. Paint the entire outside of every bottle gold and let dry. Print off custom mailing labels that say something like "First Place at Jen's Baby Shower" and stick one to each bottle. Now you've got funny, memorable baby shower trophies to hand out to winners.

Baby Bottle Cocktail Set

Buy two small plastic baby bottles, one with a blue rim and one with a pink rim. Buy one or two mini liquor bottles and grab some mini cans of pop. Stand the baby bottles, liquor bottles, and two cans of pop in a group and secure tightly by tying ribbon around the whole group. This gives you a cute his and hers baby themed cocktail set.

Can Cake

Take the idea of a diaper cake and make it with cans of beer or other canned beverages. Stack three cans in a group on top of four cans in a group to make a two-tiered cake. Secure each level with rope or twine. To make it a his and hers gift a couple could win, mix and match beer cans and spiked seltzer cans.

Can cake

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Another fun phrase related to winners is "Winner winner, chicken dinner." If you add this phrase to a gift tag, there are several chicken-related items you could give out as prizes.

  • Make a chicken casserole that just needs to be heated in the oven and give a literal chicken dinner as a prize.
  • Look for cute signs, matching aprons, or cups that have chicken and rooster silhouettes on them.
  • Give a gift card to a cheap chicken chain restaurant like KFC or Chick-fil-A.

We Have a Weiner Gift Basket

Put together a fun hot dog themed gift basket featuring a gift tag that says "We have a weiner!" Add a pack of hot dogs, a pack of buns, ketchup, and mustard, to a gift bag or bucket for a cheap and funny baby shower game prize. Make it feel more mature by opting for gourmet style sausages instead of hot dogs.

Big Winner Lotto Ticket Wreath

In horse races, winners often get giant floral wreaths as part of their prize. Play off that idea by creating scratch off lottery ticket wreaths to give out as prizes. You can buy ten $1 tickets and tape them together in a circle for a cheap and easy prize.

It's How You Play the Game Set

Grab a few inexpensive card games, mini board games, or wooden peg games to create a small game set. Add a card or tag with the phrase "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game."

You're the S*** Gift Set

If you've got guests with a sense of humor, make a "You're the s***!" gift set featuring poop emoji items. This pairs well with the whole idea of babies. You can find random poop emoji items like plush toys, pencil toppers, and stickers everywhere. Put together a few pieces in a baby diaper or a poop shaped coffee mug.

From Our Shower to Yours

Curate a his and hers shower pampering set with homemade soaps or store bought items. Add things like poufs, soap, and bath salts to a shower caddy or small toiletries bag with a tag that says "From our shower to yours."

Let Love Grow

Low care plants are another great option for coed baby shower game prizes. You can buy a bunch of succulents to give as prizes or plant seeds from your own garden in cool little pots. If you're potting your own plants, start them weeks in advance so they've at least sprouted by shower time. Add a sticker that says "Let love grow."

Potted Plants On Table

Cool Baby Shower Prizes for Men & Women Under $10

Give your guests baby shower gifts they actually want by finding fun and creative items at discount stores or online.

Winner's Cup

Look for stemless wine glasses, beer steins, coffee mugs, or plastic cups that either resemble trophies, are gold, or have a winner related phrase on them. You can find cup options for under $10 at almost any retailer. If you get a good deal on the cup, consider adding something like a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Gold Metal Circular Picture Frame

Give guests a pair of gold medals as their prize when you purchase inexpensive picture frames. To keep with the gold medal theme, look for a rounded frame that is gold. Write something like "Gold Medalist" on a piece of paper and place it where the photo would go.

Gold Metal Circular Picture Frame

You Nailed It Mini Tool Kit

Give the "nailed it" theme a masculine edge by giving out mini tool kits as prizes. You can find mini tool kits or multi-tools at most stores. If you can find a mini hammer, even better. Make sure you add a card or tag that says "You Nailed It!"

Baby Shower Champion Message Board

Felt message boards are great accessories to have in your home or office. Give guests the gift of endless messages with a cute felt message board. You can find black and gray 8 inch by 8 inch letterboards at the dollar tree for $1 each. They come with 50 white letters, so add a message like "You Win!" before you hand them out.

Best In Show DVD

"Best in show" is another phrase related to winning. Most dollar stores, big box stores, and even gas stations sell cheap DVDs. Look for a DVD of a popular TV show to give out as a prize. You can add a note with the phrase "Best in Show."

Gift Card Grab Bag

You can either purchase a bunch of low value gift cards or use ones you've been gifted, but won't ever use. If you've got eGift cards, you can simply email them to the winners at no extra cost. If you're using physical cards, they'll be cheap to send in the mail because they are small and light.

girl holding gift card

Shower Guests With Gifts

Baby shower game prizes are extra gifts shower guests don't expect, but totally appreciate. It's easy to find cheap and simple prize options for under $10 at most stores, just get creative and think outside the box.

30 Cheap & Easy Baby Shower Game Prize Ideas