Create a Lego Birthday Party That Stacks Up the Fun

Published November 10, 2021
Lego birthday party scene

A Lego party is one of the most popular themes among children, so if you have a child who loves getting creative with these infamous building blocks, this theme is for you. There are several Lego themes ranging from Batman to Jurassic Park and Star Wars. So, narrowing down the theme or keeping it generic is a great way to develop the concept and make planning a little easier on you.

Lego Invitation

Many birthday party planning concepts are inspired by a great invitation design. Deciding on the perfect invitation before going shopping for party decorations and supplies is essential to avoid unnecessary purchases.

For a Lego birthday party, you can opt for a clean invitation design or go super festive with bold bright colors.

Lego Inspired Birthday Cake

Are you team buttercream or fondant? Buttercream gives you the freedom to dress up your cake on your own based on the birthday child's liking. There are many creative ways to add a special touch to a Lego birthday cake. You can add edible building blocks, a personalized Lego cake topper with your child's name or age, and minifigures.

Home made chocolate birthday cake with lego toys

DIY Building Block Decoration

Make your party festive with a garland you can make on your own using cardstock in different colors and a circle punch to create building blocks to hang on the wall. If getting crafty is not in the plans, you can easily purchase a Lego party garland that's ready for you.

Colorful Balloon Backdrop

Creating a balloon arch is not as difficult as it looks. For a Lego theme party, opt for colors to match your invitation and make sure you purchase balloons in different sizes to add more texture to your arch. Investing in an electric balloon pump can help you bring any balloon project to life in no time. Bonus? You can create your balloon arch 2-3 days in advance. Complete your backdrop with a few building block themed foil balloons scattered around or attach them to your balloon arch using low-temp hot glue.

Lego Inspired Kids Table

An easy way to instantly bring the Lego theme to life is incorporating themed tableware. Set up a kids' table in which the kids can socialize and enjoy a slice of birthday cake and other fun snacks. Festive Lego plates paired with building block cups will get your table party-ready.

Lego Party Favors

Don't let your guests go home empty handed. Whether you are sending your guests home with something edible (building block candies or gummies) or a small Lego set, planning unique ways to pack your favors will showcase your creativity and great attention to detail. You can opt for personalized Lego muslin bags or colorful brick boxes and fill them up with goodies of your choice.

Kids playing with lego

Birthday Shirt

There's nothing wrong with being the matchy-matchy kind of mom. Dress your child to match the birthday theme with a Lego themed personalized shirt. It will save time when searching for the perfect birthday party outfit.

Lego Building Bases

Who needs trays when you have Lego bases? Gather your child's Lego building bases and incorporate them into your party set up to display sweets, snacks, and drinks in a creative fun way. Avoid placing food in direct contact with the bases and have your party food in cups or bags.

Personalized Lego Water Bottles

Regardless of the weather, busy kids get thirsty. Give you water bottles some personality with custom water labels you can edit and print from home on waterproof paper. For an extra fun presentation, you can fill up a large Lego toy bucket with ice to keep water bottles cold.

Lego Photo Booth

If you have plans to create a party backdrop, Lego photo booth props will make the perfect addition. Families and friends can have a blast taking hilarious pictures together. If they plan to share on social media, you can create your own party hashtag so all the images can be easily found in one place.

Playful boy between Lego pieces

Creative Lego Party Menu

When planning a Lego party menu, have square or rectangular cookie cutters on hand, building block candies, and colorful candies to create the ultimate Lego inspired party sweets and snacks.

Lego chocolate cake


It's amazing what you can do with simple cupcakes. Whether you are baking from scratch or ordering from your favorite bakery, you can add your own touch with printable toppers or embellish them with edible Lego inspired building block candies.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Cut bread in square or rectangular shapes. Spread peanut butter and jelly onto two sides. Use a circular fondant cutter to cut out shapes to top your sandwiches to resemble Lego bricks.

Fruit Kebabs

Offer something healthy and colorful to the kids. You can use fun cookie cutter shapes to create delicious and fun fruit kebabs.


Cut brownies in rectangular shapes, dip in tinted melted chocolate, and finish the look with matching M&M's to resemble Lego blocks.


Waffles resemble Lego building bases. Mini-waffles served in treat cups with a drizzle of maple syrup is a way to carry through the theme.

Fun Lego Games

In addition to a Lego building station, consider planning a few exciting Lego inspired games to keep the kids active.

Spoon Race

Line up players. Have one empty bowl and another filled with Lego bricks. Place one of the bowls across the room. Players are expected to walk holding a spoon filled with bricks and transfer it to the other bowl without spilling them on the floor. Players run back to hand the spoon to the next in line.

Lego Creationary

Draw an image (tree, rainbow, car, airplane). Player has to build the object out of Lego bricks. The rest of the players have to guess what the object is.

Pop Goes the Lego

Have ten inflated balloons with Legos pieces inside. Players must pop all of the balloons and build a tower using all ten Legos in one minute.

Sock the Blocks

Have five Lego towers placed across from the participants and rolled up socks. Players must throw socks at Lego towers and knock over all five in one minute.

Color by Lego

Have one cup filled with Lego bricks in five different colors and five empty cups. The player must dump Lego pieces from the cup and sort them by color into the other cups (one color per cup) in one minute.

Hands-on Party Experience

Whether you are keeping the event simple or going all out with food and decorations, you can't go wrong with a Lego birthday party theme! It offers plenty of hands-on experience using building blocks and engaging games that will make guests want to stick around a little longer.

Create a Lego Birthday Party That Stacks Up the Fun