Planning a Princess Birthday Party

Updated January 24, 2019
princess birthday party

If your daughter would love to live happily ever after in a faraway kingdom, indulge her with a fairytale princess birthday party. While real and fictional princesses have opulent lifestyles, your little princess' party can be pulled off on any budget with a little creativity.

Princess Party Invitations

Set the tone for your child's royal birthday party with princess party invitations. Since guests will likely want to dress for the theme, send invites out three to six weeks in advance to give parents time to find princess attire for their child.

Princess invitation card

Invitation Wording

The wording on your invitations should address everything from what guests are expected to wear to what kinds of foods will be served. The more information you can get on the invitation, the more prepared guest's parents will feel for the themed party. You can use fun, themed wording, just be sure the party details are still recognizable.

DIY Princess Coloring Page Invitations

Download and print a free princess coloring page. Add details about the party then make copies. Send each guest the coloring page invitation and ask them to color it and bring it as their ticket to enter the party.

DIY Paper Crown Invitations

Use a printable paper crown template to create your own crown invitations. Choose the crown style you like best. You can simply write the party details on the front of the crown then let your little princess decorate it to make a unique invite for each guest. Another option is to print two of the same crown template, decorate the front of one and write the party info on the front of the other, then staple them together like a book with the decorative crown as the cover.

Princess Party Decorations

Decorations and party supplies for a princess party can be as simple or as elaborate as your creativity and your budget allow. Purchase goods that already feature a princess theme or make homemade princess decorations.

Princess Theme

There are dozens of traditional and non-traditional princess themes to choose from for your child's special day. Have your child choose which type of princess party she wants.

  • Pirate princess party for both boys and girls who can dress up as either character.
  • Get out the wings and magic for a fairy princess party.
  • Add sparkle to winter parties with an ice princess theme.
  • An Arabian princess theme celebrates your family history or diversity.
  • If your child has a favorite real or fictional princess, she can become the inspiration for your theme.

Princess Color Scheme

While pink might be the first color that comes to mind, princess parties can use different color combinations to reflect princesses from different regions. Decorate the room with streamers, crepe paper, balloons, and ribbon in your chosen colors. Magic wands, glass slippers, and tiaras in coordinating colors can be placed on walls or tables. Take inspiration from your child's favorite Disney princess or another princess character.

  • Yellow, gold, and royal blue inspired by Beauty and the Beast or Snow White
  • Pale blue and silver from Cinderella or Elsa from Frozen
  • Emerald green and pink/red like The Little Mermaid
  • Bright green and light pink inspired by Tinker Bell
  • Ivory, gold, and red like the royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate
  • Shades of purple from Sophia the First or Rapunzel
Girls wearing crown dressed up as princesses

Princess Table Settings and Centerpieces

Have one table set up as the center of the party. Cover it with a vinyl or plastic tablecloth then tape balloons in coordinating colors around the edge of the table. Place your princess birthday cake or cupcakes on the table. Arrange party favors or grab bags around the cake. Set guest tables with all tableware for a formal feeling. Have a large centerpiece in a princess theme in the center of each guest table. Some ideas for centerpieces include:

  • Decorate paper towel and toilet paper tubes to look like castle towers with cone-shaped tops made from cardstock and group them together.
  • Create a mini princess doll out of a toilet paper tube and fabric scraps.
  • Make a princess balloon display by filling a medium-sized basket with sparkly tissue paper, a tiara, and a wand. Tie princess themed balloons to the basket's handle.
  • Draw a dragon onto a piece of cardboard then cut it out leaving a short strip on either side at the bottom. Decorate the dragon then fold back the short strips to make it stand.

Easy DIY Princess Decorations

Use your theme, color scheme, and craft supplies to make uniquely royal party decorations.

  • Make several copies of free printable paper flowers, cut them out, and stack them on top of each other. Add a green pipe cleaner through the center for big decorative flowers.
  • String together rows of paper snowflakes to make a banner for an ice princess party.
  • Use natural materials like sticks and rocks to make little fairy houses you can place around the room.
  • Gather flowers from your yard or buy fake flowers to make flower crowns you can hang on the walls or from tables.
  • Sew a quick pennant banner using princess fabrics like tulle or silk.
  • Make paper doll chains in the shape of princesses on colored paper to match your scheme.
Project of children's creativity, handicrafts, crafts for kids.

Princess Party Foods

Whether you serve a full, multi-course meal or simply serve snacks, make sure your food is fit for a princess.

Princess Party Drinks

You can make any drink from pink lemonade to fruit punch look fancy by serving it in plastic champagne glasses or adding decorative straws. If you want to take your drink station a step further, make a colorful drink to match your theme.

  • Fruit smoothies come in a variety of vibrant colors and don't usually have as much sugar as store-bought colored drinks for kids.
  • Get creative with drinks that mix red or pink beverages with clear ones resulting in pretty pink punch recipes.
  • Make virgin cocktails that pack big flavor and color such as a virgin strawberry daiquiri.
Cup of punch with candy decoration

Princess Party Snacks

Finger foods are ideal for kids' birthday party menus because kids tend to graze rather than sit and eat when they are distracted by fun. Give your classic snack buffet a princess twist by choosing treats in your color scheme or serving them in unique ways.

