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general knowledge quiz

Everyone knows a little bit about something in the world. That's why a general knowledge quiz printable is good to have on hand at your next party or family get-together.

Printable General Knowledge Quiz

Print LoveToKnow's General Knowledge Quiz

Print LoveToKnow's general knowledge quiz questions for use at your next party or family fun night. These printed questions were written for adults because of their difficulty; however, the content is appropriate for all ages. If you need help downloading the printable quiz, check out these helpful tips.

Other Printable Quizzes

You can also find other printable general knowledge quizzes online, including:

  • Free for Kids offers an array of Adobe printable quizzes for kids of all ages and education levels.
  • Ken's Quiz Site also has general knowledge quizzes you can download as a PDF and print.
  • Pub Quiz Questions HQ has numerous quizzes you can download and print that are appropriate for adults.

What Is General Knowledge?

Information that is available to the general public is considered general knowledge. It is acquired mainly through education and life lessons, and while it may be interesting, it may not all be practical. General knowledge includes true and factual information about:

  • People
  • Society
  • Geography
  • Animals
  • Pop culture
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Politics
  • Current events
  • Sports
  • Science
  • Religion or Christianity
  • Technology

Questions for this type of quiz range from simple and elementary to gargantuan and intricate. They can be something you know a lot about, such as a hobby or music genre, or very little about, such as sports or technology.

Create Your Own Quiz

Is easy to create your own quiz, as well. The internet is full of facts you can turn into quiz questions for participants of all levels. Of course, you can also use any of the above printable quizzes for a fun way to test general knowledge.

General Knowledge Printable Quiz