Sample Congratulatory Letters

Reading a congratulatory letter

Taking the time to write and send a congratulatory letter is a great way to acknowledge major milestones or significant accomplishments achieved by your friends, family members, colleagues or clients. Sending a personal letter can be the perfect way to express a heartfelt message of congratulations.

Three Congratulatory Letter Templates

Use one of these three sample documents as a starting point for creating a letter that's perfect for any occasion where a congratulatory letter is in order. To get started, simply click the image of the sample letter that most closely matches your needs. It will open as a PDF file that can easily be customized, saved and printed. Simply click anywhere in the text area to change the wording and use the menu bar to save and print when you are ready. See this guide to Adobe printables if you need assistance working with the files.

Award Congratulations Letter

If you know someone who has received an award or been recognized for a significant accomplishment or milestone, mark the occasion with a letter of congratulations created using this template as a starting point. This kind of letter is just as appropriate for professional contacts as it is for friends and loved ones.

Award recognition congratulatory letter
Click to download the recognition letter.

Job Promotion Sample Letter

Getting a job promotion is a great accomplishment, so it's definitely worthy of a congratulatory letter. It's appropriate to send this type of letter to friends and family members as well as people with whom you have a strictly professional relationship.

Job promotion congratulatory letter
Click to download the promotion letter.

Wedding Anniversary Congratulations Letter

Use this template if you want to send a congratulatory letter to a couple who is celebrating a wedding anniversary. Be sure to personalize your letter with a special message that's relevant to their relationship to each other as well as your relationship to them.

Anniversary letter.
Click to download the anniversary letter.

Congratulations for Any Occasion

Of course, there are many other occasions that could warrant a letter of congratulations, such as entering retirement or getting engaged. Fortunately, the text in these templates can be completely changed to suit any occasion. Just select the design that you like best and adjust the wording to match the situation.

Sample Congratulatory Letters