  • Glue mini paper crowns to toothpicks and inserts into chunks of cheese or mini sandwiches.
  • Make a fruit tray in the shape of a crown or castle using only red fruits like watermelon, strawberries, and red grapes.
  • Use crown, castle, and star cookie cutters to cut shapes out of sandwiches or bread.
  • Serve pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and colored sprinkles as magic wands.
  • Purchase Princess themed snack crackers or gummy snacks.
  • Add paper crowns to the end of wooden skewers then line the rest of the skewer with grapes for an easy edible wand.
Tiara Cupcake

Princess Party Cakes

The cake is one of the most important details of the princess birthday party. If you decide to make your own cake, purchase a castle shaped pan or add princess decorations to a standard cake. Cakes for a princess party are available in most local bakeries and grocery stores. You can find cakes and cupcakes featuring the following:

  • Disney princesses
  • Castles and carriages
  • Glass slippers or fancy high heel shoes
  • Tiaras and crowns
  • Wands and magic
Cake with pink cream, white chocolate, decorated with marshmallow and gold crown

Activities for a Princess Birthday Party

While dressing up is usually part of a princess party, you can also play princess party games and invent your own activities to keep the fun going.

Princess Dress-up

Have the guests come dressed in their princess best. After your guests arrive, bring out your treasure chest filled with princess accessories such as:

  • Feather boas
  • Beaded bracelets
  • Tiaras
  • Plastic rings
  • Fancy shoes

After the princesses are appropriately accessorized, take keepsake photos with an instant camera. Place each photo in a frame for a memorable party favor.

Royal Ball

Now that the girls are dressed in high style, take them to the ball! Play classical music and allow them to glide around the room. When they bore of that, turn on some high-energy kids' music and let them wiggle!

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

For this activity, either buy, draw, or trace a picture of a horse, preferably in white or a pastel color. Draw at least one horn for each girl and cut them out in coordinating colors. Prior to the party, hang the horse picture on the wall at the girls' eye level. To play, have each girl hold one horn and either a pin or a piece of tape. Then blindfold the girls, lightly twirl them, and point them in the direction of the horse. See who can get the horn closest to the unicorn's head!

Slay the Dragon

Buy a pinata in a dragon theme. Fill it with candy, jewelry, and princess trinkets. Blindfold each princess and allow her to slay the evil dragon.

Boy preparing to hit piñata

Princess Balloon Pop

For this activity, you need one balloon per child. Prior to the party, insert a small prize inside each balloon. Ideas for prizes include:

  • Plastic rings
  • Beaded bracelets
  • Miniature crowns, castles, or slippers
  • Stickers

You can find appropriate prizes at craft stores, party stores, and grocery stores. Dollar stores are also good places to find party trinkets. After you have inserted the prizes, blow up the balloons and tie. Play some fun music and instruct the girls to pop their balloons. Girls can stomp the balloons or sit on them. Make sure that you promptly pick up all of the balloon pieces, especially if infants, toddlers, or small children are in attendance.

Cute little princess girl sitting among balloons

Princess Says

This is a royally fun variation of Simon Says. For this game, the girls will take turns being Princess. Princess will give orders, such as 'Clap your hands,' 'Princess says dance,' and 'Touch your nose.' Girls only follow the orders if they hear, 'Princess says.' Anyone following an order not preceded by 'Princess says' sits down. The last girl standing either wins a prize or gets to be Princess.

Princess Crafts

Prior to the party, either purchase or cut out a basic crown shape. Cover with foil. During the party, provide the girls with glue, sequins, beads, feathers, paint, and buttons. Allow each girl to decorate her crown.

Princess Song

Sing this song to the tune of 'If You're Happy and You Know It.' Have crowns and wands available for the little princesses to use while singing.

If you're a princess and you know it, wear your crown.
If you're a princess and you know it, wear your crown.
If you're a princess and you know it, then your smile will surely show it.
If you're a princess and you know it, wear your crown.

Other verses: Wave your wand; Curtsy low; Do all three.

Favors for a Princess Birthday Party

Provide princess-themed party favors for each guest to take home. Ideas include:

  • Magic Dust - Buy small bottles of kid-safe body glitter. Call it Magic Dust and the girls will be enchanted!
  • Magic Bubbles - Miniature bottles of bubbles will delight young party-goers. These are also available on a string, designed to be worn as a necklace.
  • Crowns or tiaras - You can usually purchase inexpensive options at discount and dollar stores.
  • Personalized Candy Wrappers - Add a photo of your child wearing a crown to fit the theme.
  • Decorative Comb and Mirror Sets - Look for matching items at a dollar store.
  • Princess Grab Bags - Fill beautiful little bags with plastic jewelry, candy, noisemakers, mirrors, and combs. Tie with a pretty ribbon and give to guests.
Two Fancy Furry Birthday Hats

Party Like a Princess

As long as your child feels like a princess at her party, it is a success! Involve your child in the entire party planning process to make sure she parties like a princess on her birthday. If budget is a concern, look for party supplies at discount stores, make them yourself, or re-use supplies from a friend or family member's princess party. You can also shop after Halloween or Valentine's Day when costumes and pink decorations will be on sale.

Planning a Princess Birthday Party