Creative Virtual Baby Shower Game Ideas

Published April 6, 2020
pregnant woman on video call

Virtual baby shower games can be just as fun as in-person baby shower games. With a little creativity and a lot of participation, you can host a variety of long distance baby shower games and activities. If you're hosting an online baby shower, add a few of these fun games to your plans.

Are You Ready for a Baby?

Similar to the classic purse scavenger hunt game played at traditional baby showers, this game asks guests to look for baby-related items around their house. You can play this game via email, chat, or video group call.

  1. Before the shower, make a list of standard baby items. Choose about 5-10 to use for the game.
  2. You can send the entire list at once or present one item at a time.
  3. Share an item with guests and ask them to find something that closely resembles that item. For example, someone might present a beer bottle if the item is "baby bottle."
  4. Guests can send pictures of their items or show them on camera.
  5. Award 2 points to anyone who found the exact item and 1 point to anyone who found something close.
  6. The person with the most points at the end wins.

Guess the Baby Item

See if guests can identify different baby items by looking at close-up pictures.

  1. Choose about ten baby items to use for the game. You can also use pictures of these items from a magazine.
  2. If you're playing via email, sent close-up images to guests.
  3. If you're on video, turn your camera off, hold the item really close to your camera, then turn your camera back on for the close-up shot.
  4. The first person to guess the correct item gets a point.
  5. The person with the most points at the end is the winner.

Cloth Diaper Challenge

No baby shower is complete without at least one baby shower diaper game. Guests will need to get creative to complete this DIY diaper challenge. This game works best on camera, but could be done through pictures.

  1. Ask each guest to find something in their house that can be used as a baby, but it can't be a real baby, a person, or a baby doll.
  2. When everyone has a baby, give the challenge.
  3. Each guest must find something to use as a cloth diaper and two things to hold the diaper in place. They can't use an actual diaper or real safety pins.
  4. Guests must then put their cloth diaper on their fake baby and hold it up to the camera.
  5. Award points for completing the task and creativity.

Rock the Baby Challenge

This video call game is a fun active game for your virtual baby shower.

  1. Ask each guest to hold their arms as if they were cradling a baby.
  2. Start a timer and tell everyone to start rocking that fake baby.
  3. The person who keeps their arms up rocking their fake baby the longest is the winner.

Baby Bump Challenge

See who can create the most realistic baby bump using household items in this fun video or photo game.

  1. Ask each guest to find something in their home and, off-camera, stuff their shirt so it looks like they're pregnant.
  2. Take turns showing off your baby bumps.
  3. Vote on which baby bump looks the most realistic.
  4. The person with the most realistic bump is one of the game winners.
  5. Each guest then gets one guess as to what's inside the winner's shirt.
  6. The guest who guesses the correct bump material is the second game winner.
Expecting couple having video conference

Two Truths and a Baby Lie

This simple word game can be played via email, text chat, or on a live video.

  1. Ask each guest to come up with two truths and one lie about themselves as babies.
  2. Take turns sharing and guessing which statement is the lie.
  3. Anyone who guesses the lie correctly gets a point.
  4. Anyone who stumps everyone else with their lie gets a point.
  5. The person with the most points at the end is the winner.

Name That Nursery Rhyme

You'll need to gather some soundbites from a variety of nursery rhymes for this game. If you got a nursery rhyme CD at home, you can simply play about 30 seconds of each song.

  1. Play 30 seconds of a kid's nursery rhyme.
  2. When the song stops, guests have to type in their guess for the song.
  3. The first person to guess the song wins the round.
  4. The person who wins the most rounds wins the game.

Thumb Suckers

Baby showers often include one game that takes place throughout the party and involves paying attention to others. In this video call game, you'll need to keep an eye out for someone sucking their thumb like a baby.

  1. Share the game at the start of the shower.
  2. Any guest can start sucking their thumb at any time during the shower.
  3. If someone starts sucking their thumb, everyone else must also do it as soon as they notice.
  4. The last person to suck their thumb loses the game.

Guess That Baby Animal

Instead of sharing real baby photos from the parents-to-be or guests, share baby animal pictures. You'll want to gather the photos and actual names for each baby animal in advance.

  1. Show one picture to the group.
  2. The first person to reply with the actual name for that baby animal gets a point. For example, a baby goat is a kid.
  3. The person with the most points at the end is the winner.

What's In the Baby Bottle?

You'll need to use either video or photos for this fun guessing game.

  1. Fill 5-10 baby bottles with different liquids like pickle juice, milk, or coffee.
  2. Number each bottle.
  3. Line up the bottles so guests can see them all at once.
  4. Ask guests to write down what they think is in each bottle.
  5. Award one point for a correct guess.
  6. The person with the most points at the end is the winner.

Online Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt

Guests will need to scour the internet to answer baby trivia and find famous baby pictures.

  1. Make a list of items you could find online that relate to babies. Think about certain viral baby memes, celebrity baby photos or baby names, and baby trivia questions.
  2. Give guests the list of items and a time limit for finding them.
  3. The first person to show you the completed list through links or photos of the items is the winner.

Baby Shower Mad Libs

It's easy to play baby shower Mad Libs live or via email.

  1. Find or write a paragraph related to babies like a classic children's story.
  2. Remove one word for each guest.
  3. Number the removed words in order and note what part of speech it is.
  4. Ask each guest to give you a baby related word for each part of speech you have written down.
  5. Add the guests words in the proper places where you removed words in the story.
  6. Read your new wacky baby story out loud.

How Well Do You Know the Mom Game

Baby shower guests love playing the how well do you know the mom game. In the virtual version, you'll use emojis and GIFs to answer the questions.

  1. Compile or print a list of questions that give information about the mom-to-be.
  2. Type one question at a time and ask guests to use emojis and GIFs to answer each based on what she knows about the expecting mom.
  3. Award one point for a correct answer that you can easily decipher from the sent image.
  4. The player with the most points at the end is the winner.
Pregnant woman sitting on laptop

Baby Shower Word Bingo

Similar to baby shower gift Bingo, this game requires guests to listen for baby related words during the shower.

  1. Each guest needs to make their own Bingo board. It should be a five-by-five grid.
  2. In each grid square, guests should write a baby word they think will be said at least once during the shower.
  3. When a guest hears a word on their card, they put an "X" in that spot.
  4. When a guest gets a row, she calls out "Bingo" and wins.

Baby Shower Memory Game

At the start of the shower, share information like the baby's due date, potential names, and anything else guests might want to know. At the end of the shower, ask guests to list all the information you shared at the start to see who remembers the most.

Printable Baby Shower Games

If you send them out in advance, guests can play a variety of printable baby shower games. Ask each guest to print off the games you've chosen and wait until the specified time during the event to complete them. For guests who don't have printers, you can mail the printables.

Virtual Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Even though your shower is virtual, you can still give out baby shower game prizes. Think of great digital gifts you can immediately send guests during the party or send prizes in the mail after the event.

  • E-gift cards
  • Netflix free movie codes
  • Ebooks
  • Choice of charity for a donation
  • One month of a video streaming service
  • One month of a music streaming service
  • An online class
  • Celebratory video from the mom-to-be

Shower Fun From Afar

You don't have to be in the same room to shower a pregnant friend or family member with fun. Check out classic baby shower games and think of easy ways you can adapt them to a virtual environment. The goal is to have fun and celebrate the coming of a new baby, so don't stress out about what's missing from your shower and enjoy what's there.

Creative Virtual Baby Shower Game Ideas