Photo Booth Prop Printables

photo booth props

Photo booths have become a standard activity for different types of celebrations, from birthdays and weddings, to graduations and simple family get-togethers. Use some fun photo booth props that you can print from your home computer.

Generic Photo Booth Props

Generic photo booth props can be used for any event or occasion. For instance, you could use red lips, glasses and mustache stick props for any type of event, from a child's birthday party to a wedding.

Check out the Adobe Printable guide for help with printing the props. It is best to print them onto white card stock. This will help them to be sturdier and to hold up with repeated use. If your printer does not print well on card stock, you can print them on copy paper, cut them out and paste them onto cardstock. You may also want to put a piece of clear contact paper over the front to give it shine and extra support.

Glasses and Moustaches

Make several fun face combinations by putting together two pairs of glasses and two mustaches.

Glasses and moustaches
Click to print the glasses and moustaches.

Silly Face

Large "googly" eyes and a fake nose and lips are sure to bring giggles to your guests.

silly face props
Click to print the silly face.

Hat and Bow Tie

Print a brown hat and a blue and yellow polka-dotted bow tie for any party.

hat and bow tie props
Click to print the hat and bow tie props.

Red Hair and Lips

Be a head-turner with the red hair and lips props.

hair and lips props
Click to print the hair and lips props.

How to Use the Printables

Once you have found the right props and printed them, it's time to assemble, decorate, and use them.

Cutting and Assembling

Cut them out with a sharp pair of scissors. Use a craft knife if you have to cut out interior pieces, such as the inside of a glasses prop.

After you have fully cut out the pieces, you can use a glue gun to attach wooden lollipop sticks to the backs. If you don't have lollipop sticks, you can use straws, but be sure to use tape to attach the straw to the back of the props because a glue gun will melt the plastic.


If you want to make your props even more special, consider adding some decorations to them.

  • Add glitter to the red lips to add a little shine. Simple craft glue and glitter is easy to apply and creates a big impact.
  • Consider using yarn to hair and mustache props. Add orange or red yarn to the woman's hair. Simply cover the hair prop with craft glue and cut yarn pieces to the correct length.
  • If you want to jazz-up a pair of glasses prop, put small stickers or bows on the corners. You can also cover the holes where the lenses would be with clear cellophane and cut to size to make them look more like real glasses.

Other props can be embellished too. Add glitter to a golden crown to make it sparkle or use felt to give texture to ties or hats.

Using the Props

In addition to the party photo booth props you may want to consider providing guests with other props such as hats, feather boas, oversized glasses, and a chalkboard and chalk so they can write their own personal message.

You can simply lay the props on a table near the booth or put the sticks in a weighted vase.

Props for Special Occasions

If generic props don't suit your soiree, look for props that will help celebrate the reason for your event.


Photo booths are a fun addition to a wedding.

  • The Budget Savvy Bride offers three pages of printable photo booth props that can be used at your wedding. There are some generic props such as red lips and a variety of mustaches, but there is also a diamond engagement ring and a heart, perfect for a wedding.
  • Download and print heart and love theme photo booth props available through Magnet Street. They are available in red, pink, and in grey scale.
  • There are a whopping 42 pages of free wedding themed signs to choose from, including "team bride" and "team groom" to arrows and signs that say, "I'm his Mrs." and the counterpart to it, "I'm her Mr.", in this download from Invitations by Dawn.


Celebrate the new graduate with graduation themed photo booth props.

  • Kids Can Have Fun offers a blue mortarboard printable, perfect for a graduation party. They also offer the cap in black.
  • Download all 12 pages of these graduation signs and conversation bubbles from Botanical Paper Works. They also offer these fun signs that say, "We did it!" and "YOLO!" and other appropriate terms.
  • Show-off your fake diploma or display a "College for Dummies" book with these props from Everyday Dishes.

Child's Birthday Party

Kid's birthday parties can be made more fun with fun photo booth props.

Save Your Props

Props can be used for a variety of events, so when you are done with your party, consider holding onto the props. Keep them flat in a shoe or shirt box for easy storage.

Photo Booth Prop Printables