How to Make a Wrist Corsage

Three girls wearing wrist corsages

Learning how to make a wrist corsage is easy. With a little practice, you will be able to make beautiful corsages quickly.

Occasions for Corsages

A corsage is a miniature flower bouquet worn on the wrist or chest of a female. The wrist corsage is often preferable to the one worn on the chest, as those must be pinned onto clothing. The pin can poke the wearer and creates small holes in the clothing fabric.

Wear or give a corsage for the following special occasions:

  • Bridal showers
  • Baby showers
  • Valentine's Day
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Mother's Day
  • High school or college dances, like homecoming or prom
  • Retirement

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to buy theme birthday corsages or expensive to pay for a floral corsage near the holidays. In these instances, it is helpful to know how to make a wrist corsage yourself.

Instructions on How to Make a Wrist Corsage

Making a wrist corsage is not necessarily a difficult task. In fact, you can be as creative as you want in the color and design of your corsage. Match it to the party theme, decoration colors or outfit of the honoree.


  • One silk rose, color of your choice
  • Two to four small sweetheart roses in complementary color to the larger rose
  • Baby's breath
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors for cutting faux flowers
  • Floral adhesive
  • Wristlet, ribbon or elastic band
  • Optional: Embellishments like beads, rhinestones or charms


  1. Cut all of the flowers approximately two inches from the head, saving the smaller leaves.
  2. Arrange the smaller flowers around the larger bloom and tape the stems together with floral tape.
  3. Intersperse the smaller leaves around the back of the blooms, using floral adhesive to attach them.
  4. Arrange some baby's breath behind the rose heads and leaves where it looks sparse, and attach the stems to the roses with floral tape.
  5. Add any optional embellishments to the corsage, such as charms or rhinestones.
  6. Affix the corsage to the wristlet, ribbon or elastic band. Purchase wristlets through flower shops, online or at craft stores. Use floral adhesive to glue the flowers to a wristlet. To use a ribbon, measure a length approximately five inches. Cut both of the ribbon ends into a v- or w-shape for a nice finish. Cut a small slit in the center of the ribbon and pull the wrapped stems through the hole. Bend the ends off to one side. Use a few stitches to hold the stems in place. To use an elastic band with your wrist corsage, glue the corsage to the band and then make a bow with ribbon around the stem, at the bottom of the flowers.

A faux flower wrist corsage is practical, because it does not need any special storage. Additionally, silk flowers are sturdier than fresh, making them easier for beginners to work with in this project. However, if you are experienced working with live blooms, you can make the same corsage above. Place the live corsage into the refrigerator in a small plastic bag or box for safekeeping.

Wrist Corsage Tips

Practice is the most important thing when it comes to learning how to make a wrist corsage. Make several a few weeks before the special occasion where the corsage will be worn. Other tips include:

  • Flower arrangements look best with an odd number of blooms.
  • Use smaller flowers in a wrist corsage compared to a handheld bouquet.
  • Choose your favorite types of flowers to use in the corsage, from roses to carnations to orchids, or the honoree's favorite flowers.
  • Take lessons in corsage making from a local florist or craft store if you want to make corsages on a regular basis. This way, you learn directly from a professional how to compose the flowers in a corsage, as well as tips and tricks of the flower arranging trade.

The wrist corsage is a beautiful gift to present to any woman on a special occasion. Making the corsage yourself will not only save you money, but also show her how much you care. Customize the corsage to fit the occasion and her personality.

How to Make a Wrist Corsage