Fun Kids' Birthday Party Places

Updated January 22, 2019
Children at birthday party

As a parent looking to host a child's birthday somewhere other than your home, you may think your only options are the local park or Chuck E. Cheese. Luckily, there are plenty of other fun birthday party places for kids that take care of all the details so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Active Party Places for Kids

Plan a party at a place that keeps kids moving and playing throughout the whole event.

My Gym

Get youngsters running and jumping at exiting birthday parties held at My Gym locations across the United States and dozens of other countries. Each party includes at least 1.5 hours for the party, as well as teachers, games, songs, and use of the facility. Most locations offer several levels of parties, starting at around $200 up to $600. Add-ons to each party cost extra but can include pizza, balloons and face painting. Contact a My Gym location near you for more details.

Monster Mini Golf

The glow-in-the-dark, 18-hole mini golf course is a perfect setting for youngsters who want to have an exciting birthday. Each Monster Mini Golf location allows 1.5 hours for the party room, plus a round of golf for all the people attending. Non-refundable deposits are required for parties, which start at $150 to $200, depending on the party package and location. You must bring your own food, but the place provides table service, decoration and refrigeration for food. Contact a location for more information by clicking on your party site in the left sidebar.

Pump It Up Inflatables

Kids will love to run and jump on the slides, bounce houses and more at Pump It Up, an indoor inflatable play area. Four levels of fun are available for parties. A basic party includes supervised playtime and approximately half an hour in the party room. Parties can also include food, drink, balloons, goody bags, and more. Prices vary depending on the day of the week, the number of children, the party package, and the venue's location around the country, but typically start at over $150.

Monkey Joe's

Children under 12 will love to play at Monkey Joe's on their birthdays. Several packages are available, each one locally priced, with various options, but most start at around $200. All packages include invitations, playtime, a party host, drinks, and tableware. Set-up and clean-up are also included. Bring your own cake to this party or take advantage of add-ons like pizza and ice cream offered by the establishment.

Active Birthday Party Venue Ideas

If you can't find one of these businesses nearby, there are tons of other active party venues you could look for.

  • Trampoline park
  • Indoor or outdoor playground
  • Go cart racing track
  • Ice skating rink
  • Roller skating rink
  • Bowling alley
  • Skate park
  • Kids' ninja warrior gym
  • Ski resort
  • Laser tag facility
  • Farm

Crafty Party Places for Kids

Not all kids are into sports or want to run around on their birthday. If your child is into arts and crafts, you can find a great party place for him to enjoy his special day.

Color Me Mine

Each Color Me Mine studio has its own pricing and options for making clay projects to take home. Depending on the studio, packages are priced per person or per total package. Deposits are required when booking. Each party includes a piece to make, instructions, and clean-up. Some locations handle refreshments while others require parents to bring in their own. Themed birthday parties are available at many locations. Check your area studio for more information.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft

Have a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft birthday party at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores, starting at just $125 for eight kids ages 5 to 12. This includes a special project, supplies, treat decorating supplies, instructor, and invitations. Bring your own decorations, tableware, food and drink, treats for decorating, cake and candles. Not all locations offer this program, so check your local store to see if yours does.


Build-A-Bear Workshop parties are perfect for children who love their teddy bears. The minimum amount is 6 guests starting at $12 each if you choose the "Make Your Own Party" option. All party packages include a photo, birthday gift for the guest of honor, favors, printable invites and thank yous, and a fun virtual game to play at home. Additional options include different stuffed animals, clothing, and sounds.

Crafty Birthday Party Venue Ideas

If the big name craft stores are booked or out of budget, you can find many other arts & crafts venues for your child's birthday party.

  • Kids' paint night company
  • Local artisan's studio
  • Legoland discovery center
  • Holistic or wizard-themed business with potions and wand-making classes
  • Bakery
  • Candy store
  • Art museum
  • Movie theater

Unique Party Places for Kids

Kids' birthday party places aren't limited to sports and craft activities. Plenty of other fun venues offer fun things for kids to do, too.

