Meaningful Baby Shower Prayers

Pregnant woman
Blessings abound at baby showers!

Specialized prayers at a baby shower offer words of love and hope for the new baby and proud parents. Whether you write your prayer, customize one of those provided, or read a chosen Bible verse these words can bring comfort and joy to a new family.

Original Prayers

Use these blessings as-is or add a unique touch by adding in the baby's name or a Bible verse.

The Sound of Love

Dear God, let this child hear the sounds of love,
within the heart and soul.
Echo the mother's heartbeat,
Resound the father's words,
Replay the wishes and blessings shared today.
Together and with your guidance,
We sing the sounds of love
For this new little life
To hear now and forevermore.

One Family, Under God

We who believe are one family, under God.
Together, we ask our Lord to bless this family.
Bless us all with a healthy, happy child
Who will love us as we love you.
Bless the mother with a safe delivery,
and the father with strength to see her through.
Bless this precious child of God,
Who will love you as we love him.

Guidance From Above

As God watches over us all,
We pray He watches over your new baby.
May your child find safe entry into
The physical and spiritual worlds.
May she feel the love of God
As expressed through your loving arms
As God watches over us all,
He will guide your child
Into the physical and spiritual worlds
To see true love as expressed by our loving Father.

Dear Baby

Dear little one,
Please listen to my words,
they are spoken with love and the guidance of our God.
You are loved in ways we cannot measure.
You are special in ways we cannot explain.
You are divine in ways we cannot understand.
God has created you to be with us for reasons we'll soon discover.
Welcome to this family, welcome to this world, and welcome to the Kingdom of God!
We eagerly await your arrival
and ask God to help us be patient, loving, and important in your life.

Bible Verse Selections

Reading the Holy Bible

The following prayers will help get you started in choosing a blessing. All verses are from the New International Version

  • Let the little children come to me... Mark 10:13-16
  • Children are a heritage from the LORD... Psalm 127:3-5
  • She forgets the anguish because of the joy the child has brought... John 16:21
  • Blessed are you among women... Luke 1:42

More Prayer Resources

  • If the new mother-to-be wants to say a prayer, try one from her perspective like "As a heart begins to beat and a mind begins to grow..."
  • Little Angels, an Irish Baby Blessing says "May all the blessing of our Lord touch your life today. May He send His little angels to protect you on your way..."
  • If you want a Jewish blessing, try this untitled work that reads, "In every birth, blessed is the wonder. In every creation, blessed is the new beginning..."
  • The Prayer of an Expectant Mother starts "Lord Jesus, I lovingly pray for this sweet hope
    that I keep within my womb..." and can be read by the pregnant woman or you can change the pronouns when someone else reads it.
  • If you wish to bless the baby and new parents, try this short Prayer for the Family that reads "Loving Lord, we lift up the family of this child. We ask that you would help them to fully receive your peace as they wait for their new arrival..."
  • For a longer prayer, A Baby Dedication speaks to the mother and child in saying "Dear Lord of Life, even before birth, and the first breaths of life, I dedicate our baby to You. I want her to be wholly consecrated and set aside for You..."

Prayers for a Baby Shower

Baby shower prayers can be spoken in a formal speech or used in other ways at the event like:

  • Baby Shower Decorations: Use prayers on decorations for the shower. These could be computer generated or hand printed. Place them on buntings, ribbons, door hangings, picture frames, or anything else that you use to decorate for the shower.
  • Baby Shower Crafts: If you plan on making your next baby shower an active one, use a prayer theme on a baby shower craft that everyone could make. Take one of our craft ideas and adapt it to use with a prayer or blessing.
  • Baby Shower Centerpieces: Whether you have custom-ordered the centerpiece or you are making them yourself, it is easy to incorporate a prayer.
  • Baby Shower Favors: Give favors that quote the chosen prayer or blessing. These could be small journals, candles, note cards, or candy.
  • Baby Shower Invitations: Choose an invitation with a religious theme.
  • Baby Shower Thank You Cards: Let everyone know how blessed you are with thank you notes that feature short prayers.
  • Baby Shower Gifts: If you are searching for a unique gift, have one embroidered, stenciled, embossed, or engraved with a prayer

Blessings for Baby

Add a special, spiritual message for the soon-to-be parents when you incorporate a blessing or prayer just for their upcoming birth. Expecting a baby is an exciting time, share in the anticipation and joy with a public display of love and devotion.

Meaningful Baby Shower Prayers