How to Word Your Sip and See Invitation

Published May 17, 2021
Mom holds baby daughter in her lap at an outdoor dining table

A Sip and See party is an event where people can come and meet your latest little addition. They are fun, lighthearted occasions full of joy as everyone is so thrilled that the baby is finally here safe and sound. If you are throwing a Sip and See party, make sure that you word your invitation in a perfect way to capture your event.

Sip and See Invite Wording for a New Baby Boy

If you're throwing a Sip and See for your baby boy, consider wording your invitation with one of these catchy, cute quotes.

  • Come and peek at our bundle of joy. It is with great pleasure that we introduce our brand new baby boy.
  • The buzz is out. Our baby bee has joined our family.
  • Low on sleep but in a loving haze, our baby boy has brightened our days. Come meet the guest of honor (baby's name.)
  • Bats, balls, frogs, and trucks. With our son, we can't believe our luck. We welcome you to meet our precious boy at our Sip and See.
  • Warm and cozy! Come sip hot cocoa as we introduce our son to our dearest family and friends. (Use this for a winter Sip and See.)
  • Beautiful, bright, baby boy. We welcome our friends to meet and enjoy.
  • Finally, here in our arms. Please join us in welcoming our son to the world.
  • Please join us at our Sip and See as we welcome our boy with love and glee.
  • He is all we ever wanted. More than we ever hoped for. Better than we could have dreamed. Please attend our son's Sip and See as we can not wait to introduce him to our loved ones.
  • We are over the moon with our son's arrival. Please gather with love at our Sip and See.
Blue Sip and See invitation with Booties

Sip and See Invite Wording for a New Baby Girl

You cannot wait to show off your beautiful little Princess, and these Sip and See invitation wordings are perfect ways to kick off the party.

  • Sugar, spice, and all things nice. We invite you to a Sip and See in honor of our little lady.
  • Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes. A world of pink and frills and bows. Join us in a Sip and See to meet our darling daughter.
  • Surprise! It's a she! Come meet our little lady at our Sip and See.
  • Our universe is now complete. Meet our daughter, our love, our sweet!
  • Join us in showering our little girl with love as we celebrate her arrival with a Sip and See.
  • We made a masterpiece! Join us at our Sip and See as we reveal our best work yet.
  • Drink, eat, and feast your eyes on our precious little daughter.
  • Our girl, our world, our everything for all the days. We humbly ask you to join us at our Sip and See to welcome our daughter into our lives.
  • Please eat, drink and enjoy our treats. Be our guest at our Sip and See, our most special feat.
  • Our hearts are forever hers. Our family asks that you join us in a Sip and See to meet our new arrival.
Infant hand holding one yellow balloon on pink background

Cute Sip and See Invite Wording for Any New Baby

These cute sayings are perfect for a baby boy or baby girl Sip and See party. Whether your life is now full of pink or completely blue, these adorable invitation wordings will work great for any general theme of a party thrown morning, noon, or night.

  • Join us for a morning full of donuts and diapers!
  • Join us for bottles and bubbly!
  • Three cheers! Our little one is finally here. Please join us in welcoming him/her into the world.
  • Join us for brunch and babies.
  • Join us for brunch and meet the newest member of our bunch.
  • Sip and see and have some tea. (Throw a vintage tea party Sip and See.)
  • A star is born. Welcome (baby's name) the brightest little light in our entire world.
  • Bottoms up! Let's toast to the newest member of the family.
  • Come and peek at our bundle of joy.
  • Sip, see, greet and meet our little wonder.
  • Tiny hands and tiny feet. We have a new family member for everyone to meet.
  • Sprinkle our little one with love. (Pair this saying with a sundae bar and sprinkle toppings.)
  • The sweetest thing has finally arrived. Meet our delicious darling at our Sip and See. (Set up a party full of tasty, sugary snacks.)
  • Join us in this new and exciting chapter of our lives. You are invited to our Sip and See to meet our greatest adventure yet.
  • Meet the apple of our eye. (Great for a fall arrival.)
Colourful Sippy Cups in Blue Background

Useful Tips on Wording Sip and See Invitations

When it comes to Sip and See invites, the world is your oyster. Like baby showers and sprinkles, anything goes on a Sip and See invitation. It is common to play on a theme in your invite, as you would do in a baby shower invitation. Get inspired and create an invitation and party that is fun and exciting because having a new baby should be exactly that! While you can choose any wording you like on a Sip and See invitation, remember some key elements to include.

List an RSVP

True, Sip and See parties are more casual than formal baby showers, but you should still ask people to RSVP. It's good to have a general idea as to how many people will be attending your party so that you can provide enough snacks, beverages, and seating.

Be Straightforward With Certain Requests

People coming to a Sip and See won't want to show up empty-handed. If you feel strongly about not wanting gifts, specifically say so on your invite. If you know your people, and you know they are going to want to bring something anyhow, consider asking guests to make a charitable donation to a cause close to your heart. If you don't want everyone kissing your new baby, note a "no kisses" clause on your invitation. This will save you a ton of awkward, "No thank you's" come the day of the party.

Include All Important Aspects for the Party Day

Just as you would a birthday party, wedding shower, or baby shower invitation, make sure to include the key aspects of the party for any guests. List the date, the time, the address, and a phone number where the host can be reached for questions.

A Wonderful Time to Celebrate Life

New babies really are something special. Throw a Sip and See for friends and family because if there were ever a time to be proud and show something grand off, it would be now!

How to Word Your Sip and See Invitation