Snip-its Salon

Snip-its hairdressing salon caters just to kids, making it the perfect place for a child's birthday party. Four different themed parties are available, from a spa package to a rock star package. Each package includes some fun dress-up time and makeovers central to the theme. Unfortunately, prices and total package details are not available online, so you will need to contact your local Snip-its for more details.

Young Chefs Academy

The Young Chefs Academy is the perfect place for an aspiring chef. Party options vary greatly from location to location. Some locations offer just a few basic packages, with options like adding on goody bags or cupcakes, while others have a variety of themed food parties, from a pizza party to a fiesta party. Packages do include the food the kids make, use of the kitchen, and supplies for the menu. Check your local Academy for more information, including pricing.

Incredible Pizza Company

Located in seven states, Incredible Pizza Company is perfect for both youngsters and older kids. Play fun games while enjoying pizza or the buffet. Several packages are available, including one specifically for kids ages 6 and under. All packages include food and drink, party invitations and thank yous, game cards for guests, a balloon bouquet, and more. Packages start at around $15 per guest and go up, depending on what you want included. Book your party online at the location nearest you.

Unique Birthday Party Venue Ideas

Think about your child's interests and hobbies to come up with exciting new kids' birthday party venue options.

  • Children's museum
  • Petting zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Nature Center
  • Fossil dig site
  • Riverboat
  • Pirate ship
  • Swimming complex
  • Science museum
  • Arcade
  • Kids' amusement park
  • American Girl store

Original Party Ideas for Kids

If you're up for a little planning, you can create an original party experience at almost any local venue. Look for a big open space then get creative with games, activities, decorations, and refreshments to match your theme.

Nerf Gun Party

Ask guests to bring their own Nerf guns, but supply bowls or buckets of standard Nerf darts around the play space at your DIY Nerf gun party. Set the ground rules: no shooting in the face, at close range, or at unarmed guests, before the fun begins. You can even coordinate the food and drinks with the theme by choosing items in classic Nerf colors like bright blue and orange. Set up targets and hiding spots around one side of the room made from:

  • Plastic party cups stacked in pyramids on top of tables or large boxes
  • Large cardboard boxes with holes cut in the sides
  • Plastic party cups with their bottoms glued to a piece of flat cardboard then hung on the wall
Nerf Gun Party

Glow Dance Party

Get a couple of black lights, glow sticks, glow necklaces, and other glow-in-the-dark accessories, and fun light-up bluetooth speakers to create a glowing dance party. Make a party playlist ahead of time with songs kids love dancing to. Invite guests to wear white on their clothing or apparel with glow-in-the-dark accents to help light up the room. Use dark blankets, towels, or curtains to cover up all the windows in the place so it's really dark. Add strands of Christmas lights around tables or line them with glow sticks to make them more visible.

Video Game Tournament Party

Choose one or two consoles to feature at the party then ask family members and guests to bring theirs. Gather as many consoles and controllers as you can so everyone can play at the same time. Set up stations near all the plugs around the room for tournaments. Use poster board to create a score sheet next to each gaming station and choose only one game to play there. You can choose different games for each station. Look for games that are quick to play. When you get down to the finals at each station, ask guests to gather round, watch, and cheer on the players.

Giving Back Party

Many kids today are opting for parties that benefit the charity or nonprofit organization of their choice. If you can host the party at the organization's location, it will add to the theme. Either way, ask guests to bring specific items or donations in lieu of presents for the birthday kid. Create activities that mimic the agency's mission, such as caring for stuffed animals if you're benefitting a local animal shelter or making cards for active duty military personnel for a military benefit.

Fort Party

Provide blankets, sheets, boxes, chairs, clothespins, and anything else kids could use to make their own forts. Kids can work as a team to build the largest fort possible or each make their own. Give out prizes for Most Creative, Biggest, Smallest, and other feats.

Easy Parties for Kids

Just because a party is fun for the kids doesn't mean it has to be work for the adults. Book your child's birthday party at a fun franchise near you and you'll enjoy every minute, from the first guest's arrival until all the candles are blown out.

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