Ideas for a Frozen Themed Birthday Party

Frozen party dessert table
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The popularity of the Disney movie Frozen has created a frenzy of parents trying to recreate the magic for their children's birthday parties. Keep your cool by using some of these festive ideas that are sure to help you let go of your party-planning stress.

Icy Invitations

The invitations will let all your child's friends know about their upcoming icy adventure! Plenty of invites are out there for purchase that you can customize with your party details. Free printable Frozen invitations and email invitations are also available.

You can also make your own invitations by using simple supplies and following the easy instructions below:

Frozen party invitation
  1. Download the pop-up snowflake pop-up invitation template using Adobe Reader.
  2. Follow the snowflake pop-up card instructions through step 6.
  3. Instead of writing Merry Christmas on the outside of the card, write "You're Invited."
  4. Below the front message, add a decorative Frozen sticker.
  5. On the inside of the card, include the party details like when and where the party will be held.
  6. Mail the invitations in stamped and addressed envelopes.


Decorations create the right atmosphere. If you're focusing more on Olaf or Elsa, you may want to stick with white and blue colors for your décor. However, if Anna and Kristoff (and maybe Sven, too!) will be part of the festivities, you may want to incorporate dark purples and fuchsias as well.

Hanging Decorations

Doorways, walls, and ceilings are all areas to hang decorations. These items will help you make the most out of your party space:

  • String up blue icicle lights around the edges of the room and keep them plugged in throughout the party.
Disney Frozen scene setter
Disney Frozen scene setter
  • Hang paper snowflakes on fishing line at varying heights from the ceiling over the party space.
  • Scatter a few snowmen paper lanterns among the snowflakes on the ceiling.
  • Cover doorways with snowflake curtains that feature silver fringe with blue and white snowflakes that kids can walk through.
  • Paper a wall with a Frozen backdrop that features Anna, Elsa, and Olaf with a Happy Birthday message.
  • Add a Kristoff stand-up near the backdrop.

Table Decorations

Make sure the table looks as festive as the rest of the party space by incorporating these ideas:

  • Cover the table with a plastic cloth in white, blue, fuchsia, or purple.
  • Hang ice garland, tissue paper tassels, or a Frozen birthday banner across the front of the table.
  • If you didn't use the backdrop in another area of the party, it could also be placed behind the table. Alternatively, hang streamers in your party colors behind the buffet table.
  • Wrap chairs with streamers to match the table cloth and tie bows in the back.
  • Create a faux table runner using Kristoff & Sven duck tape down the center of the table. Use approximately five strips and stagger them to create a pattern.
  • Use reindeer standees as centerpieces. You can tie a single balloon to each in the same color as the tablecloth to help tie things together.

Finish your party decorations by picking up Frozen-themed tableware.

Anna's Awesome Activities

Have a few different activities so all your Elsas, Annas, and Kristoffs will stay entertained during the party.

Ann and Elsa

Royal Visit

Treat your child and all the guests by hiring entertainers to visit the party as Elsa, Anna, or both. Most princess companies are local, like New York Princess Party and The Cinderella Company, although there are a few out there that do have multiple locations like Fairytale Entertainment. Packages and options will vary depending on the company you choose, but many offer options like posing for photos during meet-and-greets, reading stories, helping lead guests in singing Happy Birthday, and more.

Entertainers often need to be booked several months in advance and may require a non-refundable deposit. Keep in mind your overall party budget before deciding to book a royal visit.

Kristoff's Ice Challenge

Kristoff's job was to cut and haul ice blocks, so see how well the kids fare when they have to haul their own ice blocks!


Before the party, gather enough plastic sleds so each child can have one (or you can choose to have kids do this in teams of two). Borrow from neighbors or friends, or request that children bring their own in the invitations. Also gather plenty of shoeboxes and other cardboard boxes of that size. Cover them in white or pale blue paper to resemble ice blocks. You'll need six per sled.


  1. Pile all the ice boxes at one end of the party space.
  2. At the other end of the party space, create a finish line.
  3. Have children stand near their sleds in a line.
  4. When you say "go," they must grab six ice blocks and stack them in a pyramid (three on the bottom, then two in the middle, then one on top) in the sled.
  5. Children must then pull the sled across the finish line.
  6. Each time one of the ice blocks falls off the sled, s/he needs to go back to the starting line and begin again.
  7. The first child (or pair) to cross the finish line without having any of the blocks fall off during the trip is the winner.

Save Sven!

Modify the traditional game of Capture the Flag to fit your Frozen theme. Purchase two Sven stuffed animals and divide children into two teams. Tie streamers in two different party colors around the stuffed animals to keep them straight between the two teams. If desired, add loosely tied streamers around the children's waists in their team colors so they can remember who is on their team.

Explain the rules below to them before they start playing. Let the winners be first in line for the cake!

  1. Place the two Svens across from each other in a large room or yard. Make it more challenging by putting Sven in places like the top of a slide or behind a tree.
  2. Pick a place in the middle as the starting line.
  3. Give the teams five minutes to decide their strategy for retrieving the Sven and who will stay behind to defend their Sven from the other team.
  4. Line the children up near the starting line.
  5. When you say "go," allow the children to try to get the Sven from behind the other team's lines.
  6. When someone from the opposite team touches someone else, they must sit in a designated area for one minute before returning to the game.
  7. The first team to retrieve the Sven from the other team is the winning team.

Remind children before the game starts that they must simply touch one another to tag; no pushing allowed.

Frozen-Inspired Foods

At a Frozen birthday party, you can serve the same kids' party menu as you would at other themed parties - just be sure to include some festive treats that match the movie's theme or your color scheme.

Meal Options

If you're serving a full meal with sides, consider shaping items to represent things from the movie - for example, meatloaf can be shaped to look like Olaf, as can scoops of mashed potatoes. Alternatively, pick up frozen pizza with a side of mixed frozen vegetables for the main meal, bringing Frozen to the table in a different manner.

Buffet Options

Frozen birthday cake

If you want to host a small buffet, a few ideas to include are:

  • Blue punch with plenty of ice
  • Blue and white M&M'S in a glass candy dish
  • Individual blue, white, or fuchsia cake pops with sprinkles
  • Skewers with blueberries, banana slices, and raspberries
  • Carrots
  • Blue raspberry Jello
  • Coconut snowball cookies

The cake frequently takes center stage at any child's birthday party, and one with a Frozen theme is no exception. Have it decorated with snowflakes or even fondant figures of the different characters. If Olaf is the main attraction at the party, consider making a cake with tiers to represent his body.


Do you want to build a snowman kit

When the kids arrive at the party, hand out Elsa headband crowns to the girls and reindeer antlers to the boys to wear throughout the party. The kids can then take these home as their favors.

Additional ideas include:

Open the Door to New Ideas

When planning a Frozen theme birthday party, it's important to keep an open mind and door to new ideas. You want to make your son or daughter's party stand out among the other Disney-themed parties.

Ideas for a Frozen Themed Birthday Party