Religious Party Games

Updated October 3, 2019
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Whether you're marking a religious ceremony, such as a confirmation ceremony, celebrating a holiday, or just looking to add some wholesome activities, religious party games are a must-have for your next event. Try out a few of these original and poplar religious themed games at your next soiree. You can even buy religious themed card and board games.

Jesus Fishing

Jesus was a fisherman that spoke many truths. Allow your guests to be fisherman too in this hilarious and fun Jesus fishing game. To get the fun started, you'll need:

Whipped Cream in pie tin with Swedish Fish candy
  • 2 or more pie tins
  • Whip cream
  • Swedish fish

Get the Party Started

Your guests are going to be a fisherman as they fish for the Swedish fish, pie-eating contest style.

  1. Before starting, separate your guests into two teams.
  2. Fill each pie tin with about 7 or 8 Swedish fish. Make sure each tin has the same amount.
  3. Cover the fish in whip cream.
  4. Each team will have one person sit in front of a pie tin.
  5. On "go", each player will try to fish out the Swedish fish only using their mouths.
  6. The team to get all their fish first wins a point.
  7. You might also add a bonus point by asking them to tell aBible-related story or verse about Jesus, fisherman or fishing.

Chain of Friends

Sometimes you need a good icebreaker for your party or just want a fun icebreaker game to get people knowing each other. Get started on amazing friendships through this chain game. For this game, you'll want to have:

  • Paperclips
  • Small slips of paper with various famous or well-known Bible verses that work together (at least two or more different books); for example, several verses from Psalms and several from John
  • Timer

Making a Chain

The point of the game is to try to make the longest paperclip chain using the different verses in order. This will be a timed game to add to the fun and excitement. The point of the game is to put the verses in order to create a scripture by making a chain out of the paperclips.

  1. Before starting, tape a paperclip to the edges of each slip of paper.
  2. Set a timer for two minutes.
  3. On the word "go," everyone should walk around the room trying to find a matching book, chapter and verse. For example, John 4:8 says, "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love" would link with John 4:9 which says, "This is how God showed his love among us: He set his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him."
  4. After two minutes, the team with the longest chain wins.
  5. Everyone should switch slips and start again.
  6. After the game is complete, talk about any important lessons from the different scripture together.

Not only will everyone be learning about the different books and verses of theBible, but they will be making new friendships as well.

Name That Scripture

This game will get your guests moving, and it is a fun way to help teens, kids and adults work together to remember their Bible verses. To play your going to need:

  • Different colored balloons
  • Slips of paper with various well-known Bible verses
  • Large area
  • Music

How to Play

Before making your teams, you're going need to write various Bible verses (just the verse, no book, chapter or verse numbers) on the paper. Roll the paper up and slip it into a balloon and blow it up. Now it's time for the action.

  1. Designate a person to play the music.
  2. Separate the group into two teams.
  3. Grab a balloon and start the music.
  4. While the music plays, the players should pass the balloon between the two teams, either by hitting it back and forth or by throwing it.
  5. When the music stops, the team holding the balloon must pop it.
  6. They will then read the verse and try to name the book, chapter and verse number, along with the reason for the verse.
  7. If they answer correct, they get one point.
  8. If they can't, the other team can steal and get two points.
  9. Grab another balloon and play to ten points.

Popular Religious Party Games

Looking for known games with a religious spin to entertain your guests. These easy games can be put together in a snap.


The dreidel is one of the most traditional religious party games, commonly played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Players take turns spinning the dreidel, a top with four sides. The Hebrew letters printed on each side direct the game play. If the dreidel lands with the nun side facing up, the player does not do anything on that turn. If it lands with the gimmel side upwards, the player wins the pot. If the hey side is facing up, the player receives half of the pot. If the shin/peh side lands face-up, the player adds one coin to the pot. Players can fill the pot with actual money or foil-covered chocolate coins known as gelt to keep the original gambling feel of the game. However, any small object will work.


Bingo is another popular party game choice. You can find a few pre-made Bingo packages with Biblical and Jewish themes. It's also very easy to make your own Bingo cards featuring pictures or words related to your party occasion. For example:

  • You might choose to read scripture or verses and have people cover up the book.
  • You can also give clues and have them cover up the right picture. For example, for "he built an ark," they would cover up Noah.
  • Rather than name or scripture, put letters on the cards. Give a clue like, "he built an ark," they would cover the N for Noah.
  • Have your guests write religious names on their bingo card. They can cover them up as they are called at random.
  • Each row could be a book and each column a chapter of the book in the bible. Read verses at random and they must cover up the chapter in the right book on their card.
Bingo family board game

Charades and Pictionary

Guests of all ages can enjoy a game of Charades or Pictionary. By creating your own list of words and phrases, you can maintain the religious atmosphere and focus. For example, you might try topics like:

  • Garden of Eden
  • David and Goliath
  • Noah's ark
  • Adam and Eve
  • Burning bush
  • Holy Spirit
  • Birth of Jesus
  • 10 plagues
  • Jesus resurrection
  • Crucifixion of Jesus
  • Jonah and the whale
  • Daniel and the lion's den
  • Creation of heaven and Earth
  • Caine and Abel

If your party is in honor of a special occasion, such as a bat mitzvah, make sure the topics highlight the event.

Group Of Friends At Home Having Fun Playing Charades

Noah's Ark Ideas

The story of Noah's Ark can be used to inspire party games. A variation on Pin the Tail on the Donkey could involve placing Noah or some of the animals on an ark poster. A matching game with pictures of animals fits the story of the animals entering the ark two by two. Guests can try to create animal pairs in a variation of Go Fish or match up facedown cards in the style of Memory.


Guests will have fun putting their knowledge to the test. There are a number of Bible trivia games available to purchase. Even if you don't use the game boards or follow the exact rules, they are a good source for questions. You can also make your ownBible trivia questions tailored to the event you're celebrating.

Religious Versions of Popular Games

You can find Bible versions of the following popular board and card games:

You can adapt any game to the size of your party by forming teams; a four-player game instantly accommodates many more.

Celebrate Your Faith in a Fun Way

Whichever option you choose, religious party games offer a way to incorporate your beliefs into the fun. Choose a few of these games to work into your next celebration.

Religious Party Games