Best Halloween Baby Shower Ideas for a Hint of Spookiness

Published August 27, 2021
Pregnant woman with Halloween pumpkin

If you have a baby on the way and you are hosting a baby shower during the fall season, you're in luck. There's no shortage of creative and adorable Halloween baby shower ideas and themes to highlight at your party. From ghosts and monsters to pumpkins and cats, the autumn season is ripe with Halloween themed baby shower inspiration for just about every expectant parent.

Little Boo on the Way

Halloween ghost party

This theme is all about the little boo in the oven. Decorative elements should focus on tiny ghosts everywhere and either a black, silver, and white color scheme (for a more refined and upscale look) or hues of orange, green, and purple for a fun and whimsical vibe. Use garland that reads: "Peek-a-Boo" or "Waiting on Our Boo-tiful Baby." Hang festive Halloween-inspired onesies with little ghosts on the front from a clothesline. What a hauntingly beautiful scene that will make.

Design a dessert table that is totally spook-tackular. Play on the classic white color of ghosts and design a candy bar containing white candies and chocolates, all in different-sized jars. Make ghost-inspired cake pops and a multi-tiered white cake covered in fondant, resembling a classic ghost.

Use white balloons to create adorable balloon arches in doorways or cover white balloons in black or silver mesh fabric for added spooky texture in spaces.

Waiting on Your Jack or Sally

Of course, you are not awaiting the birth of an actual nightmare, but you can play on the infamous Tim Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, to throw a festive and spooky shower no one will soon forget. Purchase unique invitations welcoming guests to your baby shower and gather related theme decor, easily found at large party supply retailers. Hire a local baker to create a culinary wonder inspired by the movie itself; or if you're a whiz in the kitchen (or know someone who is), create your own.

When it comes to decor and design, you'll want to play on fabrics and textures in black, purple, and yellow. Like so many Halloween-themed shower ideas, this The Nightmare Before Christmas idea will work for parents expecting a little girl, little boy, or parents who don't yet know what they are having. This theme also works well for a fall gender reveal. Will the parents-to-be welcome a little Jack or a little Sally? Let the inside of a beautiful cake reveal the answer.

Welcome to the World, Little Kitten

Black and white nursery garland Cat theme baby shower

Black cats have long been synonymous with Halloween, and baby animals go hand in hand with baby showers. For a Halloween-based event, combine the two concepts and create a black kitten baby shower. Use the phrase "Welcome to the World, Little Kitten" on your invitations and garland. Create a swanky evening affair full of black, white, and silver decor. Use kitty cat cupcake toppers for treats, and serve cookies made in the shapes of black cats. Dress your tables in black tulle, and wrap silver or white balloons in the fabric as well. So fancy, festive, and fun.

A Baby Is Brewing

The "Baby is Brewing" theme is an excellent shower idea if you plan on throwing a Jack and Jill shower. Invite the guys and gals closest to you, and be sure to serve up mocktails as well as popular craft beers. Give out personalized brews, cozies, or bottle openers to those attending your bash and create a laid-back menu that pairs well with brewskis. Think hot dogs and hamburgers if the weather is still warm, or pots of chili varieties for cooler temps. Be sure to include a classic chili, a vegetarian chili, and a fall-inspired chili like a pumpkin chili.

For your fabrics, balloons, garland, and other decorative elements, use warm tones in brown, yellow, cream, and tan shades. Think of all the different types of brews and play on the common colors of lagers, ales, and stouts. Don't forget to add plenty of black cauldrons into your displays!

The Sweetest Treat

Variety of candied apples, cookies, candy and sweets for Halloween

Baby showers based on sweets have become widely popular in recent years. Hosts and hostesses play on mimosas, donuts, and candy bars, inviting guests to load up on sugary snacks while celebrating the sweet little impending arrival. Throw a baby shower near Halloween, where your bump and decadent treats take center stage. Think designer cookies, fall-themed punch recipes, a cake that serves as both food and a decorative centerpiece, and a candy bar where guests can load up on yummy items to take home.

Here Comes a Little Monster

Monster baby shower

Your darling will be sugar and spice and everything nice, of course, never being a little monster! That doesn't mean that you can't throw a monster-themed baby shower during October. Use bright, primary colors or classic Halloween colors like black, white, and orange and pops of greens or purples to stage your shower. Work sayings into garland and invitations that read: "Our Little Monster" and "We've Created a Monster." Have each guest fill out a page in an advice book (that can also serve as a creative shower guest book), offering expectant parents advice on how to raise a little monster of their own.

