Free 40th Birthday Printable Trivia

40 year birthday

If you're looking for a fun activity for a 40th birthday party, trivia makes a great option. This epic trivia game is designed so that every answer has the number 40 in it, making it a fun addition to your 40th birthday celebration.

Download the Turning 40 Trivia Game

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Turning 40 trivia game

To access the game, click the image below. It will open in a separate tab or window as a PDF document that you can save and print. If you experience any issues with the document, use the tips in this guide to printables for assistance.

Use the save and print commands from the 'File' menu or toolbar.

Playing the Game

The first page of the printable document is the game and the second page has the answers. Print enough copies of the game sheet (first page) for each guest and one copy of the answer sheet (second page), which you will use to determine the winner. When it's time for activities, gather the guests and tell them they'll be playing 'turning 40 trivia.'

  1. Explain that you'll be providing each guest with a fill-in list of ten trivia questions, each of which has the number 40 in the answer at least once. Tell them that they'll have five minutes to answer as many of the trivia questions as possible. The person with the most correct answers wins.
  2. Establish any ground rules you want to use, such as specifying whether or not guests can pair up or work in a team, or if they are allowed to use their smartphones to look up answers.
  3. Give each guest a facedown copy of the game sheet and a pen. Instruct them not to turn it over until you say 'go.' Anyone who turns it over early should be disqualified.
  4. Once everyone has a sheet, set a timer, do a brief countdown and tell the guests to 'go.'
  5. Give a warning when there are 60 seconds left and again at 30 seconds.
  6. When time runs out, tell everyone to put down their pens.
  7. Gather the game sheets and tally responses to determine the winner.
  8. Announce the winner(s) and award prizes.

Creating Additional 40th Birthday Trivia Games

Of course, this is just one option for a trivia game for a 40th birthday party. You can create other fun games by writing questions centered on other themes appropriate for this particular occasion. For example:

  • Compile snippets of songs that were hits 40 years ago and have guests guess who recorded them.
  • Provide clues about world events that took place the year the birthday guy or gal was born and have people guess what they are.
  • Compile a list of quotes about turning 40 and have guests guess who said each phrase.
  • Come up with a list of fun fact questions related to the number 40 or thing that occurred 40 years ago and have guests compete to see who can answer them the fastest.

40th Birthday Fun for All

Whether you use fill-in sheets like the games presented here or opt for a quiz show style format, trivia games can add a lot of fun and excitement to a 40th birthday celebration. Whatever options you choose, the guests are sure to have a blast (from the past)!

Free 40th Birthday Printable Trivia