Serve mouth-watering monster cookies or monster-inspired cupcakes, and have a hair-raising good time celebrating the newest arrival of your circle.

Love You, Little Pumpkin

Pumpkin sits next to a framed sonogram photos of the awaited little pumpkin

A baby shower based on pumpkins and all things autumn is a perfect way to celebrate a new baby. Use pumpkins, oranges, and whites in your shower decor. Display baby pumpkins in a multitude of colors, and hang garland that reads: "Welcome Little Pumpkin" or "Adding Another Pumpkin to Our Patch."

Serve pumpkin-flavored foods like pumpkin chili, pumpkin bread and muffins, pumpkin soup, and pumpkin-spiced everything. Hollow out pumpkins and use them as vases to hold autumn florals. What stunning baby shower centerpieces these will make!

Halloween Party Elements to Elevate Your Shower

These unique and creative decorative elements will find a space at any Halloween-themed baby shower! Don't forget to include them in the theme that you choose.

Creative Cake Topper

Cheesecake with Marshmallow Meringue Topping decorated with Halloween toppers

No shower is complete without a sweet treat at the end of the event! A theme-inspired cake is not only delicious, but also deserves as a decorative element for a dessert table when it's done right. Choose a cake that complements the color of your shower, and top it off with a perfectly pretty cake topper. If you are designing a shower around pumpkins, consider a pumpkin-esqe topper. You can also use an adorable witch silhouette topper that showcases an all-telling baby bump, baby ghosts, mini monsters, or black cats to put the final touch on a finely made baby shower cake.

Little Pumpkin Diaper Cakes

Fall Pumpkin Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes serve as shower design elements and extremely useful and functional gifts that are bound to come in handy once the baby makes their debut. Once you know how to make a diaper cake, tailoring it to the season is simple. Use black and orange ribbons and bows for each diaper cake you make, or play on the colors of the shower theme to make a diaper cake that is just right for the baby shower theme.

Sweet & Spooky Cupcake Toppers

Halloween cupcakes

If you decide to forgo a large, traditional baby shower cake and opt for cupcakes instead, be sure to top the treats off with festive cupcake toppers that are tied to your party theme. Choose purr-fectly pretty toppers for a black cat-inspired soiree, dazzling pumpkin toppers that draw all eyes to the desserts, or spooky toppers of all shapes and sizes. Homemade cupcakes and toppers are cost-effective ways to provide guests treats without breaking the bank on a multitiered traditional cake.

Halloween Themed Shower Games, Balloons & Invitations

Pumpkin Baby Shower Games

Be sure to offer Halloween-themed games for your guests to play. Go with games that match the tone of your shower theme, or with games that include design elements of the fall season. Don't forget to add enchanting balloon decor to the scene, and to send out invitations that hint at the spooky fun to come!

Boo-tiful Balloons

Halloween balloons on color background

Balloons are an excellent way to tie color, texture, and fun into a Halloween-inspired baby shower. Use whatever colors complement your theme best. Go silver, black and white for a black kitten affair, cream brown, and orange for a lil' pumpkin party or a Baby's Brewing gathering, or purple, white, black and yellow for The Nightmare Before Christmas shower. Color balloons in tulle, create balloon arches, and bundle balloons at buffet and gift tables.

Spook-tacular Invitations

A Baby Brewing Invitation, Halloween Baby Shower Invitation

These days, you can create just about any invitation your mind can dream up. Think about the tone of your baby shower and choose an invitation that ties into the party's theme. From pretty purple invites to spooky, serene words of welcome, the invitation is the first glimpse your guests get into your bash, so make the invites eye-catching and stunning additions to the overall theme.

Create a Halloween Baby Shower That's Full of Fall Fun

Fall is a perfect time to celebrate a new baby because the season lends itself to so many creative and cute themes and decorative elements. Halloween baby shower themes are festive, whimsical, and perfectly gender-neutral. No matter which theme you choose, be sure it speaks to your personality and taste, and is something you will cherish for years to come.

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Best Halloween Baby Shower Ideas for a Hint of Spookiness